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This is an interesting article.

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wotsamashedupjingl Sat 07-Apr-12 09:30:13

perhaps we do need religion?

Greatnan Sat 07-Apr-12 09:54:34

I don't.

wotsamashedupjingl Sat 07-Apr-12 09:58:58


wotsamashedupjingl Sat 07-Apr-12 09:59:24

It's a nice picture though, isn't it?

wotsamashedupjingl Sat 07-Apr-12 09:59:43

I mean the one inside St Pauls with the choir boys.

Greatnan Sat 07-Apr-12 12:13:14

I think the things that made me a devout catholic in the 1940s were the incense, plain song chant, vestments, candles, flowers, stained-glass windows, stillness and calm in Salford Cathedral. There wasn't much of beauty around in my area after the war. I still visit many churches on my travels -my Swiss friend and I have twice been lucky enough to pop into a church and find musicians rehearsing for a recital.

jeni Sat 07-Apr-12 13:05:21

Interesting! Also the accompanying videos. Thanks jingl

feetlebaum Sat 07-Apr-12 17:17:15

I'm with you Greatnan. And I remember goinf into Winchester Cathedral and lo and behold there was a full orchestra and chorus rehearsing. AS an ex-musician I was entranced - wonderful sound in that cathedral acoustic. I sat there for over an hour...

Annobel Sat 07-Apr-12 17:42:31

Great music is certainly something to thank Christianity for. I was in Chartres Cathedral once when the organist was practising. Magic!

feetlebaum Mon 09-Apr-12 11:02:06

Annobel - great music is made by men and women - and those same people would create great music if they had never heard of a religion. I thank the creativeness that some people can display.

I love Mozart's Requiem Mass - but it is no 'better' than his secular works. He could only write bad music on purpose, as in the 'Musical Joke' (think 'Horse of the Year Show') and when he did - it was stilll pretty good!

Annobel Mon 09-Apr-12 11:22:45

What about Handel's 'Messiah', then? I think that trumps his secular works hands down.

nanaej Mon 09-Apr-12 11:41:02

I am with you feetlbaum. They say the church has the best music. But remember advertisers /film makers etc know the power of music and so does the church! I love loads of hymn music but i won't let it seduce me into becoming a believer and I try to resist the advertisers too!wink

Annobel Mon 09-Apr-12 16:28:26

I love oratorios although I am not in any way religious. Belshazzar's Feast, by Walton is a favourite and, although it's a biblical text, much of the music has a distinctly pagan flavour.