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Children's Blood

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Caleo Sat 02-Dec-23 13:10:12

Web will not buy chocolate that tastes of children's blood,

grandtanteJE65 Sat 02-Dec-23 13:18:56

Is this a real discussion?

Who is Web and how do you make chocolate taste of blood?

How does the taste of children's blood differ from that of adults, pigs or geese?

Finally, why would anyone want to buy and eat chocolate that tasted of blood?

Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum - I smell not the blood of an Englishman, but a wind-up here!

And why is this posted under Religion/Spirituality?

The only two connections or associations I can see are distasteful, the one blasphemous to any practising Christian, the other infomous and offensive to all Jews.

Aldom Sat 02-Dec-23 13:33:24

The thread is something connected with an article in today's Guardian.

Aldom Sat 02-Dec-23 13:35:26

OP has a second thread under Christmas re the same topic.

Freya5 Sat 02-Dec-23 13:40:23

Gross for even wanting, scam maybe?

Aldom Sat 02-Dec-23 13:41:39

It's not a scam. Re article in today's Guardian.

Caleo Sat 02-Dec-23 13:45:46

It is no scam!
There is only vanishingly little I can do, but the fact I am condemning Mars and Nestle and others is a sign that others too will be noticing the scandal.

LucyAnna Sat 02-Dec-23 13:49:55

I think perhaps there might have been a more appropriate heading for this thread - and a more appropriate section than Religion?

welbeck Sat 02-Dec-23 13:54:50

and providing the link to the article might have been useful in the OP.

toscalily Sat 02-Dec-23 13:55:44

LucyAnna I agree. Caleo has posted twice, both rather unpleasant thread titles where as your link is far more appropriate. The article is worth reading and highlights an on going problem we should be aware of, especially at this time of year.

Freya5 Sat 02-Dec-23 13:57:01


and providing the link to the article might have been useful in the OP.


Freya5 Sat 02-Dec-23 13:58:09


It is no scam!
There is only vanishingly little I can do, but the fact I am condemning Mars and Nestle and others is a sign that others too will be noticing the scandal.

Thanks. Will look it up.

Doodle Sat 02-Dec-23 14:05:34

Totally unclear title and not religious.
OP should have included the link otherwise the phrasing makes no sense.

Baggs Sat 02-Dec-23 14:07:35

The sub-title of the article is: "Only 17 out of 82 companies investigated were found to use suppliers that paid cocoa farmers enough to live on".

So the implication that children's blood is involved in cocoa/chocolate production is a bit of a stretch even if one agrees that what is a "living wage" should be paid to full-time workers.

Then there is the question of who decides what a living wage is.

The article is accompanied by a picture of a relatively healthy-looking young woman picking up cacao pods.

Baggs Sat 02-Dec-23 14:09:42

"Only 17 out of 82 brands investigated by the consumer organisation were judged to use chocolate from suppliers that ensured cocoa farmers were paid enough to live on."

My underlining. I'd next be asking who did the judging.

Baggs Sat 02-Dec-23 14:11:50

And reading further, I see that the article's real complaint is about child labour, which is a somewhat different issue from children's blood.

Baggs Sat 02-Dec-23 14:14:05

Maybe we should go back to advent calendars with pictures behind the doors instead of chocolate.

But then, money those children are earning to help their families along would not be available to their families.....

vampirequeen Sat 02-Dec-23 14:21:26

I thought it was a dig against atheists from a nutty US Christian fundamentalist. One of their many claims is that we eat babies and children.

Baggs Sat 02-Dec-23 14:41:39

This story has reminded me that a book I read recently which was written in the seventies, An African in Greenland by Tété-Michel Kpomassie started with a young boy climbing a coconut tree with a machete to harvest some. Very resourceful and determined young lad he turned out to be.

It's a really good book. Do read it if you can get hold of a copy. Found mine in a charity shop. BTDD took it back with her when she went home after a recent visit.

Didn't Swallows and Amazons start with Roger, aged seven, wanting a knife (penknife/sheath knife)?

readsalot Sat 02-Dec-23 14:42:23

Ridiculous post! The comment is nonsense. Saying that there is a chocolate available that tastes like children’s blood will not help the cause you wish to promote. Posting it in religion and spiritual heading is not appropriate either. Less fanatical posts please.

Caleo Sat 02-Dec-23 15:24:47

Ten year olds using machetes . bet that Cadbury's , founded by a Quaker family , will take notice and respond to the allegation.

Caleo Sat 02-Dec-23 15:28:46

Baggs, that occurred to me too. I was handy with tools and other physical risks when ten years old ten years old. But I was at play ; not being exploited by any multinational company

BlueBelle Sat 02-Dec-23 15:31:16

It’s not a ridiculous post it s in the wrong forum and it uses strange wording which has obviously put people backs up which is a shame as child labour is well worth discussing
I think if we all saw what this does to children (as it did in past times here when children got lung disease from working in clothing factories etc) we would be much more on the ball with what we buy and what we use

Caleo Sat 02-Dec-23 15:38:04

Baggs, can we enjoy the festive season without helping to exploit workers in West Africa?

Louella12 Sat 02-Dec-23 15:42:45

Take a look at how our phone/car batteries are made.

Mining cobalt is horrendous. Men, women and children working in appalling conditions.

Plenty of info online