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A new one for me..

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Witzend Wed 26-Jul-23 13:00:42

Recorded message (phone said from Edinburgh), very RP female voice saying two big transfers from my Visa ((IIRC) card, £700 and £900, press 1 to start taking action...
That’s when I hung up.

fancythat Wed 26-Jul-23 13:50:25

I have had one similar for many weeks. Appeared to have stopped now.
Mine was also scottish sounding. One £300 and one for I think it was £1000. From an american company?
We dont really have dealings much with american companies, and certainly not the company quoted. Also nowadays, figures are more likely to be £999.99 or something. So I was suspcious from the start.
Over several weeks, with the exact same figures each time, well it is obviously fake.

Beechnut Tue 12-Sep-23 07:20:11

I’ve had an email from stamps kittl about student loan forgiveness.

tanith Tue 12-Sep-23 09:29:13

I’d get 2/3 of these calls a week I’m very happy now my landline has been disconnected at my request and I’m over £50 a month better off. Win win!

Georgesgran Tue 12-Sep-23 09:34:30

I’m looking to swap phone/broadband soon tanith. I wasn’t aware you could have the internet without a landline. I shall do some research.

Margiknot Tue 12-Sep-23 10:52:12

I keep getting similar calls too it used to be 'bank security' calling and almost always 2 different charges the secondoften £1000! i just hang up now - its so annoying. Its always the land line. I've wondered about disconnecting it ( now the older generation of our families who worried about the cost of ringing mobile phones are gone) too. It would stop the double glazing sales calls too.

tanith Tue 12-Sep-23 11:39:28

Georgesgran I was with BT at almost £60pm but I’ve swapped to a new Broadband provider in my area they knocked on the door several times and I said no but then offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse £1pm for a year and £25 thereafter. I was very sceptical and kept my BT for 2mths more but it works perfectly fine TV, iPad, mobile all is working fine. So landlines gone I never used it anyway and no more scam calls.

Georgesgran Tue 12-Sep-23 11:45:02

Sounds good tanith. I’m out of contract with Plusnet and it’s costing me a fortune. My own fault, because I’ve let it slide. Must get it sorted soon.

25Avalon Tue 12-Sep-23 11:46:39

Yes you can have broadband without a phone line.

Nandalot Tue 12-Sep-23 12:31:01

I have had several ‘phishing’ emails purportedly from BT which I have reported to them. More concerning are the data breaches which seem to be so common these days. DD’s work insurance company has been breached and they have given them access to Experian for a year to check for fraud attempts. Five different apps. have asked me to change my password because of data breaches. All genuine. ( I never do it from the notification, just from the main website).

welbeck Tue 12-Sep-23 12:40:12

you don't have to get rid of the land-line to avoid scam calls.
i have not had any scam calls since i bought BT call guardian hand sets.
i got them from robert dyas, but they are widely available elsewhere.
and you don't have to be a BT customer.
the magic is in the handset, there is no subscription fee, as long as you have caller ID, which nearly everyone does now.
unknown callers are intercepted and asked to identify themselves, which you then hear and can accept or not.
then you can choose to always, or never accept that caller, or continue to decide each time they ring.

crazyH Tue 12-Sep-23 12:45:43

I just don’t pick up, if it’s a number I don’t recognise.

welbeck Tue 12-Sep-23 12:52:45

i wouldn't risk doing that as occasionally it's something health related or a real official, esp now when so many health things are contracted out.

Margiknot Tue 12-Sep-23 15:55:54

Thanks Welbeck- we don't have caller ID so I will look into call guardian phones.

Grammaretto Sun 17-Sep-23 09:20:37

I still have old friends who only call my landline so feel obliged to keep it.
Maybe there's a way of linking it to my mobile?
I wish I knew

Another question: I had a text message today telling me to keep an appointment at the EE shop in Edinburgh.
There was a link which I haven't clicked on.
I am wary of everything these days. Am I right to be?

Grammaretto Sun 17-Sep-23 09:22:58

The text was from BT_retail
I was told to bring my passport and driving licence for ID.
Do I smell a rat?

Wheniwasyourage Sun 17-Sep-23 12:34:00

Sounds a bit odd. Are you with EE? Nothing to stop you going to the shop if you’re in Edinburgh anyway, I suppose!

Grammaretto Sun 17-Sep-23 13:57:42

I think I'll ignore it. I am with EE but bring driver's licence and passport along with debit card!
Why would they write to me? Phoning would be more obvious.

Wheniwasyourage Sun 17-Sep-23 15:02:56

At least if you spoke to someone it would be a chance to report the scam. You're very wise not to click on the link though. I'm like you, wary of everything!

welbeck Sun 17-Sep-23 15:17:12

Bt are now linked with EE.
maybe they are launching something special there, and it's an advertising ploy, hoping to get you to take out a newer, better, = more money for them, contract.
hence the need for ID, so you can sign up on the spot.
before you think better of it.

Grammaretto Sun 17-Sep-23 17:10:04

I shall delete it. Thanks for your replies.

ParlorGames Sun 17-Sep-23 17:22:38

Some Far Eastern female is of the opinion that there is a problem with our BT broadband, she very very insistent. She didn't sound very impressed when I told her that we don't currently have BT broadband but as we were actually thinking about moving over to BT could she write to us and explain any potential problems that we might encounter if we did so. Suddenly, she didn't want to talk to us any longer.

Eirlys Sun 17-Sep-23 17:36:35

I never answer my phone. I let my answer machine take over. Friends and genuine callers start a message, and I pick up. Cold callers never do.

Lesley60 Tue 19-Sep-23 11:35:20

I get a lot of these scam calls and emails and I don’t even have a landline,
I block them straight away now

Growing0ldDisgracefully Tue 19-Sep-23 11:48:35

Our landline hasn't worked for years but we have kept it as its part of a package as it wouldn't save us anything by getting it cut off. I use the number when I have to fill in anything online which insists unnecessarily on a phone number, and which no doubt will result in phone cold callers. To callers it apparently sounds as though it's ringing, so it will keep some cold callers at bay, thinking they'll get an answer eventually. Haha!