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hulahoop Mon 13-Sep-21 15:57:39

We think we may have a slug inside we have seen some tracking last couple of days no definite trail ,has anyone had this problem any tips to get rid appreciated.

Fennel Mon 13-Sep-21 19:23:26

I've seen the signs on the mat just inside our back door - shiny white traces. but never seen the culprit.
We've never taken any action and they disappear sfter a day or two. How on earth do they get in?
They can't do any harm inside as compared with in the garden.

TillyTrotter Mon 13-Sep-21 19:30:46

We had a trail on the carpet and traced it to the door frame, under the door. The eggs had been laid there. They looked like tiny black dots. I’m afraid we cured the problem with salt. That definitely kills slugs. (sorry anyone who thinks it’s cruel).

Blossoming Mon 13-Sep-21 20:17:03

Salt, and copper tape to keep them away.

hulahoop Mon 13-Sep-21 21:01:08

Thanks all for replying we have put copper tape around door frame and we are going to put some salt down on Mat tonight wish us luck they are horrible things but they may think we are. 🤔😀

Esspee Mon 13-Sep-21 23:37:29

Feed them with slug pellets available at all garden centres. You might find them in a pound shop or supermarket though it is getting to the end of the gardening season so stocks may have been discounted already to clear.

TillyTrotter Wed 15-Sep-21 08:29:32

How is the slug problem hulahoop ?

MiniMoon Wed 15-Sep-21 10:07:41

I left my bathroom window open. I went to clean my teeth at bedtime, and found a huge slug on the window frame. I had to prod it with a stiff label to make it slither round to the outside before I could close the window. I didn't want to squash it.
What I'd like to know is, how did it get up there? The wall is pebble dashed! confused

hulahoop Wed 15-Sep-21 18:45:55

Thanks for asking Tilly we put salt down last night no sign of any this morning going to do same tonight it's amazing where they can getmini just like spiders 🕷I don't like either (I'm a wimp) 😟

TillyTrotter Wed 15-Sep-21 19:37:03

I read up on slugs and apparently they can lay around 40 eggs at a time, up to 6 times a year ! Yuk !

Blossoming Wed 15-Sep-21 20:12:53

Please don’t use slug pellets, they are poisonous to pets and wildlife. A kamikaze slug managed to get into our greenhouse on Monday night and die messily on the only non-waterproof power point. Blew the fuses for the whole house. This is war! grin

Teacheranne Thu 16-Sep-21 01:57:12

Don’t do what I did! I put salt on the floor around my back door, close to the skirting boards and under the door on the up couch door frame. I then left it there for a week or so.

Now I have rusted screws on the door frame and rotten skirting boards where the mdf soaked up the moisture from the salt! I’m having my kitchen decorated soon and am having to replace some of the skirting boards!

hulahoop Sun 19-Sep-21 14:24:55

Hi we took your advice teacheranneand only left salt down for a couple of days. Hope you win the. war Blossoming .We have not seen anymore slugs to date so hope that's the last of them ,it's spiders now 🕷we have a spider catcher but they are so quick it takes a few attempts before we get them.🙄