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Sycamore Gap

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MiniMoon Thu 28-Sep-23 12:14:49

During the night some idiot has seen fit to fell one of the most iconic trees in Britain. The beautiful sycamore on Hadrians wall was featured in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.
Why would anyone do such a thing, it's just wanton destruction.
I live close by and am so sad.

MiniMoon Thu 28-Sep-23 12:18:23

Here is the poor tree.

bytheway Thu 28-Sep-23 13:24:06

I’m incensed about this, I just can’t believe it. Such an iconic tree of magnificent character. Extremely iconic especially here in the north east.

Why on earth would anyone do this? 😕

MayBee70 Thu 28-Sep-23 13:30:11

There needs to be a reward that leads to finding the people who did this. I don’t usually give to crowdfunding but I’d give to that. And then something needs to be put in its place. I’m angry beyond belief.

MiniMoon Thu 28-Sep-23 13:31:32

My Facebook news feed was full of it this morning. That is where I first learnt about it. It brought me to the verge of tears. Why oh why would anyone think it fun to fell such a much loved tree.

Smileless2012 Thu 28-Sep-23 13:35:12

We're staying at an Air B&B in Cumbria, very close to H's W and were planning to see the tree tomorrow. What a senseless act of vandalismangry.

Galaxy Thu 28-Sep-23 13:36:39

I spent my childhood less than mile from Hadrians Wall, it is beyond belief.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 28-Sep-23 13:41:36

How very sad. I hope they catch the half-wit who thought this was funny and put him away.

SueDonim Thu 28-Sep-23 13:42:36

I cannot imagine the mindset that thinks ‘I know what, I’ll go out and chop down an old tree. That’ll be fun.’ angry

Dogmum2 Thu 28-Sep-23 13:44:41

So sad about this. I really do not understand how someone could even think to do this, let along carry out the act sad I sincerely hope they catch the person/s responsible and they get sentenced to years of voluntary service with the woodland trusts or equivalent.

MayBee70 Thu 28-Sep-23 13:46:57

This was highly organised. But these people will be caught. My daughter, who never phoned me, phoned me to tell me what had happened. Has it been done be people that have a grudge against the National Trust?

Delila Thu 28-Sep-23 13:54:41

I’ve jut read this - sickening and heartbreaking. What is the world coming to?

Mazgg Thu 28-Sep-23 13:59:02

Words to describe how I feel are beyond me. I live in this part of the country and know how proud we are of our heritage. I don't suppose it will be high on the list of investigations for the police but the locals will find out who did it.

Cabowich Thu 28-Sep-23 13:59:54

But why? What was the point? What a vindictive, horrible thing to do. The police are investigating to see whether a 'crime has been committed'. I hope they determine that a crime was indeed committed and that they catch the b******s that did it.

Ziplok Thu 28-Sep-23 14:51:10

I despair. What on earth is wrong with these mindless morons? I am incensed by this mindless and wanton act of vandalism. Not sure why the police need to decide if a crime has been committed - of course it has.
I really hope they pursue this and catch the low life that has done this, and do not just give them the proverbial “slap on the wrist” when they do find them.
It was obviously done with malicious intent. Despicable.

Urmstongran Thu 28-Sep-23 14:56:39

Wanton destruction of a 300 year old tree. Just beggars belief doesn’t it? Police think it’s professionals who did it.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 28-Sep-23 15:13:25

I was totally gobsmacked when I saw this, if and when these criminals are caught I hope they get the proverbial book thrown at them 🤬🤬🤬

Anniebach Thu 28-Sep-23 15:17:08


LondonMzFitz Thu 28-Sep-23 15:27:56

It's utterly heartbreaking, isn't it. National Trust have put out a statement. I despair, I absolutely despair of what is in the head of people who would carry out something like this.

MayBee70 Thu 28-Sep-23 15:39:24

Somebody told me that local farmers were getting fed up of people leaving gates open and leaving litter everywhere.

grannydarkhair Thu 28-Sep-23 15:42:03

Just seen this on the BBC news website and have tears in my eyes. Like others, I despair at the mind-set of whoever did this.

nanasam Thu 28-Sep-23 15:51:22

Just heard they've arrested a 16 yo boy for cutting it down

Cabowich Thu 28-Sep-23 15:55:54

16 year old boy? He'll just be given a slap on the wrists, proverbially speaking.

Ziplok Thu 28-Sep-23 16:01:04

I would have thought that it would have needed at least two people to fell such a mature tree as that, and at the very least someone who knows how to cut down trees without injuring themselves (unfortunately, in this instance).

Urmstongran Thu 28-Sep-23 16:07:49

A 16y old boy with a chain saw? Ye gods.
A 17y old boy on a bus in Camden yesterday with a bunch of roses and a machete?
What goes through their minds? I despair too.