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garden birds

52 Fennel

Blackbird nesting

23 MiniMoon

Boots plastic bags

7 Callistemon

My poor seagulls

88 Donbobs

Do you have hedgehogs visit your garden, app they will become extinct by 2025

17 merlotgran

A game changer for plastic waste

17 BlueBelle

Worrying insect this...

3 lmm6

Electric cars

38 annodomini

Being green

28 Rowantree

Just been watching one of these on my cinerarias!

7 shysal


16 janipat

Swifts, swallows and house martins.

9 Urmstongran

Plan for 20p deposit on drinks containers in Scotland

14 SirChenjin's No Mow May project

25 Alexa

Greta Thunberg on the environment and being on the Autism spectrum

149 notentirelyallhere

Avoiding plastic waste is not easy

26 jeanie99

David Attenborough this evening on BBC 1.

9 Grannyknot

A robot has landed on Mars!

6 Dawn22

Greta Thunberg

2 lmm6

I spy

2 GabriellaG54

Anyone suffer mild depression?

14 Gettingitrightoneday

Scented candles

45 annodomini

M & S and plastic

5 M0nica

Those poxy grey squirrels

21 Ailsa43

"There is no planet B" demonstration.

8 Wheniwasyourage

More "awwww" and a chance to vote for a name.

8 Elegran

Gene modified chickens 'lay medicines'

12 goodeone

Onesies for baby sloths. Awwww.

11 Izabella

The Ape that Understood the Universe

6 RosieLeah


8 farview

eco friendly washing up gloves?

3 Baggs

Autumn Colours

8 GabriellaG54

Fluorescent lights from material

17 moggie57

Sustainable palm oil debate in Parliament

7 Anja

large bright star ... or small planet

25 Jalima1108

Up-cycle, re-cycle and zero-waste

3 Oakleaf

Carbon footprint

7 Anniebach

Environmental issues

9 Telly

A story of metric measurement

1 Baggs

Drowning in Christmas tat

10 Cherrytree59

Plastic (or how to avoid it)

5 Happiyogi


5 shysal

Power from the waves

4 M0nica

Heather Heying (rhymes with flying) on toxic femininity

68 janeainsworth


20 Grannyknot


2 Cherrytree59

recycling again

33 Maggiemaybe

You could take them for baby dinosaurs

15 wildswan16

One in five UK mammals at risk of extinction

2 Elegran

Day zero approaching Cape Town.

72 oldmom