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Migration of painted ladies

3 Grannyknot

Ice age rebound still going on

4 FlicketyB

About the giant electron telescopes in Hawaii

3 Faye

Is obesity genetic or environmental?

26 Nanadogsbody

In the Guardian, no less...

5 Bags

Through Children's Eyes

12 jeni

Athience, a new magazine for thinkers

1 Bags

Paintings inspired by neuroscience research

11 AlieOxon

Astronomy photos of the year

9 AlieOxon

House insulation not always good, Die Welt

4 Bags

Thanks, GNHQ!

6 whenim64

Extraordinary film of Peregrine Falcon

5 Ella46

Incinerators (aka Energy from Waste)

15 Nanadogsbody

This has got to be one of the stupidest headlines ever!

28 GillieB

RIP Rachel Carson

3 absentgrana

"Earthworm invasion"

16 Bags

Importance of including effects of volcanic eruptions in climate models

4 FlicketyB

Good news for those who fear sea level rise

6 Bags

Soggy summers good for some

4 vampirequeen

Wind farms

14 NfkDumpling

Interesting development about wind farms in North Holland

8 NfkDumpling

New book about El Niño Southern Oscillation and its effect on climate

1 Bags

Demolishing the Stern Report on the economics of government climate change policies

2 absentgrana

Chuckle McChuckle McChoo (or, I once invested money in wind)

15 nanaej

Pylons and windmills

13 Bags

Adaptation to ancient climate change on St Kilda

2 Marelli

Research news

8 Bags

solar panels

23 FlicketyB

View from our house

7 Jacey

Why calling people climate change deniers is wrong

22 Bags

Vanikoro – fascinating story of Pacific Island and the research about it

4 jeni

Nicolas Scafetta. The theory is simple, he says.

3 whenim64

...that green thing back in our day!!

47 greenmossgiel

Taboos and the reporting od science

38 Oldgreymare

Apocalypse Postponed

14 Oldgreymare

Beautiful Earth

49 Stansgran


121 carboncareful

Weather today

36 Jacey


2 JessM

The Sceptics' Thread

79 carboncareful

Frozen Planet not shown in US

11 tanith

sceptics or deniers?

45 jingle

Asking for the road I live on to be cleaned and kept free of litter

15 Carol

nuclear power no thanks

77 carboncareful

wind turbines

40 bagitha

Heat pumps

17 Ariadne

Effects on wildlife

3 carboncareful

Stunning pictures of our world and space

7 elderflower1

Pylon Design Competition

8 yogagran

Badger Cull

14 Baggy