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fartingfran Thu 05-May-11 12:55:49

I LOVE that Gransnet so far has no policy on Trolls or Troublemakers ... because dear old grannies wouldn't do such a thing, would they? grin

None of you have met my mum ... wink

hormonesnomore Thu 05-May-11 14:04:26

grin - I wonder if Gransnet's prepared for the Friday night threads too?

Divawithattitude Fri 06-May-11 21:46:55

Well, what shall we talk about ..............or shall we start our own traditions and have those threads on a Saturday instead!.

twinklepickers Fri 06-May-11 21:53:51

As long as no-one starts a Strictly thread we'll be grand wink

Divawithattitude Fri 06-May-11 22:07:46

What's this about not being able to change our names????????

twinklepickers Sat 07-May-11 07:16:10

Really. Well I'd better get in early then registering 20 email accounts with different names. wink

Notsogrand Sat 07-May-11 09:13:41

I promise not to start a Strictly thread until August. smile

HappyGran Sun 08-May-11 20:37:52

What about a thread for The Apprentice?