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Threads I'm On is hard to read

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BecauseImWorthIt Fri 06-May-11 17:24:47

Apologies if this is a duplicate - I thought I'd posted this earlier but can't see it anywhere.

I'm finding Threads I'm On quite hard to to read - the thread titles are in non-bold but the posts are bold - sort of the wrong emphasis.

Is it possible to change it round?

Divawithattitude Fri 06-May-11 21:23:47

Oooh yes it is isn't it - very confusing!

twinklepickers Fri 06-May-11 21:45:07

I agree it is confusing.

jangly Sat 07-May-11 09:25:05

Yes, I agree. Could you make it more like the mumsnet one please.

CatherineHGransnet Sat 07-May-11 11:19:12

Agreed - we're already talking to Tech to see what they can do about it.

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 07-May-11 11:22:52

Also, I think if you could indent the first line of the post it would also help with clarity

(sorry Tech!)

jimswifein1964 Sat 07-May-11 13:45:10

BIWI, you're just here to nitpick aren't you wink . I agree though, it's hard to be on any forum that isnt mn!!!

Tech (GNHQ) Sat 07-May-11 20:59:01

Hi BIWI, we've changed the layout of Threads I'm on a bit, which should hopefully make it a bit easier to read. Let us know if it helps.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 08-May-11 12:28:32

Thanks Tech - sorry, have only just seen this - will go and have a look!

jimswifein1964 - I've been looking for the 'stick my tongue out' emoticon, but there doesn't seem to be one wink

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 08-May-11 12:43:57

Much better Tech (although if it were me I'd still look to indent the posts rather than running them under the bullet point)

But I'm sure you've got more than enough to do ... grin

milkflake Tue 10-May-11 21:32:27

Having never been on mumsnet I dont know what it was like but this does not make for easy reading.
Avatars would be nice too smile

jimswifein1964 Tue 10-May-11 22:12:51

Actually, I'd like to be able to click on the post you want to go straight to, like on mn. eg if you lookat the thread you're on, and click on the last post you read, it still just defaults to the first post and you have to scroll down. Am I explaining this lucidly??!!

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-May-11 10:02:44

Thanks for letting us know about that jimswife. We'll let Tech know about it and see how difficult it will be to sort out.

jimswifein1964 Wed 11-May-11 11:46:40

Poor tech, I dont mean to create work blush . I think we've just been spoilt too much on mn? wink

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-May-11 15:29:10

We think the grans need spoiling just as much as the mums smile

It's really useful for us at the beginning to know about any glitches like this, so that we can fix it asap, so please do keep your thoughts and suggestions coming!

jimswifein1964 Thu 12-May-11 11:40:18

Lol Josiegn!
Ok then, here's a suggestion - can you negotiate a members discount with Thompson&Morgan please? That would be fab, as I really need to order some shrubs smile

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 12-May-11 15:28:43

We'll certainly do our best, jimswife!

jimswifein1964 Thu 12-May-11 18:50:46

Ah, see, you like a good challenge wink

Tech (GNHQ) Fri 13-May-11 00:11:06

Hi, Jumping to the right post on Threads I'm On should work OK now.

jimswifein1964 Fri 13-May-11 16:56:20

It does! You've made my day grin