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I have just noticed this in my Inbox tab. 🤔

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Marydoll Thu 17-Sep-20 19:56:09

I've just noticed a little bell on my Inbox tab.

I swear it wasn't there before, or am I just going doolally? I thought perhaps, it was a new facility to show I had a PM, as we previously got a little red dot on the tab, but sadly, I didn't have one. sad.

Can anyone enlighten me, please?

annsixty Thu 17-Sep-20 20:00:51

I can’t enlighten you Marydoll but I also have one and no new messages.
I never get an e-mail notification either and have , on one occasion , had a week’s worth of messages through together so if I haven’t responded to anyone, apologies, it really isn’t me.

phoenix Thu 17-Sep-20 20:08:23

I've got a little bell too, Marydoll and like you no idea what it means!

Kamiso Thu 17-Sep-20 20:11:50

I haven’t got a bell. Does it mean you have a message?

Squiffy Thu 17-Sep-20 20:12:18

I’ve got one, too! I usually miss out on all the exciting happenings on GN (thread deletions etc!), so I’m really excited to be included this time, even if I don’t have a scooby what it means! 🙄🤔🤣

Squiffy Thu 17-Sep-20 20:13:44

Kami I’ve got a bell, but no message. Perhaps the bell turns green or flashes if we have a message?!

HAZBEEN Thu 17-Sep-20 20:14:07

There was a message from GNHQ earlier saying it was a new feature the Tech team have come up with. Still no news on the mobile site though!

Jane10 Thu 17-Sep-20 20:15:40

I've got one too. Got quite excited. Been on my own too long!

Maggiemaybe Thu 17-Sep-20 20:15:40

It'll be to do with this:

But I've also got the little bell and no message. confused

Marydoll Thu 17-Sep-20 20:21:02

Thanks Maggiemaybe! I've not been on much, so must have missed it. So unlike me! wink

downtoearth Thu 17-Sep-20 20:22:13

I have a little bell to,but nothi g attached to itsad

Calendargirl Thu 17-Sep-20 20:55:23

I haven’t got a bell, or a dot, or a message, or anything.


Auntieflo Thu 17-Sep-20 21:00:11

Well, odd things are happening.
I tried to post a reply, with screen shot, previewed it, and , Hey Presto, it disappeared.
Here's another go

Ailsa43 Thu 17-Sep-20 21:13:34

I have a bell too, but like you all, no new message

EllanVannin Thu 17-Sep-20 21:15:39

I'm getting emails I sent last week---bouncing back ? With a question mark after them saying " follow-up "? ( in red )
Then again I have phone problems so why not broadband too ?

grandma60 Thu 17-Sep-20 21:18:04

I have a bell and by coincidence have also had a message but the bell is still there.

Doodle Thu 17-Sep-20 21:25:44

I haven’t got a bell. Why haven’t I got one. It’s not fair. If Squiffy’s got one I should have one too. 😡
Perhaps all the people with bells are campanologists. 🤔

CherryCezzy Thu 17-Sep-20 21:41:04

Nor me Calendargirl 😕

Pittcity Thu 17-Sep-20 21:46:51

I've got a bell but only loads of old messages, nothing new. Do we have to delete them all?

Charleygirl5 Thu 17-Sep-20 21:50:10

No Doodle I cannot stand the noise and I also have a bell. I get a notification via email when I have a PM but zilch happened with this new bell. Strange that some of us have one and others have been deprived.

I must check it is still there in case it is temporary.

BlueBelle Thu 17-Sep-20 21:55:02

I haven’t got one so now I m going to scream and scream till
I m sick
I want a bell Stomp

Pittcity Thu 17-Sep-20 21:55:25

Hope this doesn't end up in a ding-dong!

Marydoll Thu 17-Sep-20 21:55:40

So basically, some of us have a notification bell, but it does nothing? 😕

I will report this and ask GN HQ what is happening.

Perhaps it hasn't gone live yet and the tech team haven't quite completed the task.

Lucca Thu 17-Sep-20 21:56:52

Well guess what...I had a bell AND two PMs
Ner ner ne ner ner.

Marydoll Thu 17-Sep-20 21:59:22

There is no need to rub it in! 😠
Trying to make us all envious 💚 isn't in the spirit of GN. Now where have we heard that before. 😁