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Clarity in titles for posts......please.

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Atqui Sat 26-Sep-20 20:34:42

Does anyone else find it a bit irritating that some posters put obscure titles on their posts/ threads? I won’t quote any as that would be pointing the finger and writing a thread about a thread which is verboten I believe. I often scroll down the active titles, click on one thinking “ I wonder what that’s about” only to find I’m not interested in it . I then have to go back to the top of the list to find one I’d like to read.

kittylester Sat 26-Sep-20 20:48:19

I quite like guessing the poster from the titles and I like getting lured into threads I might not look at otherwise so I dont really agree.

ninathenana Sat 26-Sep-20 20:51:20

Some titles are quiet clever at enticing you in.

Nonogran Sat 26-Sep-20 20:52:01

I share your frustration! I'm of the same mind!
It used to annoy the hell out of me in my workplace if a colleague didn't put a meaningful title to their email, reflecting the subject matter. Months later I'd be looking for their email to refer to & my search would be challenged by meaningless subject lines. Likewise on Gransnet. I guess because I'm old school secretarial trained I'm used to pigeon post formal letters with a reference at the top reflecting the content.
Thanks for bringing this up. Let's hope, without offending our marvellous community, that we haven't caused offence & that subject lines will be more meaningful in future. (I'll duck behind the sofa now.)

BlueBelle Sat 26-Sep-20 20:55:30

I quite like it and think some cryptic titles are fun especially when they are the complete opposite of what you thought they were going to be
I admire some people’s imagination and flair of language

SueDonim Sat 26-Sep-20 21:13:51

I have a slow internet connection and it is a bit annoying to wait for a thread to download and then find it’s not of interest.

MawB2 Sat 26-Sep-20 21:22:08

I would just like a distinction to be made between posts (like this one) and threads which are a succession of posts.

Atqui Sat 26-Sep-20 21:23:53

Thank you MawB2, I was unsure of the difference.

Atqui Sat 26-Sep-20 21:25:46

You will see that I wrote Threads/Posts but thank goodness I didn’t post in Pedants Corner.!

Atqui Sat 26-Sep-20 21:29:52

Perhaps I should have said ‘ Discussion’ as in ‘ Start a new discussion’

kittylester Sat 26-Sep-20 21:43:20

nonogran, maybe lots of us have old school secretarial training but this is social media - a new form of communicating.

Ellianne Sat 26-Sep-20 22:05:25

That is interesting. For the first, or maybe second, time ever, I posted a new thread today in the chat section. Underneath the title it said that if I had 25 or more characters in my heading I would receive a greater amount of replies. I think my number of characters was below half that amount, I only used two words in fact. As a novice poster I was actually mirroring the words of another thread, both of which have now received a large number of posts.
So is it the quantity of words or the quality of expression that counts in the title?

annep1 Sat 26-Sep-20 22:21:17

I don't see any problem.

Summerlove Sun 27-Sep-20 00:12:13

I usually just open a bunch of threads at once, then close the ones that don’t pull me in smile

MissAdventure Sun 27-Sep-20 00:16:22

I think it's fine as it is.
Work is for rules; not leisure.

kircubbin2000 Sun 27-Sep-20 06:53:30

Summerlove, how can you open more than one post at the same time? I can only open one.

BlueBelle Sun 27-Sep-20 07:28:04

I m not sure what summer means I don’t think you can open more than one thread at a time ?

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Sep-20 07:31:00

Atqui, your approach sounds prescriptive and a tad dull.
I'm all for a bit of diversity and

Bathsheba Sun 27-Sep-20 08:22:15

God please no! I don't want the Active list to look like a business meeting agenda shock. Leave it as it is, serious thread titles, funny thread titles, and a few enigmatic ones thrown in to get us guessing.

(And yes, Summer, I want to know as well - how do you do that? hmm)

sodapop Sun 27-Sep-20 08:37:33

Ditto what Bathsheba said.

Marydoll Sun 27-Sep-20 09:02:26

You can be reading a number of threads at the same time, by opening new tabs. As long as you are permanently logged on to GN, it's very easy to do.

I've enclosed a screen shot.

Maggiemaybe Sun 27-Sep-20 09:05:39

I agree with you, Atqui. Particularly when it applies to someone wanting to organise a get together, who doesn’t put the general location in the thread title. The number of times I’ve clicked on Anyone want to meet up? or similar just to see it’s round here.....

Ellianne Sun 27-Sep-20 09:44:12


I agree with you, Atqui. Particularly when it applies to someone wanting to organise a get together, who doesn’t put the general location in the thread title. The number of times I’ve clicked on Anyone want to meet up? or similar just to see it’s round here.....

You'd be surprised Maggie, just last week I had a meet up with GNs I'd never seen before in my life from Northumberland and Bristol, down here in Devon! Admittedly it didn't stem from a title thread, but it is possible! grin

Atqui Sun 27-Sep-20 10:05:37

Where did you meet *Ellianne•?

Atqui Sun 27-Sep-20 10:11:33

FANNYCORNFORTH I’m all forcreativity and diversity , I just don’t want to waste time opening threads that aren’t what I’d like to read. Stating the content of a thread does not put an end to either.