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Imbalance in feedback opportunities

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GNHQ have commented on this thread. Read here.

ElderlyPerson Mon 02-Aug-21 06:40:17

Every thread has a link to report the thread to GNHQ.

Yet no link to inform GNHQ that one thinks that a thread is good.

Every post has a link to report the post to GNHQ.

Yet no link to inform GNHQ that one thinks that a post is good.

So GNHQ may well get unbalanced feedback.

BlueBelle Mon 02-Aug-21 06:55:26

The point of reporting a post is mainly to have it removed because it breaks the rules ….you don’t report a post to say it’s good, there isn’t a top 10 of posts
Everyone has a different opinion of what’s good but most people would agree if a post was racist, homophobic swearing, derogative or hateful

I don’t really understand your thinking
Would you go to the police to say you had a helpful neighbour

ElderlyPerson Mon 02-Aug-21 07:31:12

My thinking is that recently I had an email from GNHQ that there had been complaints about the threads that I had started.

Just that there were several about French.

Yet some people clearly enjoyed those threads.

The threads were harmless and there are many threads by lots of people, so reporting those few in the great number of threads just because they existed and were specific about various aspects of learning French in various ways, not because of content, was, in my opinion, unreasonable.

Some people clearly enjoyed those threads and the moaning by some other people has inhibited enjoyment.

So my idea to start some threads for Italian, a café and an accompanying garden has not happened, as a direct result of the reporting of the French threads.

So I am just having a moan about it as the GNHQ ruling only took in one set of views.

FannyCornforth Mon 02-Aug-21 07:34:32

BlueBelle is correct.

GNHQ (whatever that is) is not interested in gaining ‘feedback’.

FannyCornforth Mon 02-Aug-21 07:38:06

Sorry EP, I cross posted with you there.
I’m also sorry to hear that someone has reported your threads.
It must have been quite upsetting to receive that email.
Please don’t let it stop you posting.
There are some very unpleasant people on here I’m afraid flowers

FannyCornforth Mon 02-Aug-21 07:44:01

Perhaps you could post your Italian thread in the ‘Education’ sub-forum (just the one thread, mind you!)
That’s what I’d do.
Off the top of my head, I can already think of two particular posters who would really enjoy an Italian language thread. 🇮🇹

ElderlyPerson Mon 02-Aug-21 07:46:43

Well what GNHQ got about the threads about French was acted upon by GNHQ.

No discussion or seeking the other side of the matter before a decision was made.

So no opportunity for those who enjoyed the threads about French to provide their view before a ruling was made.

So no threads about Italian or any other language.

I consider that the format of several threads, the café, the garden, the story using the past historic tense, the garden for the story, the patio for beginners was structured and a sensible way to improve the experience. But it got reported and that was that for other languages too.

There is nothing like a bit of grumbling and thud attitude to spoil opportunities for others.

FannyCornforth Mon 02-Aug-21 07:54:52

To be honest EP, that does sound a tad over the top!

GNHQ (which I believe is actual Mumsnet) doesn’t have the time or inclination to go in depth into what we think, like, want, don’t want.

The management has a bit of a reputation for being both fickle and heavy handed in their responses (especially where bans are concerned).
Don’t take it personally!

Calendargirl Mon 02-Aug-21 08:13:58

Perhaps whoever complained felt that the posts were a bit cliquey, in that only those who understood the language concerned could take part? Made them feel rather inferior?

Only my opinion, it wasn’t me! They didn’t interest me, so I just passed them by, which is what I do with any threads that don’t.

silverlining48 Mon 02-Aug-21 08:24:57

I am sorry to hear this, and don’t see the problem. I enjoyed seeing how much I understood of others’ French posts, it was interesting and a pleasant change from some, which if I have no interest in, I just ignore and pass on. Don’t let it bother you.

BlueBelle Mon 02-Aug-21 08:28:54

Strange for someone to complain about that
I don’t speak another language so I just walked on by, so to speak I did French and Latin at school but didn’t enjoy either I have enough trouble speaking English and never had an ear for languages I admire those that do though
Normally hq only delete a threads that are breaking the rules
I m not sure what rules it was breaking unless it was because it was growing, two in French, one German I think I saw
It didn’t bother me and others seemed to be enjoying it
Just like I often see thread titles that don’t interest me so I keep going past them and ignore them

So it’s a bit of a mystery Have you asked HQ for an explanation

I think people who report should be brave enough to own it I think I ve only mainly reported advertising or definite troll post and then I write reported in the next post space

Galaxy Mon 02-Aug-21 08:32:34

If GN is anything like MN they are aware of which forums gain the most hits so they are aware which forums are more popular, although not narrowed down to threads.

eazybee Mon 02-Aug-21 08:43:56

I am sorry, Elderly person that your french thread met with criticism. I have been following it and developing my vocabulary it although my french is not good enough to make a contribution.

Ellianne Mon 02-Aug-21 08:44:09

That is preposterous if GN thought the threads were cliquey.
I started the German one for a bit of fun - for example, discussing our favourite towns. Um Gottes Willen what is wrong with that sort of chat?
Someone is either incensed because they can't understand the language, or jealous that they didn't think of the idea first and that EP got a new ball rolling.
Anyone for a few threads in Chinese?

sodapop Mon 02-Aug-21 08:49:33

For goodness sake some people are really trigger happy with the report button..
Of course there are threads on GN which don't interest everyone but providing they are not unpleasant just walk on by.
Don't let this stop you enjoying GN EP maybe just stick to one thread about a subject you enjoy.

MawBe Mon 02-Aug-21 08:53:15

If a thread is not popular or does not grab the imagination, it quickly drops down the Active Conversations page and sinks without trace.
Popular threads which exceed 1000 posts often have to be reinvented in a Mark2 format. Some like Soops Kitchen enjoy regular “reincarnations” smile This self selection has worked well enough up till now.
Are you saying EP that your French threads have been deleted?
Perhaps this was meant as a “friendly” heads-up by HQ, but I do not believe anybody can stop a thread being started provided it doesn’t breach regs. If nobody wants to contribute it will soon die a death.
Avanti! Parliamo Italiano!

Ellianne Mon 02-Aug-21 08:53:36

sodapop a raison EP.
The French threads which have a limited life, like the passé simple one, just die a natural death anyway when people don't contribute to them.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 02-Aug-21 09:00:17

My French isn’t good enough for me to have partipated but I would have thought it was a bit of fun for French speakers who haven’t had much chance to converse for a while. Why on earth would anyone report it and why would GNHQ delete it? That’s very upsetting for EP. Perhaps non-French speakers on here and at HQ thought some dastardly terrorist plot was being discussed!

Ellianne Mon 02-Aug-21 09:02:24

Now there's a thought!

Peasblossom Mon 02-Aug-21 09:10:44

The language threads are still there for anyone who wants them.

Just not on Active.

ElderlyPerson Mon 02-Aug-21 09:21:04

The five French threads have not been deleted.

One, the original café thread, is still very active.

The garden thread is inactive at present. It could revive if needed.

The story in the past historic tense is inactive, but that is because the story progresses by various people writing one or a few sentences and then leaving it for someone else to contribute. Three people have contributed thus far, and the total story so far has elements of the contribution of each of the three people making up the whole. It is delightful and fascinating. I posted the most recent contribution to the story itself. Maybe the story parts can all be collected together and typeset in a font typical of the 18th century style.

There is a garden for the story, to discuss it and the associated grammar and vocabulary in English. I am hoping to add a question to that thread today.

There is also the patio, that is, not inside all in French, nor in the open garden all in English. The patio is specifically for beginners. So some French, some English. The patio is there for people new to French and for volunteer teachers who have actually taught French. I am in neither of those sets. I did French up to 'O' level, got a pass at grade 5 where 1 was top grade and 6 the basic pass grade, then I studied mathematics and physics for A level and beyond, and French had 'gone'.

Galaxy Mon 02-Aug-21 09:21:41

The threads havent been deleted.

Galaxy Mon 02-Aug-21 09:22:59

Are you complaining because they have not stayed in active. That's not how this works.

Ellianne Mon 02-Aug-21 09:28:36

The complaint can't have been that there are too many French threads. Just look at the number of repetitive games threads, Boris threads or Harry and Meghan threads.
It has to be something to do with the fact they are in French.

ElderlyPerson Mon 02-Aug-21 09:29:46


That is preposterous if GN thought the threads were cliquey.
I started the German one for a bit of fun - for example, discussing our favourite towns. Um Gottes Willen what is wrong with that sort of chat?
Someone is either incensed because they can't understand the language, or jealous that they didn't think of the idea first and that EP got a new ball rolling.
Anyone for a few threads in Chinese?

Actually I would welcome some threads in Chinese.

I once had a tree that grew from a seed from a tree that was in China.

It was over thirty years ago.

The Royal Horticultural Society had an annual seed distribution and we got some seeds of Pinus Taiwanensis.

There were just a few seeds and one germinated.

When visiting the Wisley garden we asked about the seeds, thinking that perhaps the tree from which the seed came might be there, and a lady looked it up in the records, and found that the seed had come from a tree in a botanic garden in China.

Chinese characters are fascinating. Many have two parts, sort of like genus and species.