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Chewbacca Thu 02-Sep-21 09:43:42

Has anyone else noticed that when you try to clear out old PM messages, you can no longer delete the messages that you've sent? You can still delete messages you've received; but not the ones you've sent. Has anyone else noticed this?

Beechnut Thu 02-Sep-21 10:13:21

I’ve just tried mine Chewy and both received and sent boxes have deleted.

Chewbacca Thu 02-Sep-21 10:15:45

Hmmmm! Thanks Beechnut, I'll contact GNHQ to ask then.

Smileless2012 Thu 02-Sep-21 13:10:31

That's odd, let us know what GNHQ come back with.

lemongrove Thu 02-Sep-21 14:01:02

Just off to try it!

Madgran77 Thu 02-Sep-21 17:44:47

I have not noticed that. Can still delete if I choose to

25Avalon Thu 02-Sep-21 18:31:43

I’ve seen sent ones deleted from my pm messages.

BlueBelle Thu 02-Sep-21 18:35:19

Mine are still there but I have remembered this happened before when people were complaining they were being deleted without permission

ixion Thu 02-Sep-21 19:18:44

And, it seems, GNHQ can delete those I have sent in reply?
I understand that a sender may wish to delete, but surely my replies are 'mine', regardless of content?

User7777 Mon 20-Sep-21 00:11:46

Someone please tell me how to delete inbox stuff to make space

nanna8 Mon 20-Sep-21 03:27:31

My last message went before I even read it. Ah well.

lemsip Mon 20-Sep-21 05:56:54

I've just been able to delete my sent messages no problem. went to.

Beechnut Mon 20-Sep-21 07:44:51

User777, open the message you want to delete and select the dustbin icon at the top of message and it will ask you what you want to do.

H1954 Mon 20-Sep-21 07:53:44

I was curious about this so off I went to my Inbox to check, and I can delete both sent and received messages. Have a safe day GNetters!

Newquay Mon 20-Sep-21 09:20:16

I’m always intrigued to know what’s been deleted!!