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ixion Wed 20-Oct-21 09:36:39

When I use the Search facility, I am now getting this message on every thread I click on.
Is anyone else experiencing this, please, or is it a problem my end?
Thank you

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 20-Oct-21 09:49:55

Never seen that!

Bea65 Wed 20-Oct-21 09:55:54

ixion yes..just in the past week or so each time i click on a link even from here about the flu vaccines, i get an "unsafe" message and a prompt for me to return to initial page...I'm not very tech savvy and wonder if its to do with potential scammer makes me feel uneasy.

ixion Wed 20-Oct-21 09:58:50

Dear GNHQ,
Please advise!

Jaxjacky Wed 20-Oct-21 10:45:12

Not seen it ixion.

Blossoming Wed 20-Oct-21 11:02:19

How strange! I’m getting it this morning, it definitely wasn’t there last night, and it only seems to be when I use the ‘search’ box.

ixion Wed 20-Oct-21 11:22:00

Same here!

shysal Wed 20-Oct-21 11:23:48

Yes, glad it is not just me. I cannot then access the individual search results.

Lucca Wed 20-Oct-21 11:54:13

I’ve had that when looking back at a past thread for some information

muse Wed 20-Oct-21 11:59:46

Same here for the past weeks. I've done a general google search and, at the moment, can't find a way of cancelling it. For me too, it's only when using the Search facility. You get the results but click on a link and that pops up.

As you say shysal It says GN is safe but then won't let you go back to use links from the search,

Has anyone emailed HQ?

ixion Wed 20-Oct-21 12:54:53

Yes, me!

Elegran Wed 20-Oct-21 13:37:41

Perhaps GN is using an outside site to carry out the search function (they can get links to paste into their website that add a searchbox. This then deals with doing the searching for them instead of them having to get it constructed within the GN site itself) If there is a problem with the website that provides the search, it could show up when you try to follow the link from the search site to whatever you searched it for (if that makes sense?)

Elegran Wed 20-Oct-21 13:39:22

I have reported my previous post to GN - that should alert them to the problem.

Charleygirl5 Wed 20-Oct-21 13:43:25

Definitely new to me and long may it remain so.

BlueBelle Wed 20-Oct-21 13:59:17

No never seen it

Lizzie72 Wed 20-Oct-21 14:01:46

Yes, I have had this for a few days

Elegran Wed 20-Oct-21 15:15:36

MN have replied that they are looking into it.

ixion Wed 20-Oct-21 15:21:16

Thank you!
I haven't heard anything back from them...

Casdon Wed 20-Oct-21 15:24:57

I think it may be that Google has picked up the site as potentially unsafe as part of its site safety checking processes?
I access the web via Google and it’s on my iPad when I look at an old Gransnet thread, it may be only affecting people who access via Google if this is the issue.

Soniagransnet (GNHQ) Wed 27-Oct-21 16:22:33

Hi - just dropping in to say thanks for the reports - we're taking a look into this now. flowers

seacliff Wed 27-Oct-21 16:56:03

Yes it's happening to me too.

dragonfly46 Wed 27-Oct-21 16:57:47

I had an email from HQ last week as there is another thread about this. They said it was a problem with Google and nothing they could do so maybe someone has their wires crossed.
It seems to only happen on Apple machines.

ixion Wed 27-Oct-21 17:10:56

Thank you very much! Ongoing issue here!

MamaCaz Wed 27-Oct-21 17:23:54

No Apple Apple devices here, but having same issue.

eazybee Wed 27-Oct-21 17:51:27

Yes I get this and cannot get past it to access former threads.