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Please GNHQ ... would you consider letting *EllanVannin* come back to this site?

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Urmstongran Fri 03-Dec-21 15:34:03

This lady of 81y lives alone and GN was a great source of company for her. These long winter days are difficult for many to cope with at the best of times. I learned recently that she was given a lifetime ban. I feel very sad about this.

In the spirit of 🎄 and goodwill to all, would you let her rejoin?

GrannySomerset Fri 03-Dec-21 15:37:20

I miss Ellan’s sane and positive take on life. Please reconsider the decision to ban her.

Jaxjacky Fri 03-Dec-21 15:42:19

I support this, GN is a source of companionship and support, particularly for those on their own. I’m sure EV would be very welcome back by the many who befriended and miss her.
Thank you HQ.

GillT57 Fri 03-Dec-21 15:43:47

Please re-instate EV, perhaps with a warning about whatever it was which caused her to be banned? Maybe a few people will be a bit less trigger happy with the report button too

Urmstongran Fri 03-Dec-21 15:50:39

Hear, hear Gill57 well said. 😊

Nannagarra Fri 03-Dec-21 15:51:02

Another plea for Ellan Vannin’s return here. Daily she brightened the lives of many with her posts on GM and shared her experiences. The queen of crumpets, befriender of a stray cat and strong matriarch is greatly missed. I’m sure she too is missing the companionship and support of GN, particularly at this time of the year and under the present circumstances.
Please show some clemency, HQ, and allow her to rejoin our community.

V3ra Fri 03-Dec-21 15:52:27

I'm another who misses EllanVannin's down to earth comments.
She's the first person I ever plucked up the courage to send a personal message to when I was a new poster. Her replies were very friendly and made me feel welcome.
Please please reconsider the lifetime ban on her postings 🤞

Pantglas2 Fri 03-Dec-21 15:52:55

I’m another who misses the Crumpet Queen - I’m sure time served for whatever crime was committed and a fresh start would be welcomed by all.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 03-Dec-21 16:04:28

I support the reinstatement of EllanVannin

I have always thought GN was a friendly supportive site and find the lifetime ban of an 81yr old lady totally without heart.

lemongrove Fri 03-Dec-21 16:08:39

I would support Ellen and her return too.
I never read anything from her that would have deserved a ban.Forthright, and nothing wrong with that.

LauraNorderr Fri 03-Dec-21 16:18:32

Oh yes please, add my name to this plea.
Ellan Vannin is such a wonderful strong character that many of us have missed.
She, like many, is the backbone of a family with many worries and yet, in spite of her personal troubles, has always been a sincere and generous carer of others on Gransnet. Every morning tales of her crumpets, her cats, her chat with the odd neighbour and her longing to see her granddaughter Ruby have brightened our lives.
I am another who is shocked to hear that she has been banned and particularly at a time when we are all suffering more isolation than usual.
I am aware that EV can be outspoken and occasionally a little outrageous on the politics threads but gosh, we’re all grown up and can deal with that, those threads are full of feisty folk who can easily fight their corner if they feel offended.
I don’t ever remember her being mean or snarky or trying to belittle another poster, nothing was ever personal with EV. She is a woman of her time, strong, stoic, witty, interesting and we’d like her back please.
That would be a lovely Christmas present to all of us thank you GNHQ.

Esspee Fri 03-Dec-21 16:21:10

I know nothing of the issues which caused the ban but having read many of her comments I cannot imagine her saying anything worthy of a complete ban. Sounds like an OTT reaction from GNHQ.

Blossoming Fri 03-Dec-21 16:21:36

I would love to see her reinstated. Is there anybody at GNHQ that she could contact, to try and reach some agreement? I didn’t always agree with her views, but I saw nothing objectionable about what she posted. Healthy and open debate should be a given on a forum like this.

ixion Fri 03-Dec-21 16:22:21

Please re-consider🙏
This site, and EV, has much to offer in the way of support to those who seek advice, friendship, a need for 'belonging'.

shandi6570 Fri 03-Dec-21 16:22:21

I'm another who would be very happy to see EV back among us. Most here probably don't know my name, but I have been a regular reader and very occasional poster for several years.

I did write to you, GNHQ, back in September asking if she could be reinstated after another poster was allowed to return, but received a very bland reply.

Please reconsider your decision.

TerriBull Fri 03-Dec-21 16:24:47

I definitely would like her to come back, possibly she was forthright at times, clearly her heart was in the right place. I think it's fair to to say she was one of GN's older members. That old adage about the past being a foreign country where things were possibly done differently springs to mind, insomuch as there was a directness about her, a bit like the much lamented late Jing. More importantly I believe she was on her own, as many posters are, and I have often heard some express GN is a lifeline and comfort, so for that reason alone please consider reinstating her. Many of her contributions were interesting particularly her observations about the NHS, given I believe she had a long career in nursing over 50 or so years ago.

Doodledog Fri 03-Dec-21 16:25:05

Unless there have been 'behind the scenes' shenanigans (which in this case I doubt), or illegal activity, I can see no need for bans. We are not children who need to be cosseted, and if people find a poster irritating they can ignore them or take them to task on the thread. Maybe an 'ignore poster' button would be more useful than the 'report' one? Or at least a culture in which adults spoke out if they disagreed with one another instead of reporting and getting moderators to fight their battles, leaving reporting for serious breaches of the rules or the law.

If you are still reading, EV, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and wish you all the best for 2022.

LauraNorderr Fri 03-Dec-21 16:30:34

Couldn’t agree more Doodledog.

GranEd Fri 03-Dec-21 16:31:05

I too would love to see EV back with us.
I used to enjoy reading her posts every morning ..... almost as
much as she enjoyed her crumpets.
A lifetime ban seems very harsh.
Please reconsider HQ.

Calistemon Fri 03-Dec-21 16:32:02

Another one here!

I think draconian measures such as lifetime bans for unknown reasons should normally have no place on what is supposed to be a supportive site like Gransnet.
Of course, if someone was a t***l or being constantly abusive towards other posters then a ban could be the right thing, after warnings.

However, I have no clue what EllanVannin was alleged to have done as she always seemed perfectly pleasant.
Perhaps she wasn't always politically correct?
Perhaps, in banning an 81 year old, popular poster, GNHQ is being ageist? Non pc?

Scribbles Fri 03-Dec-21 16:33:34

I absolutely endorse what everyone else is saying here. I didn't always agree with EllanVannin but I can't imagine she ever set out to be deliberately offensive to anyone on the forums. If she inadvertently said something hurtful, perhaps she should be readmitted so she can apologise?

I, for one, miss her feisty good sense and warmth and am increasingly depressed at the widespread contemporary practice of no-platforming anybody with a minority and/or outspoken view. This is GN, not the LSE. Aren't we all grown ups here? Please reinstate her!

Grandmajean Fri 03-Dec-21 16:33:52

What lovely supportive posts for a lady I am too new to know. I think the main reason for banning someone would surely be unacceptable or hurtful comments to other posters. It does not sound as though this lady did either of these things.

Cheesey Fri 03-Dec-21 16:37:38

LauraNorderr has put the case perfectly. I agree with every word of her post.
I have been a member for a few years but don’t post often but read regularly. I feel I have to venture out of my comfort zone and add to this thread.
EllanVannin lives not far from me and I loved to read her posts.
Always honest and straightforward and full of humour.
I really admired her courage and lack of self pity, managing alone throughout this pandemic but expecting very little of others.
It’s awful to think she has had this means of communication with others taken away at this time.

BBbevan Fri 03-Dec-21 16:39:12

Please let her back. I have no idea what she did and don’t really care what it was. She was an interesting and special lady. Please reconsider 😚

Maudi Fri 03-Dec-21 16:40:40

I agree it's ridiculous a lifetime ban, even in real life murderers get parole. I didn't really know EllannVannin but l support her reinstatement.