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FannyCornforth Thu 18-Aug-22 08:20:46


Apologies, there’s already a thread about this; but I thought that it was worthy of fuss kicked up.

The more beady eyed among us have noticed that the ‘Benefits’ sub forum has gone; ditto the ‘Other Subjects’ one!

The ‘Benefits’ one was lobbied for by posters, and has only been going for about a year!

Apparently, the benefits threads are now under the ‘Money, Legal’ etc one.

There might be others missing, I don’t know.

What’s that all about then?
Odd, isn’t it?

FannyCornforth Thu 18-Aug-22 08:21:33

The original thread

ixion Thu 18-Aug-22 10:29:23

GNHQ have commented on this thread. Read here.
Add comment | Report | Private message | Quote Elegran Fri 24-Sep-21 14:45:39
GNHQ has asked for a thread on "Chat" for this, to see whether enough people want it to make it worthwhile for them to create it. A lot of posters on another thread are very keen. Some elsewhere think too many topis are confusing.

So why not change the title of the "Legal and money" topic to "Benefits, Legal and Money" which doesn't increase the number of topics, and incidentally puts the topic further up the alphabetical list, next to "Bereavement". Post your opinions, that will speed up HQ's adoption of the idea.
Add comment | Report | Private message | Quote Squiffy Fri 15-Oct-21 19:13:21
Hooray! Thanks for the update AnnieGNet ?
Add comment | Report | Private message | Quote AnnieGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 22-Oct-21 14:46:30
We're just moving this over to the new topic! grin

Benefits thread created last October!
To subsume it into a wider forum to me is wrong - it has been a ready source of support and advice for many.

Have you heard back from them?

FannyCornforth Thu 18-Aug-22 10:35:12

Hello ixion! ?
I thought that it was you who started it.
It seems very quiet at HQ at the mo. I reported some spam very early yesterday morning - it’s still there, as is other stuff that folk have reported.

It really doesn’t make sense, does it? There’s loads of now defunct subforums that could be given the heave ho instead

ixion Thu 18-Aug-22 10:47:47

No, it was Elegran it seems.
Cracking idea, granted by HQ by their own fair hand, removed without notification 10 months on.

Doodledog Thu 18-Aug-22 10:54:11

I realise that it's horses for courses, but I tend to use Active Topics when I log on, so I see what is currently 'live', and I check 'I'm On' to see if anything I've said has had a reply, so I don't ignore anyone. I rarely know which forum something is in, never mind which subforum. Obviously others use the site differently, but for those like me who don't understand, why does it matter, please?

Smudgie Thu 18-Aug-22 10:55:36

Hi FannyCornforth. May I pick your brains? I am a fairly new poster on here and am finding my way round the site but one thing puzzles me; an interesting thread starts and attracts a lot of intelligent and helpful comments (a recent one on NPD for example). This has completely disappeared; HQ cannot keep everything on here as the site would crash but I don't understand why a very supportive thread on a very distressing subject is taken away.

boheminan Thu 18-Aug-22 15:16:48

Hi Smudgie, I so agree about the NPD thread and would request GN consider starting a topic in similar vein to Estrangement and Relationships, covering specifically support for those being abused or suffering violence - not a very jolly topic, but could literally be a lifesaver.

ixion Thu 18-Aug-22 16:02:29

It's still here, still under its 'Relationships' heading?
If I want to keep an eye on a thread, I click on 'Watch this thread' and then you don't have to search for it or best guess where you saw it in the first place!

FarNorth Thu 18-Aug-22 16:23:08

I specifically looked at the Pensions & Benefits board just a couple of days ago to find a thread I remembered but hadn't 'watched'.
While there, I looked at a few interesting threads about pensions and benefits.
Now they are swamped among the legal & money threads.

I remember the original request for that board, and that the suggestion for it to be added to Legal & Money (see previous quote) was just a compromise as GN was refusing to create a separate board.
They eventually relented but now it's gone!

GNHQ Please give us back the Pensions & Benefits board.

DaisyAnne Thu 18-Aug-22 16:39:08

I don't know how anyone is supposed to know that Legal, pensions and money includes Benefits.

Why make it more difficult, especially at a time like this?sad

FarNorth Thu 18-Aug-22 17:06:01

And Benefits was what was specifically asked for , in the first place.

Have you seen the number of boards on Mumsnet?
They have a list of topics and each one is divided into numerous sub-topics.

Give us back our Pensions & Benefits board!
And who knows where Other Stuff has gone?!

FarNorth Thu 18-Aug-22 17:08:10

MN 'Other Stuff' sub-topics .

Doodledog Thu 18-Aug-22 17:23:39

A better search facility would solve the problem, and make a lot of other things easier at the same time.

StarDreamer Thu 18-Aug-22 22:15:45

Has Other Subjects been submerged as if into strawberry blancmange in Chat?

boheminan Fri 19-Aug-22 07:20:21

StarDreamer I thought Other Subjects had morphed into AIBU???

FannyCornforth Fri 19-Aug-22 07:55:09

‘Morning all
Well, I’ve reported the thread.
I don’t hold much hope for a reply anytime soon though, as spam that I reported two days ago is still up.
I’ve found that the best thing to do to get a swift response is to email Mumsnet.
So I’ll do that later when I cba!

What was the NPD thread which did / didn’t disappear?
Was it the Flying Monkey one? That’s still on the go

JackyB Fri 19-Aug-22 08:03:24

There's far too much stuff in Chat that belongs elsewhere. Look at all the Corona threads in there, when there is a forum specifically called Coronavirus

FannyCornforth Fri 19-Aug-22 08:05:15


I don't know how anyone is supposed to know that Legal, pensions and money includes Benefits.

Why make it more difficult, especially at a time like this?sad

Doodledog I think this answers your question.
If you are looking for specific advice and information , to have it all under the ‘Benefits’ heading is most useful (especially if people include the topic eg Carers Allowance in the title).
I remember that one specific poster was extremely knowledgeable about the Benefit System, and she started a very informed and informative thread.

I’ll see if I can find it …hmm

FannyCornforth Fri 19-Aug-22 08:09:24

This is one of the threads started by Pammie1
I’m not sure if she is still on GN

FannyCornforth Fri 19-Aug-22 08:16:26

I’ve just emailed Mumsnet and asked them to have a look.

Btw, isn’t it quiet on GN at the moment? ?

LilyGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 19-Aug-22 18:21:18

Hi folks

Rather unhelpful, but we're not aware of any changes here - or why this has disappeared! We're looking into it now, thanks so much for flagging. We'll get back with an update as soon as possible.

LilyGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 19-Aug-22 19:03:21

Hi all,

Sorry for the confusion here.

Pensions and benefits had very little engagement, so we combined it with legal and money (which is far more active).

We have moved the threads from pensions and benefits into legal and money and we will be renaming it 'legal, pensions and money' very soon.

Doing this has lots of benefits, including searchable results in google - so it's better for user experience.

ixion Fri 19-Aug-22 20:22:16

IIRC, MissA's Diary of a Benefit Claimant closed recently on 1000 posts.

With respect, I really do think that Benefits should stand alone.
Money and Legal may well cover house transactions, bereavement, estrangement, wills, all sorts of very valid issues.

It was my experience that the Benefits attracted so much targetted advice, much based on personal experience or background training.
This was able to reach readers quickly and simply without having to wade through so many other issues.

The forum only came into existence in October 2021.
Was it really so poorly used?
I worry that posters needing help, often very quickly, may fall by the wayside before being spotted by someone who has the appropriate advice.
What do others think?
I would ask FN to please re-instate the stand-alone forum.

StarDreamer Fri 19-Aug-22 23:32:41

Even if it were only very little used, it may have been very important to those people who came in anxiety to Gransnet to try to find advice about Benefits.