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A polite request for some bloody manners!

52 annsixty


46 Elegran

'Improvements' I would like made to the site

8 SarahGransnet

Accessible archive of posts

6 Apricity

How many times in a day...

129 Witzend


2 JasmineGransnet

Pop ups again

3 tanith

Is anybody else getting this pop-up?

16 PamelaJ1

Clarification on "guidelines&quo t; please

45 Galen

Pop up

51 tinaf1

Should repetitive inane posters be removed?

141 varian

Can’t switch site

24 Marydoll

Anyone else got this odd heading?

7 CariGransnet

Odd message when trying to send PM's!

16 EllanVannin

Discussions of the day.

13 NatashaGransnet


22 Gonegirl

Managing your cookie preferences on Gransnet

22 JackyB

Can anyone tell me...

8 Gonegirl

Can't add to discussions

56 Jalima1108

Can't add to discussions (2)

14 LaraGransnet

Error 521

15 CariGransnet

Error 502 Bad Gateway

27 Elegran

Trying to change my username and password

19 Nelliemoser

Has Gransnet changed for the worse?

137 rosecarmel

Highlighted OP posts

21 Summerlove

Error 502 bad gateway


Gransnet users

27 annep1

using Gransnet on mobile phone

5 JasmineGransnet

Trouble posting

3 notquitethereyet

Deleted PMs - This is important

254 EllanVannin


7 Elegran

Starting a profile page

70 Jonna

Error 502. Bad Gateway

8 CariGransnet

TV Game/Quiz shows

10 lovebeigecardigan...

Twitter & FB

29 NanaMacGeek

Summat's up with the Archers thread

8 merlotgran

Bad Gateway Errors Again

10 Izabella

BBC Aged-Related TV Licence Consultation - have your say

98 M0nica

Deleted Threads

2 BlueBelle

For this relief, much thanks

24 Izabella

Help - Slow Again and Error Message

24 JasmineGransnet

Changes to GN

86 NotSpaghetti

Search option?

11 shysal

Come on HQ!!

127 Eloethan

Zodus product testing

2 Pittcity

Is the Search function working?

9 Nonnie

Running slow?

10 Charleygirl5

Troll hunting

234 holdingontometeeth

synchronising my new tablet.

20 Nelliemoser

Error 502

13 NanKate