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On the front page of Gransnet......

6 whatisamashedupph...

The Search facility.

5 glassortwo


23 jeni

What about a humour category?

10 jeni


46 JessM


6 nanachrissy


1 carboncareful

Reviews section - your thoughts please

24 glammanana

Do we need a 'YUK' emocion ?

10 GoldenGran

Combine two threads please

5 supernana

Sunshine Emoticon

72 supernana

GN newsletters

3 bagitha


2 Notsogrand

The page for entering a profile.

11 GoldenGran

I set up a profile page but it's gone wrong.

18 Ariadne

How can I.......

10 jingl

Bang to rights, AGAIN!

7 Ariadne

the grin

21 Hunt


11 jingl

Can everyone please post something on the shapewear thread......

10 glammanana

Christmas smileys

14 jingl

Is anyone else having a problem..........?

23 jingl

G E R A L D I N E !!!

6 jingl

Mobile site

5 JosieGransnet

Dear Geraldine, Jose, Cari, and anyone else at GNHQ - may I have a word please.

44 fluffy

I love that quote....

34 Ariadne

Hiring equipment

9 jingle

Forum for e-petitions YES or NO?

16 Annobel

In the "Forum Topics".....

6 jinglej


25 nanachrissy

On the Home page......

2 GeraldineGransnet

J O S I !!!

14 Annobel

Reporting a post.

2 JosieGransnet


6 CariGransnet

I am beginning to despair of Gransnet.......

117 Stansgran

Geraldine, Could you please.....

27 glassortwo

No sports category on Gransnet?

37 JessM

Adding a review

2 JosieGransnet

Gransnet subscribers

31 jangly

I am hoping that we are able to opt out of receiving private messages if we wish.

3 jangly

I know I'm blonde but !!!

13 glammanana


5 JosieGransnet

Private messages.

5 jangly

new name

6 jangly

Have you noticed....

34 Elegran

Duplicated threads

2 CariGransnet

Unable to link to Mumsnet

16 jangly

Foam Hacking?

4 jangly

^that^ emoticom (sp emotico^n^?)

13 helshea

The red print message.

9 jangly