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I hate Wimbledon

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vampirequeen Wed 05-Jul-17 12:22:35

There I've said it. No pussyfooting about because it's a British tradition. No pretending. In fact I'll shout it. I HATE WIMBLEDON!!!

It takes over everything for two weeks. TV programmes are moved or cancelled and some parts of the BBC morning news programme comes from there even though it's not open at that time. They simply film in front of empty tennis courts or the massive queue.

Everyone seems to be fascinated by it. The media have a field day. I can understand people wanting reports of the matches but who cares if some female player is wearing a pink bra?

We have so many TV channels these days why can't it be shown on one of those rather than mainstream BBC1. BBC4 is off air until 7 in the evening. Why can't it be shown on that?

Chewbacca Wed 05-Jul-17 12:28:28

Me too! Can't understand what all the fuss is about. Man holds a bat. Hits a ball. Other man holds a bat. Hits the ball. And on and on and watching paint dry. And I agree with you vampire , why does every tv channel have to be saturated with it?

Anniebach Wed 05-Jul-17 12:31:45

I love Wimbledon, as do many in the country , two weeks in a year is a little time, think of football and the World Cup

Charleygirl Wed 05-Jul-17 12:32:53

I love it- I get fed up when football matches showing two foreign countries is aired at peak TV viewing. I am not a fan of rugby either but I do love athletics.

Anniebach Wed 05-Jul-17 12:33:59

I watch rugby for the six nations 😀

yggdrasil Wed 05-Jul-17 12:34:34

VQ I couldn't agree with you more. And then there is football, and cricket. I don't mind the Olympics which are only once every 4 years, although I don't watch them either. But the BBC really should have a dedicated sports channel so we don't have to watch.
I am catching up with a lot of reading though :-)

ninathenana Wed 05-Jul-17 12:36:00

I wouldn't say I hate it but it is one HUGE bore as far as I'm concerned and I agree with all you say vq
A certain mother of two sons really gets up my nose. Why is she in the limelight ?
Oh what the heck......... I HATE WIMBLEDON grin

merlotgran Wed 05-Jul-17 12:37:45

Agree about the foreign football matches, Charleygirl. How very dare they?? grin

Christinefrance Wed 05-Jul-17 12:38:37

Me too yggdrasil had to order another parcel of books from Amazon to cope. I agree about the sports channel , not everyone is into sport. Why is Wimbledon on BBC 1 & 2 ?

goldengirl Wed 05-Jul-17 12:40:50

I like to watch it if I can but I also don't take kindly to programmes being switched about or postponed. Not EVERYONE likes sport after all

Anniebach Wed 05-Jul-17 12:43:48

Because that certain mother coached her sons,both world No 1's, does a lot to involve more young people in the game, is a tennis coach and feels strongly about women's roles in what has always been a male dominated sport , she wants more women coaches and women to have a stronger voice in the game

Alima Wed 05-Jul-17 12:48:02

I don't like watching Wimbledon nowadays. Used to like it before it turned professional and that was a long time ago. It doesn't bother me that BBC1 and 2 do blanket coverage as there is all else on at this time of year anyway. Don't do daytime TV either. Good excuse to spend time in the garden or find a cool spot to read. Many people love Wimbledon and there would probably be an uprising if they stuck it on pay per view.

devongirl Wed 05-Jul-17 13:03:37

alima Wibledon on pay per view?! Quelle horreure!! Best 2 weeks of the year for me except no Casualty sad sad

Jane10 Wed 05-Jul-17 13:32:07

God! Wimblebore!

Luckygirl Wed 05-Jul-17 13:35:30

I love it! It is the only sport that I watch.

Auntieflo Wed 05-Jul-17 13:56:06

Thank you all Wimbledon haters, I had thought to post the same , but thought I would be shot down in flames.

NanaandGrampy Wed 05-Jul-17 14:03:58

Isn't it time there was a terrestrial channel for sport ?

I'm a Wimbledon hater too :-))

gillybob Wed 05-Jul-17 14:08:17

Give me football any day mind you I am a common Geordie VQ Wimbledon always seems so bloomin' snotty to me anyway . And don't get me started in this £35,000 for showing up and hitting one ball !

M0nica Wed 05-Jul-17 14:35:58

Only one thing worse - cricket matches. Actually, I loathe watching sport on television, any sport.

vampirequeen Wed 05-Jul-17 14:40:36

I don't want it to go pay for view but I don't see why they can't shove it on BBC4 which doesn't have any daytime programming.

My dad was given corporate tickets one year. He hated sport of any kind but knew my mam would be dead chuffed so they went. Mam loved the tennis but was so upset by all the empty seats as most people didn't leave the corporate hospitality tent whilst real tennis fans couldn't get in to watch the match. Then dad got into trouble with some of the other men for monopolising a famous actress when they all wanted to talk to her. He had to ask them to point her out because he had no idea who they were talking about. He'd thought he knew her face because he's met her at a meeting with an oil company or the Milk Marketing Board especially as she seemed to be so well informed about political issues. Dad didn't keep up with celebrity even in the days when they did something to earn it grin

LadyGracie Wed 05-Jul-17 15:02:52

I don't watch Wimbledon, I did watch it years ago, to he honest I can't stand the noise that some players feel obliged to make.

ginny Wed 05-Jul-17 16:28:43

Lovely for those who enjoy it. Not me, shan't watch any of it.

TerriBull Wed 05-Jul-17 16:37:32

I don't like it and it's just a few miles up the road from me, I did go once in my younger years when a friend somehow or other got some tickets, I think her brother was a ball boy. It was so long ago the big names were Stan Smith and Nastase. I don't really like watching any sport unlike my other half. Each to their own.

Stansgran Wed 05-Jul-17 16:50:31

It's the grunting and screaming. Reminds me of the time I stayed on holiday next to an abattoir.

Chewbacca Wed 05-Jul-17 16:58:36

grin Stansgran

BlueBelle Wed 05-Jul-17 20:09:18

Can't stand Wimbledon be very pleased when it's all done and dusted

Nannylovesshopping Wed 05-Jul-17 20:13:50

Love love love Wimbledon!!! Come on Andy!!!

Greyduster Wed 05-Jul-17 20:37:02

I'm another who won't watch Wimbledon - I used to prior to all the grunting and squealing, although I've never been a big tennis fan. Not a game I could ever get to grips with. A girl in our office used to book the same fortnight's leave every year so that she could sit in front of the tv. DD and SiL have been given corporate tickets for the men's semi final this year. They're very excited.

durhamjen Wed 05-Jul-17 20:43:33

Wasn't Glenda Jackson, was it, Vampirequeen?

Sar53 Wed 05-Jul-17 20:57:04

I love Wimbledon, have done so since I was at 11 and started playing at school. I have been lucky enough to go and watch a couple of times. It is only for two weeks a year !!

Eloethan Thu 06-Jul-17 00:17:10

I'm not interested in any sport on TV but generally there are things to watch on other channels, though I do agree that it's annoying when sport displaces regular favourites.

I used to watch the tennis years ago but it seems rather dull to me now.

vampirequeen Thu 06-Jul-17 08:25:53

Not Glenda Jackson. Dad said she was 'some blonde woman' grin. Neither Mam nor Dad were very good at celebrity spotting. One year they went on holiday to France and met a very nice chap with a wife who, as Mam said, 'was so pretty she looked like a model'. At the end of the week the couple left then other holiday makers told them that the man was a well known actor. Dad met a lot of people in his job and had assumed that the man was so friendly because he'd met him somewhere already. I reckon it was such a relief for him to meet people who didn't have the faintest idea who he was so treat him like an ordinary person.

Maggiemaybe Thu 06-Jul-17 08:53:45

I can't say I hate it, but I just have no interest at all. And that's the case for any sport apart from the Olympics, which I love, and any amateur sport my family might be involved in, as I'd always turn out to support them, come rain, shine or deadly boredom!

sue01 Thu 06-Jul-17 10:08:43

Love it. Likewise cricket. Cannot imagine an English Summer without it.

Musicelf Thu 06-Jul-17 10:21:46

In my youth I loved it, and remember a school trip to Wimbledon. I saw lots of tennis champions and even managed to get into the Centre Court (standing room only) to watch Newcombe. Later I loved watching Borg, but as I've got older it bores me rigid. It's all about power and strength, it seems, and not so entertaining to watch.

Mind you, I hate watching any sport. My Dad was an international sportsman and sport ruled our lives. Watching cricket and being bored to death was part of my childhood.

Legs55 Thu 06-Jul-17 10:37:23

I'm another one who won't be watching Wimbledon, maybe have it on if Murray gets to the Final or one of the British women does well. Not a fan of sport on tv, golf & cricket bore me rigid, only watch my team on Match of the Day especially as they're back in the Premiership (if they lose I probably won't bothergrin).

I hate the way they "muck about" with the schedules for Tennis (although I don't watch BBBC 1 or 2 during the day), hate it when they move programmes for Football matches especially when it involves foreign teams.

Thank goodness as a widow I can watch what I likegrin

Royal Ascot is a different matter, the fashions not to forget the horse racing, I love horse racing but that's only 4 days on ITV

kathyd Thu 06-Jul-17 10:40:42

Love it. Just hope Murray doesn't win. Unless it's Jamie in the doubles.

scrapgran Thu 06-Jul-17 10:44:22

I LOVE LOVE Wimbledon - go into purdah for the 2 weeks it is on. Went to Queens this year and had agreat time. Never been to "proper" Wimbledon but went to the Olympic tennis which was much cheaper and had a great day

maddy629 Thu 06-Jul-17 10:46:37

vampirequeen I could not agree more, I hate Wimbledon, I'm sure that tennis lovers are in the minority,so why do the majority of viewers have to endure it? All of my favourite afternoon and early evening programmes are cancelled. My husband loves it but if I have to listen to another woman player grunting, groaning, screaming or moaning I swear I will throw something at the TV screen.It's worse than the labour ward at our local maternity hospital. As you pointed out it's even on BBC Breakfast when there isn't even anyone playing, do we really have to have the weather news reported from center court. Roll on the week after next when it should all be over, I say should because if the weather turns bad we may have to endure another few days of it.

maddy629 Thu 06-Jul-17 10:50:22

ninathenanna at last somebody else who isn't a fan of Judy Murray, she gets up my nose too.

hulahoop Thu 06-Jul-17 10:58:03

I understand people like it I don't but it's like football everything gets taken off for it there are enough channels I'm sure to keep it on one then everyone would be happy 😀

kathyd Thu 06-Jul-17 11:14:27

maddy Me too, and her younger son and her daughter in law as well. I do have time for Jamie though.

nipsmum Thu 06-Jul-17 11:27:53

Thank goodness we are all different. As vampirequeen says there are plenty of other channels to watch if you don't like tennis. I will watch some of it but I'm not tied to the TV. If the weather is good I'll be out and about and if it's not, here are always other things to keep me occupied.

kathyd Thu 06-Jul-17 11:35:56

I can't do much because of a broken shoulder but at least I had the French Open and Wimbledon to entertain distract me.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 06-Jul-17 11:40:01

I neither love it or hate it. I don't go out of my way to watch it but sometimes I'll watch a game whilst doing something else (reading or sewing) if I remember if one or 'our chaps' is playing.
At least it's a bit more relevant now that British players are more successful. All those years ago with Tim Henman and the inevitable, "Oh well, maybe next year" dented the enthusiasm somewhat.

Samantafg Thu 06-Jul-17 11:44:42

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Caro1954 Thu 06-Jul-17 11:55:21

LOVE it. And rugby. And golf. But sorry for those who don't like sport. The BBC4 idea sounds a good one.

quizqueen Thu 06-Jul-17 12:06:07

I find most sports boring to watch unless it's the Olympics and Team GB has a good chance of a medal.

Dharmacat Thu 06-Jul-17 12:09:23

Don't watch sport and, like many others, do not appreciate hours and hours of prime time viewing given over to whichever tournament is current. Tennis, cricket, soccer, rugby, darts, snooker, motor racing , cycling - the list is endless. My vote is for a separate channel - BBC 4 appears ideal.
I am not a TV addict but do appreciate some regular series.

Caro1954 Thu 06-Jul-17 12:15:23

What are sports haters missing when the rest of us are wallowing?

Tizliz Thu 06-Jul-17 12:21:13

I quite like tennis but I don't think it should be on BBC 1 and 2 at the same time. Bbc4 is a good idea.

People who get free tickets never appreciate them. When we lived in Milton Keynes we went to the bbc recordings at The Stables. It started off free, you just had to apply, but there were so many empty seats - often the best ones. They then started to charge £10 and every seat was filled.

Rosina Thu 06-Jul-17 12:33:36

SO BORING. It's also annoying to have Wimbledon everywhere on TV. Also, pretty disgusted with the 'I have placed one plimsoll on the court, I feel sick, can I have £35,000 now?' brigade who need publicly shaming - possibly a few summary executions would sort them out. Hot weather getting to me too - have you noticed? Roll on September,loveliest month of the year.

valeriej43 Thu 06-Jul-17 12:40:07

I hate Wmbledon too, plus all the other sports that replace the usual prgrammes, soaps especially,
I think considering how many channels we have,another one could be used
I dont watch a lot of TV ,mainly the soaps, but i get really annoyed when like last week, it was football,

oldgaijin Thu 06-Jul-17 12:48:47

Oh yes, every time. I am utterly boooooored by Wimbledon. In fact, I can't stand tennis full stop. And as for the players, get a proper job. Poor wee Andy's got a sore hip...try having a hip replacement, now THAT'S sore.

Diggingdoris Thu 06-Jul-17 13:04:45

I don't hate it but it annoys me that it takes over all other programmes. I agree that we should have a sport channel because there's enough all year to keep it busy, with footie, athletics etc.
I can enjoy watching a tennis match but not all day. I'd rather potter in the garden or read a good book.
I also hate the commentary and grumbles from my DH all the way through! Worst of all I dislike the grunts and groans from some of the players. Am I the only one who thinks they sound like a woman having an orgasm?

Linbrikat Thu 06-Jul-17 13:29:22

"I quite like tennis but I don't think it should be on BBC 1 and 2 at the same time. Bbc4 is a good idea."

In the good old days when the BBC actually had a discussion forum, this discussion came up every year regular as clockwork! Wimbledon has ALWAYS been shown on both BBC1 and BBC2 since BBC2 began, and back in those days there weren't hundreds of other channels to choose from as there are now.

Although BBC4 only starts broadcasting at 7pm, it uses the same wavelength as CBeebies so isn't available during the day.

In these days of big money Sky, the BBC have hardly any live sport - nowhere near enough to warrant a separate sport only channel. Or would anyone like them to try to outbid Sky and then have to double the licence fee LOL!

Cagsy Thu 06-Jul-17 14:21:55

Love Wimbledon, watch quite a bit of football too but don't get how DH can watch hours of chaps riding round on motorbikes. Well said Annie, Judy Murray is a role model, not just in sport but for women too, kathyd what can you mean, come on Murray!
Maybe they could put the soaps on BBC4?wink

sunseeker Thu 06-Jul-17 14:34:48

I'm really not into sport at all, find it all very boring. Where is the enjoyment in watching some overpaid person hitting/kicking a ball around. I don't begrudge people being able to watch it on TV but I do object to the blanket coverage on so many different channels. Keep it on "free" TV but limited to one channel, then those of us not interested can watch something else

Kitspurr Thu 06-Jul-17 14:54:01


ninathenana Thu 06-Jul-17 15:00:59

rugby, now your talking. smile

Suzan05 Thu 06-Jul-17 15:36:23

I also dislike tennis, the same goes for snooker and golf! However I do enjoy cricket, athletics and swimming. I suppose it is only for two weeks! 🙄

TerriBull Thu 06-Jul-17 16:09:15

You are my people grin reading through the posts, so glad I'm not alone, I hate watching almost any sport except the olympics, and that's because of late we have done so well for a small nation it's hard not to get enthused. When I was growing up my father was an avid spectator of tennis, football and cricket. My husband is a mad keen golfer so likes watching that, along with the tennis he's got it on at the moment yawn!, football and of late rugby. Thankfully we don't have SKY so most of it is over on that channel. Golf is the pits to watch I can't see the appeal. Does anyone else feel if you say you don't enjoy watching sports, some people react by looking absolutely gobsmacked hmm

ninathenana Thu 06-Jul-17 16:55:02

Golf is not a spectator sport !!

Craftycat Thu 06-Jul-17 17:07:04

I love Wimbledon but rarely see it as on holiday. I am in Greece right now. Have to fit in between DGC's birthdays these days.
However everything stops for rugby. Luckily we can see Lions tour in a bar here or we might not have come.

Womble54 Thu 06-Jul-17 17:07:06

I hate it. I'm very shortsighted, wore thick glasses at school, had zero co-ordination and was always picked last for sports teams. Almost any sport but particularly tennis reminds me painfully of that weekly humiliation. My mother could never understand my lack of interest in (or aversion to) Wimbledon, not that she was much good at tennis either as she needed glasses but wouldn't wear them.

Jochilling Thu 06-Jul-17 17:08:28

Hate it the most boring sport on the planet

tiffaney Thu 06-Jul-17 18:17:59

I can understand people hating it as l hate it when football takes over the tv, but l honestly love it and have since 1959 when Maria Bueno won it for the first time. I was 12 and l thought she was the bees knees. Sorry folks but l think its great.

Bez1989 Thu 06-Jul-17 19:40:41

I enjoy the men's tennis but agree it should be on BBC3 or BBC4 so that it doesn't take over other programmes.
That must upset a lot of folk.

garnet25 Thu 06-Jul-17 23:30:15

Prefer the Tour De France

durhamjen Thu 06-Jul-17 23:59:55

That's getting a bit violent these days, garnet.

Blinko Fri 07-Jul-17 06:54:36

We are not a sporty household. DH and I suffered our fathers' love of sport on radio and tv for years till we left home. Hence our mutual dislike of sport in all its forms.

Regarding the takeover of the mainstream channels when any remotely high profile sport is under way, plus a sports feature in every news or current affairs programme, why on earth can't the beeb simply run a separate channel for blasted sport. Then the rest of us needn't be bothered with it at all.

Leave it out!!

Margs Fri 07-Jul-17 11:11:11

What I cannot abide (and this applies to ANY televised sport) is having the 'experts' waffle on and on and on, analysing and crystal-ball gazing and trying to second-guess exactly what the sports person in question must have been thinking at the vital moment they hit a winning/losing ball....

Ye Gods - they really do make it sound like rocket science and whilst no-one is forcing me to watch and listen to this twaddle I do - because I find their so- very-serious autopsies absolutely stupid!

yggdrasil Fri 07-Jul-17 11:30:31

Especially when the action has overrun and you are waiting for the next programme which you really want to see!

Chewbacca Fri 07-Jul-17 21:44:55

Pointless has been moved! shock wtf?
Tennis has got to be one of, if not the most tedious game ever. All that sweaty running about after a little ball is utterly bonkers. And there's no escaping it either, it's EVERYWHERE.

vampirequeen Sat 08-Jul-17 09:09:02

I miss pointless. We usually watch it whilst eating our tea. My whole routine has been turned upside down.

Linbrikat Sat 08-Jul-17 13:35:24

"I enjoy the men's tennis but agree it should be on BBC3 or BBC4 so that it doesn't take over other programmes."

As I explained a few posts back, that isn't possible because those channels share their wavelengths with CBeebies and CBBC so they're not available during the day.