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Cold shoulder tops

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MawBroon Sat 09-Sep-17 16:23:03

Does anybody like these?
I can see how the designers hit on the notion of a new "zone" in their latest styles but I see very very few women who look look nice in them. Few of us have the broad toned shoulders of Michelle Obama and (to me at any rate) these tips or dresses <whisper> tarty.
Having percolated down to Market Stall fashions , they just look cheap to me. Styled with a "nice" pair of ripped jeans or "pleather"(plastic) trousers and flip flops they are a look best consigned to history.
I also think unlike asymmetric hems, they are already looking dated - "last year" this year!!
End of fashion RANT! grin

MissAdventure Sat 09-Sep-17 16:27:07

I'm frightened to say it, but I quite like them. My shoulders are about the only part of my body that look ok, I think.

annsixty Sat 09-Sep-17 16:27:25

They are certainly not suitable for "mature ladies".
Perhaps under 20s might wear them.

MissAdventure Sat 09-Sep-17 16:30:09

Time for a wardrobe rethink for me, I reckon.

tanith Sat 09-Sep-17 16:32:14

I quite like them my daughters and granddaughters wear them occasionally, I don't think I would.

Luckygirl Sat 09-Sep-17 16:46:51

I think the idea is that you can show off your tattoos.

I like neither - but then each to her own! Or his - maybe men will start wearing them. I might have to confine myself to my home! grin

Lillie Sat 09-Sep-17 17:28:56

They look better if you call them "Bardot" tops! I guess they've come back due to the obsession with 70's fashion trends.
I don't mind the shoulders showing, it's when you can see the armpits.

MawBroon Sat 09-Sep-17 17:36:28

I thought "Bardot" tops were off the shoulder tops which can look very glamorous, not tops with either the shoulders cut away, or broad straps above the shoulder then a saggybit at the top of the sleeves.

MawBroon Sat 09-Sep-17 17:42:14

Some examples - shoulders like Angelina Jolie do not necessarily come as standard!

phoenix Sat 09-Sep-17 17:44:37

But what about bra straps?

Pittcity Sat 09-Sep-17 17:58:44

I've seen some lovely dresses that are slashed from neck to bum at the back and winter jumpers that have ladders in them. Both no nos just like shoulder holes and short sleeved coats.

ninathenana Sat 09-Sep-17 18:03:41

I've got one hmm I think it looks smart. It shows a small amount of upper arm rather than shoulder.

grandma60 Sat 09-Sep-17 18:09:48

Recently I tried on what I thought was a nice long sleeved top, until I realised the sleeves were slashed on the under side. Perfect for revealing the bingo wings.blush

mimiro Sat 09-Sep-17 18:22:31

bingo wings
is that when you wave and call bingo and that underpart flaps??
if so i love it/if not please explain/needing more gigles right now.

mimiro Sat 09-Sep-17 18:22:58


grandma60 Sat 09-Sep-17 18:38:01

Yes that's exactly it Mimiro although I'm not sure if I have ever played bingo. Doesn't take much to get them flapping though.grin

Deedaa Sat 09-Sep-17 21:20:39

Cold shoulder tops can look very good if you are slim. Unfortunately, like the ripped jeans, they are very popular with rather large girls who don't realise that it gives the impression that they are so fat they are bursting out of their clothes.

Jomarie Sat 09-Sep-17 21:55:38

Oh you are so right Deeda grin

grannyqueenie Sat 09-Sep-17 22:32:25

I can look like I'm bursting out of clothes without any extra help! grin

MissAdventure Sat 09-Sep-17 22:51:54

I dont only look like it. I am!

Izzywizzy Sat 09-Sep-17 23:19:03

Mawbroon I agree they do look dated and that's the problem with fashion.

Great for under 30s who no doubt will throw away after this season and yes you need very firm upper arms.

I took mine back to the shop and reminded myself I'm sadly no youngster anymore 😟

MissAdventure Sat 09-Sep-17 23:23:18

Mine only show literally my shoulders. No arms or wings. My shoulders are quite firm! smile

harrigran Sun 10-Sep-17 08:18:02

A fashion best left to teenagers, I have not seen an adult that actually looked good in one of these tops.
Agree with Maw, they look tarty.

Smithy Sun 10-Sep-17 08:30:39

I agree with Maw also. They actually became popular last summer but best left to youngsters. Prefer a slightly more elegant timeless look myself.

DanniRae Sun 10-Sep-17 09:27:20

I really like them and have a few. As already said they only show a small part of the shoulder - except my black one that is like the blue one pictured by Maw. I am not a teenager (far from it) and not slim (18) and I look fine (my husband and daughters would soon comment if I looked awful). So if you like the look of them I say go ahead and get one - we'll all be wrapped up in woolly jumpers soon enough anyway!

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