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Style disaster- Light-hearted thread. 😁

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Marydoll Wed 11-Apr-18 23:35:25

As a redhead, my eyebrows have always been practically invisible, so tonight I decided to tint them, as I'm off on holiday on Monday.

Basically, I couldn't be bothered to go and get them done professionally and anyway, I'm too busy posting on GN games thread.😉.😁

I didn't factor into the process that:
*I wear splints on my hands
*Consequently I have limited dexterity
*My new bathroom is white ( Oh the mess) 😞
*I couldn't be bothered measuring the peroxide accurately..
*I'm practically blind without my specs
* DH is impatiently waiting for me to watch something on iPlayer and telling me to "Hurry up!"

And so I began the process. I decided to use a stencil, bad move.😣 I couldn't hold the stencil and tint at the same time.

By the time I finished, I looked like Groucho Marks, except not altogether like him. The "eyebrows" were off centre. I hastily wiped off the dye.
Can anyone help? I now have one light and one very dark eyebrow. The dye only took on one eyebrow.😕 and I can't get it to work on the other brow.
What has your worst styling disaster been?

Chewbacca Wed 11-Apr-18 23:45:54

Erm... Don't think I can offer any advice really MD! Could you post a photo so we could see the problem and advise? Please?

Many, many moons ago, I dyed my hair myself. It was supposed to be "tawny blonde". I can still remember the horror when I removed the towel and my hair was a bright light ginger. My ex H laughed like a drain, which only made me wail louder. It took weeks to grow out and whenever dyed my hair myself since. I'd post a photo but.....

Marydoll Thu 12-Apr-18 00:03:01

What is wrong with ginger??????

ninathenana Thu 12-Apr-18 00:30:02

Nothing Marydoll
My mum loved red hair, I quiet like it too.

Eglantine21 Thu 12-Apr-18 07:29:44

Pluck, pluck, pluck! Until there is nothing left.

I've always liked experimenting with my hair so have had quite a few disasters that way from the half inch razor cut of the sixties through the Afro of the eighties, the corn row that took hours, and just recently the idea that a chic black cap of hair might take years off me.

The good thing about hair is that it grows back!

morethan2 Thu 12-Apr-18 08:19:49

Marydoll post a picture.....please I so need cheering up. In the 80’s we were going to a very posh mess do. Perms were the height of fashion so off I went to a very expensive hairdressers. I don’t know what went wrong but when I arrived home my husband was horrified and said I looked like I’d been a pillion passenger on a motor bike on a very windy day. My sister thought I looked as if I’d been “pulled through a hedge backwards”

annsixty Thu 12-Apr-18 08:32:30

So sorry Marydoll I splattered into my tea.
Why do other people's disasters make us laugh and our own make us cry?
You will enliven the talk at the hotel breakfast table that's for sure.
May I suggest an attractive eyepatch on the worst offender, you will then get some sympathy instead of grins 😎

Marydoll Thu 12-Apr-18 08:37:12

Oh, don't worry about me.
I have found a large, brown paper bag and have made some slits for my eyes.
The only thing worrying me, is it doesn't my my outfit today and I do love to match.grin

lemongrove Thu 12-Apr-18 08:42:55

If you want to take off the dye Marydoll put a littke nail polish remover on cotton wool and wipe it over the dark brow several times.You may have to do it several times.
Be careful of your eyes though, and use water on cotton wool afterwards to clean the area.
While the dye is wearing off the one eyebrow, use a darker pencil on the other eyebrow (L’Oreal do a tiny compact with eyebrow powder and a shaped brush which is really good.)
Good luck!🍀

Panache Thu 12-Apr-18 08:56:44

Thanks for the morning laugh Marydoll,at least you seem to have a smiling audience.... due to your unfortunate errors whilst tinting your eyebrows!
I can give you no advice sadly, as I own a rather proud set of dark eyebrows,quite well endowed I must say, although my hair is baby white!!
I have only ever indulged in plucking, and over the years I can assure you there was quite a lot of that,but now I have quite a reasonably shaped brow that I am more than happy with.
Whilst you are on your hols, you will be far too busy enjoying yourself to even remember this fiasco.
Quite frankly I think you need Lemongrove and her deft hands in your home!!
Wishing you all the best.............and a fab holiday with plenty of (sunshine) and (wine) of course.

Alima Thu 12-Apr-18 08:57:22

Isn’t being off kilter all the rage now? You could keep the Ok brow as is and get the other one pierced, as many as it takes. Just have to explain to security when the alarms go off.

MillieBear Thu 12-Apr-18 09:01:07

I once thought a chic bob would flatter me and be easy to care for. I looked like Grayson Perry! grin

Coolgran65 Thu 12-Apr-18 09:13:13

I'm a ginger. Even eyebrow tinting at a salon doesn't look well.
I've found a Glimmerstick for eyebrows with Avon. Get it in colour blonde. It is excellent and looks natural. Bought off eBay or Amazon it is half the price compared to direct from Avon.

But that doesn't help you at the moment.
I've found that a salon eyebrow ting only lasts a few days,, so that might be a blessing. I'd ask a salon advice. My hairdresser told me once that Head and Shoulders shampoo will fade out hair colour ??

Thank you for brightening my morning 😀😀

Horatia Thu 12-Apr-18 09:30:38

What's wrong with fair to ginger eyebrows? Far nicer than great huge stern ones in my humble opinion.

Marydoll Thu 12-Apr-18 09:43:00

Horatia, the point of dying them is because they are totally invisible. They merge into my face, so I usually use a brow pencil, but my hands are so painful, I sometimes can't be bothered.
I actually (try to) dye them a very, very, light brown.
I was just poking fun at myself. smile My attempt at giving people a laugh. It isn't a major disaster.

gillyknits Thu 12-Apr-18 09:43:05

You could try eyebrow mascara on the light one. Maybelline do one that is easy to apply. My eyebrows have gone grey and I use it to give them a bit of colour. (It also washes out easily.)

minxie Thu 12-Apr-18 09:51:39

It would of been quicker to get it done professionally by the sounds of it. So pop along and get it sorted. The amount of peroxide used is the most important part as it oxides the colour

Coconut Thu 12-Apr-18 10:11:30

When all my kids were little my Mum offered to perm my hair ... OMG a frizzy Shirley Temple emerged, I was mortified, I had only wanted a body perm !! I started wearing a hat, plus going to bed drenched in conditioner but it took ages to get back to normal .... never again !!

Teetime Thu 12-Apr-18 10:39:31

My observations of fashionable folk locally is that Groucho Marx look is very much in vogue. Get them done professionally once a month and then use Benefit Browsings to gently!!! smudge in some colour everyday.

kwest Thu 12-Apr-18 10:42:38

Just nip into your nearest beauty salon. It costs very little about £11.00 to get eyebrows tinted. Tell them what has happened and they will sort you out in no time. My eyebrows have lost all natural colour and having them tinted wears off very quickly. I have realised lately that if I just clean them gently rather than vigorously rubbing with cotton wool pad and cleanser, the colour lasts longer. Three days on from tinting they will look much less noticeable. Actually rubbing hard on the dark one with cleanser will probably sort it out for you anyway.

craftynan Thu 12-Apr-18 11:46:21

I have very fair eyebrows, a blessing these days as they’ve started sprouting coarse beard like hairs to match the ones on my chin grin

farview Thu 12-Apr-18 12:24:02

Thanks Marydoll thought was just me that did things like that! Am sure you'll sort it and will look wonderful!!!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 12-Apr-18 13:01:39

I would also suggest mascara on the unaffected eyebrow, it might work, you never know. My eyebrows are an on-going disaster due to over-plucking over the decades and since the chemo they've never been the same. If I could turn the clock back ...
For myself, I've had my fair share of style disasters - the purple trouser suit (blouson style jacket) - a colleague looked at me up and down very obviously as though I'd just crawled out from under a stone. I barely left my desk all day and never wore it to the office again.
I've just cut my fringe (yes, at 63 I really should know better) but I don't think it looks too bad.

Myym Thu 12-Apr-18 13:05:18

The first time I dyed my hair after meeting my new boyfriend (he later became my husband) I was staying at his flat.
It was still early days of the relationship when you try to pretend that your hair roots don't come through darker or that eyebrows grow perfectly without the need for plucking and even that body hair never appears on your legs, armpits and other delicate places thereby rendering a razor an exclusive tool for men.
So, biting the bullet in light of the spreading dark roots I applied my blonde dye......
Once the solution had 'cooked' I removed the towel and rinsed. It was a this point I saw the look on his face as he gingerly asked "So, does it always go green at this stage?"
I hastily looked in the mirror and to my horror saw Grot-bags the green haired witch looking back at me!
With hat firmly pulled on my head I ran to the nearest hairdressers and stood crying asking her advice. After she had made a few phone calls I returned to the flat armed with several bottles of tomato ketchup from the local shop as I was reliably informed that the tomato based product would neutralise the colour.
Nowadays I know never to use a blond dye that contains Ash colour.

KatyK Thu 12-Apr-18 13:23:48

I too had a disaster with a home perm Coconut When I was in my 30s, my DD offered to perm my hair. I looked like I had stuck my fingers in the electrical sockets shock