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Lipstick bleed

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RoxieHart Mon 28-Oct-19 21:15:07

I should be grateful for tips in preventing lipstick bleed and how to stop it wearing off before I get out of the car!

SpringyChicken Mon 28-Oct-19 21:41:09

Do all your kissing before applying the lipstick?

Sorry, that's not helpful, I don't have any solutions. Perhaps avoid dark lipsticks so it's not so obvious?

Welshwife Mon 28-Oct-19 22:31:38

Try a lip liner - I get ones which are like a soft pencil - seems to work.

SueDonim Mon 28-Oct-19 22:44:36

Either a lip liner or use a brush to apply the lipstick, starting by outlining the lips then filling in. That's what I do.

Winniewit Wed 15-Jan-20 02:28:21

Draw around your lips with a lip pencil. Fill in with lipstick using a brush. Blott on a tissue and then reapply more lipstick with the brush.

starshine Wed 15-Jan-20 09:07:26

I have a colourless lip liner and find it really does a great job - I use it every day.

endlessstrife Wed 15-Jan-20 09:14:09

Just curious as I don’t wear makeup. What’s lipstick bleed?

luluaugust Wed 15-Jan-20 16:15:47

I use the Lip Line Fixer from the Body Shop, I've had it while so don't know if its still available, works well for me.