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Are Birkenstops worth the money?

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Chrisks Thu 02-Jul-20 21:42:09

I’m thinking of investing in a pair of these sandals. Which style would be the best? Do you need to go down a size? I’d need to know the right size to order as I don’t really want to go into shoe shops!

GrannyGravy13 Thu 02-Jul-20 22:05:58

Definitely worth the money, they come in width sizes also. I am a 2 1/2. - 3 shoe size, in Birkenstock’s I am a 3 narrow.

MawB Thu 02-Jul-20 22:40:55

You need to go into (ideally) a Birkenstock shop as where your foot sits in the shaped sole is really important. You can’t really generalise and say “Go up or down a size”.

Marydoll Thu 02-Jul-20 23:11:48

I used to wear them all the time, until I broke my foot, twice. The shape of my foot changed as it healed and I no longer could wear them.
I had about every colour you could think of, usually bought in Germany, where I found them to be cheaper.

Take Maw's advice, and go into a shop if possible.

harrysgran Fri 03-Jul-20 12:41:03

Yes definitely worth the money I've had sandals and boots which I've been wearing for at least 3 winters very comfortable

DiscoGran Fri 03-Jul-20 13:29:10

They didn't suit me, I have a very high instep and found they made me walk awkwardly as they are so rigid.

ninathenana Fri 03-Jul-20 14:33:41

Love mine.
I have also bought the same style of sandal much more cheaply in Asda. I wear them indoors in summer.

Esspee Fri 03-Jul-20 15:09:38

When I had plantar fasciitis I tried them and found them unyielding and excruciatingly painful then I discovered Fitflops (not flip flops). When I put these on I just smile, they are blissful to wear.

Nortsat Fri 03-Jul-20 18:56:40

Plenty of good advice here Chrisks.
My view is that Birkies are well worth it. I have three pairs in different colours and my partner has two pairs.
They last for years.

It takes a little while for the footbed to mould to the shape of your foot ... I didn’t find that a problem and wear mine constantly throughout the warm months. You can walk out into the garden on a wet day or to the dustbin. I have just been to the post box in mine ...

I hope you find something you like ... 😎

Chrisks Sat 04-Jul-20 16:11:19

I’ve ordered some with free postage to return if not right! Thanks you everyone for your comments. I realise that I spelt them wrong!

B9exchange Sat 04-Jul-20 16:19:39

There is obviously something wrong with me, but I cannot wear any shoes with thongs between big and second toe, the pain is absolutely excruciating. I don't have any foot deformities. I am very envious of people enjoying wearing these, how do you do it?

Nanna58 Sat 04-Jul-20 16:22:05

Oh B9exchange, me too! It is agony! Do you think we are the ‘ princess and the peas ‘ of feet 🤣😂

B9exchange Sat 04-Jul-20 16:25:48

Nanna58 I love you! So I am not alone! grin

Nightsky2 Sat 04-Jul-20 16:51:17

Espee. I love fitflops, have several pairs of boots and shoes but I also love Birkenstock sandals for around the house and garden. They take a little while to get used to.

B9exchange. Me too, have tried and tried again with a lovely pair I bought but just couldn’t get on with them, always ended up with a red patch and feeling sore. They went to a charity shop in the end.

B9exchange Sat 04-Jul-20 16:57:12

My daughter sails through the summer holidays with just thong sandals on her feet, usually Birkenstocks, they look so cool, but I can't walk in them at all. Obviously not genetic then, unless through the father's side. Come to think of it, she has inherited his bunions! grin

bikergran Sat 04-Jul-20 17:40:27

I had to google Birkenstops! never heard of them hmm

I've led a very sheltered life smile

Nanna58 Sat 04-Jul-20 18:26:10

B9 exchange I once saw a beautiful pair of jewelled toe posts in the sale and bought them to go to a family ‘do’ at a restaurant, only had to walk 50 yds , but sobbed with pain all the way. DH said to take them off to which I replied “ I love them, I’ll wear them if it kills me!” DD swans around in them now.....

BBbevan Sat 04-Jul-20 19:26:41

I love Birkenstock’s and wear them constantly in the summer. Mine have 2 straps with 2 big buckles.I think they are called Arizona Very comfy and they can be resoled if needs be..Excellent for the feet too.

Auntieflo Sat 04-Jul-20 19:30:46

I cannot wear anything with a thong between the toes, but I do love my slip on Moshulu sandals that probably won't last past this summer.😢

Bathsheba Sun 05-Jul-20 08:27:19

Are Birkenstock’s really much different from the Dr Scholl’s we all wore back in the 60s and 70s? I lived in them, had them in several colours - they were so comfortable.

Marydoll Sun 05-Jul-20 11:23:43

Nothing like them, Bathsheba. I remember pestering my mum for Dr Scholl's for my seventeenth birthday.
I never got the hang of them, they were so uncomfortable.

Birkenstocks mould to your foot shape.

Largolass Sun 05-Jul-20 11:45:04

I've been wearing Birkenstocks for 15 years and have several pairs in various colours they are so so comfortable 😌 My favourite style is Madrid and I slip my feet into them first thing in the morning and walk about all day sheer bliss.

Craicon Sun 05-Jul-20 11:54:30

I don’t like Birkenstock’s and find them pretty uncomfortable. I think it depends on the shape of your feet and the size of your instep.
I wear Dawgs Z sandals for pottering about indoors or nipping into the garden in the summer.
I usually buy them in bulk (6 pairs at a time) direct from Dawgs USA and pay for overseas shipping and so they end up costing less than £10 a pair. They’re extremely comfy.
Otherwise, I’ll mostly wear Skechers sandals or any brand with a memory foam type lining for walking outdoors.

Fennel Sun 05-Jul-20 12:55:53

same here Craicon - I tried Birkenstocks once, bought online, and had to send them back.
Skechers all the time now, except in bed!
I've got awful feet, flat feet bunions corns hammer toes arthritis etc.

Bathsheba Mon 06-Jul-20 08:52:36

Ah, thanks for that explanation Marydoll

I used to be able to walk for miles in my Scholls. Probably couldn't now though - my feet are a very different shape, what with bunions and hammer toes. The hammer toes are the reason I've never tried Birkenstocks, because the only ones I'd come across were the single or double strap type, and they sit right on my hammer toes causing blisters. A little Googling has revealed they also come in the flipflop, 'thong' style so I might look into getting some.

For several years I've worn these Think! flipflops throughout the summer, hugely comfortable! But at least one pair are beginning to look a little shabby and faded now (they are 12 years old, so I'm not complaining!), so maybe an opportunity to replace with Birkenstocks!