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Best beauty brands for older skin? Recommendations please?

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grantothree Fri 10-Jul-20 16:39:50

During lockdown I had a good sort of the bathroom and also the product stash I keep under my bed. So many things out of date or simply not suitable for me anymore. blush I tend to get in a rut using just soap and water for a bit, and then have a spurt of buying into a new regime and not sticking to it. I've recently tried Liz Earle cleanser which I quite enjoy and I think my face is feeling smoother and...cleaner?

When it comes to makeup I do tend to stick to a light foundation (incl spf) and then just mascara and a soft coloured lippy. But I want to start making more of an effort. My daughter recommends things to me but I'm not convinced they're right for my age (or colouring, she has olive skin and I'm very fair).
Where do you go for skincare or makeup? Are there any brands/products you swear by? If you have the time please add a link so I can find the exact thing you're talking about and don't have to guess. Often products have very similar things in the same range and it gets confusing. Thanks in advance. smile

tanith Fri 10-Jul-20 17:01:09

I prefer Olay products and have been using this whip for a couple of months and really like it, you need a very small amount and goes on really nicely.

grantothree Fri 10-Jul-20 17:08:32

Thank you Tanith. That looks like it has excellent reviews. Will give it a go.

Puzzler61 Fri 10-Jul-20 17:11:01

My linking ability is zero I’m afraid grantothree
but my fair’ish skin really likes L’Occitane Light Comforting Face Cream. Whipped, not at all sticky, does what it’s name says. Last jar cost £28 for 50 mls. You can buy it online, also stocked by John Lewis.

tanith Fri 10-Jul-20 18:24:13

grantothree I meant to add you can get it from Amazon at almost half the price.

J52 Fri 10-Jul-20 18:52:38

I like Olay products, they’re on offer at Superdrug. Also like L’Occitane overnight reset serum, lasts ages and smell Devine.

Queeniemay Sat 11-Jul-20 09:49:04

Try Look Fabulous Forever. It's a company started by a lady my age and a range designed specifically for the more mature skin. They have very helpful videos too with demonstrations and tips on how to use their products to best effect. Well worth a look!

Humbertbear Sat 11-Jul-20 09:50:33

I use No 7 skincare and make up. I’ve used it for years and they have different skincare ranges for different ages. I also like LOreal foundation.

Babs758 Sat 11-Jul-20 09:52:50

Occitaine for me. Just been trying Out their overnight Reset serum. I like the Divine range.

Juicylucy Sat 11-Jul-20 09:54:02

Amazing book out this week... Skin Care The ultimate no nonsense guide. Caroline Hirons.
She has all the answers for ladies our age as she is in her 50s.
Hope I don’t get told off for mentioning this incase it’s advertising. But I’ve bought the book and it’s great, she is recognised in the beauty industry for researching all the hype behind all the big brands. Google it and see if you think it’s for you to help answer your questions.

ShewhomustbeEbayed Sat 11-Jul-20 09:56:20

I really like Elemis Pro collagen cleansing balm ( you can buy it cheaper on ebay ) I smear on my face in the morning and remove with a hot cloth then apply my serum, moisturiser and eye cream. I subscribe to Beauty Pie, set up by Marcia Kilgore, quality products for about a tenth of the cost when you subscribe which costs about £10/month. They also have lovely make up. I love their light brown eye crayons, very subtle.

winterwhite Sat 11-Jul-20 10:00:31

Good questions. Esp re products for fair/pale skin. With wholly white hair now I look washed out and every shade of tinted moisturiser seems too yellow. Ivory, Sand, Nude, Beige? Why can’t they use the same names across different manufacturers?
I’ve been a Clarins fan but last time was given something too yellow.

susan1608 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:04:40

Try look Fabulous Forever. It’s marvellous make up, colour range and good price. Tricia does video tutorials and great blogs weekly. Enjoy trying new things.

Shandy3 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:08:20

Liz earle all the time!
Try her superskin range 👍🏻

4allweknow Sat 11-Jul-20 10:08:31

I have over the years tried loads of brands for moisturising cleansing and makeup. Initially the latest purchase always seems to be "the best ever" at what it's supposed to do. Then it becomes just like all the others having not much effect. A friend's daughter who is a chemicals researcher told me anything that is supposed to do wonders for your skin would be in such low doses it would have no effect. Only in doses allowed to be prescribed by medics would have any result. What am I saying, don't be taken in by all the expensive brands, a lot of the cost hoes on marketing, advertising and packaging. Start at the bottom end and work up until you find something you like. And, skin should be left to breathe, regenerate overnight, not covered in chemicals so I was told.

Aepgirl Sat 11-Jul-20 10:08:40

Olay for me too. Always good offers in Superdrug. As for cleansing, I now use a washable cleaning cloth - it’s like a flannel but much softer and removes every scrap of makeup - much better for your skin than liquid cleansers which tend to strip out the natural oils.

Babs758 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:09:40

Caroline Hirons is on Radio 4 this morning. Seems very down to earth!

annifrance Sat 11-Jul-20 10:10:30

If it is expensive then you are paying for the name. all skin products have a base that is usually extremely inexpensive. I use a mixture of Boots no 7, E45 for a moisturiser and things from Aldi and Lidl. I am usually taken for 10 years younger.

Aldi and Lidl night creams for older people are fine, I use Boots No 7 day care as it has an SP15 and the other two don't. I don't were much makeup, maily tinted moisturiser and mascara, both Boots no 7. E45 or almond oil as a moisturiser. Face wipes are Aldi or Lidl, each have make up remover and toner. very cheap skin maintenance.

The only expensive item I buy is lipstick, they are worth the extra money, but as I rarely wear it they usually smell 'off' long before I have used them! the very occassional eye shadow is also Boots, as is the blusher.

Millieangel Sat 11-Jul-20 10:10:31

I've been using Loreal Age Perfect for quite some time now & it really suits my skin. Try it, it works!!

Dibbydod Sat 11-Jul-20 10:13:38

I’ve been using Nivea Soft moisturising cream for years , I buy it in big tub for around £4 , or even £1 for tube . But was looking for BB cream , when id decided to try Oil of Ulay 7 benefits cream , with lots claims on everything to make skin better , and was on offer for £10 Superdrug, but, after using it for past few weeks , as nice as it feels on the skin and it smells lovely , I find it has absolutely no improvement to my skin in any which way whatsoever, so, when it’s finished I will go back to my faithful Nivea . Disappointing but at least I’d tried .. and saved money ...

GlamGran59 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:16:41

I use Dr Sams range and she has a number of youtube videos which are helpful.

Also Deciem have a good affordable range called The Ordinary that worked wonders for my skin.

jaylucy Sat 11-Jul-20 10:19:47

Even before lockdown I was struggling to find beauty products that suited my skin - very dry and sensitive - it seemed that no sooner had I found things that were good, they decided to change the recipe and after that it was never the same!
Being on a tight budget as well, many of the old tried and true brands were beyond my purse, but found and online company called Notino and from there, am currently using items from Green Pharmacy that has just about the whole range of skin and haircare.
At the moment I am using the Rose moisturiser from that range that is lovely- my skin feels so different from before, along with a micellar cleanser. Just about to start on the Argan version as well.
For make up my go to is still Bare Minerals Original - less is more, only need a tiny bit each time and Primark also do some nice make up if you prefer a cream or liquid foundation!

HannahLoisLuke Sat 11-Jul-20 10:25:29

JuicyLucy, I agree about about Caoline Hirons. Haven't read the book but did read an extract from it in the Mail and she talks a lot of sense. She's also a guest on Saturday Live Radio4 right now.
As far as products go, my favourite for skin care is REN, sold in M&S as well as other outlets and online. Their one minute mask is brilliant, also the AHA tonic.
For foundation I use L'Oreal True Match in Rose Beige which goes on really nicely, and with a light dusting of Avon Magix powder in white ( yes, white) lasts all day. I have fair skin so my choice if colour might suit you. Both products are under a tenner and the foundation is even sold in supermarkets.
I add a faint touch of blusher to my cheek too otherwise your face can look flat. I use a pressed powder type with a brush, applied after powder.
Eye makeup and lipstick I use whatever takes my fancy.

HannahLoisLuke Sat 11-Jul-20 10:27:25

Grantothree, sorry I should have addressed my recommendations to you.

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:30:20

For the past few years my face has had red, itchy blotches - I tried all sorts, even steroid creams (against my doc's advice). About a month ago my daughter suggested I get Jasons Vitamin E Cream - all red patches have gone!!