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Crepey eyelids and eyeshadow

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overthehill Sun 09-Aug-20 15:10:22

I still wear makeup, although not in this weather.

I find putting on eyeshadow very unsatisfactory as it never looks right. However, I've now tried adding a tiny amount of vaseline to a brush and mixing my powder eyeshadow with it on the back of my hand and this goes on so much better by sort of stipling it on. I then give a light covering of powder to seal it. You might like to try it.

Jimjam1 Sun 09-Aug-20 22:40:41

I always use a base on my eyelids before applying eyeshadow. The one I currently use is a Benefit one. I dab a bit on my eyelids let it dry then apply eyeshadow. I always use a matte eyeshadow as the shiny ones seem to emphasise the wrinkles. Hope this tip helps overthehill

QuaintIrene Mon 10-Aug-20 02:53:24

I use the Benefit base as well . The Benefit smokey eye palette is nice and brings out my hazel eye colour.
My mother used to mix her eyeshadow with Vaseline as well and fix it with loose powder. I use a spray by Avon to keep eyeshadow from creasing. I got it in a lucky bag . You don’t know what you are going to get, but occasionally I strike lucky.

Grannyflower Mon 10-Aug-20 04:55:20

Wow great tips. Does anyone else get “panda eyes” from eye shadow and mascara. My eyelashes pick up make up from my kids and transfer it to my cheeks/under eye area and I don’t know a cure. I’ve tried waterproof and tinting but still have a problem. Maybe the Avon spray might do the trick

overthehill Mon 10-Aug-20 20:35:47

Granny flower do you get watery eyes? If you do that causes Panda Eyes. A good tip is blinking squeezing eyes shut and opening about 25 times to get the tears running before applying makeup. Then of course waterproof mascara

GagaJo Mon 10-Aug-20 20:41:38

I never use eye shadow for the reason I find it very aging. I've had my make-up done professionally a couple of times and neither MUA was able to convince me otherwise.

I wear eye liner. Top lid only for work/daytime. Top and bottom for evening/nights out (remember those?). I get panda eyes if I use any other than one particular brand of eye liner. I use brown liner for days/dark grey for evenings. It's liquid liner, which I apply and then smudge slightly so I don't have a hard line. I love a winged line, but I'm too old and it doesn't suit me.

So, long wearing, totally waterproof liner AND mascara. Never eye shadow. I have a powder eyebrow 'pencil'. That was one thing that I DID learn from the make-up artists. Having defined eyebrows is very flattering (not the trendy inked on ones, just defined) and takes a couple of years off

DillytheGardener Mon 10-Aug-20 20:50:13

This Clinique mascara has zero panda eyes, you use warm water to remove it and it beads off. I bought it on the advice of my optician as panda eyes caused build up which isn’t healthy if you wear contact lenses.

MerylStreep Mon 10-Aug-20 20:55:32

I find Clinique the best mascara. Have a look on their stands where they usually have a basket of free samples.

Oopsadaisy3 Mon 10-Aug-20 22:07:17

Every time I see this post I think it says ‘Creepy Eyes’ then I click on it and see it says crepey......🥴

It’s been a long day

Mancjules Mon 10-Aug-20 22:11:33

I was advised to only use matte eye shadow to avoid creepy eyelids. It does help. Clarins have some really good ones in very light shades.

Mancjules Mon 10-Aug-20 22:12:25

Crepey haha

MawB Mon 10-Aug-20 22:12:42

As children we always used to refer to crepe paper as “creepy paper”.

Flaxseed Fri 21-Aug-20 09:51:52

Another vote for Clinique mascara!

seacliff Fri 21-Aug-20 10:01:17

Good idea to mix with tiny bit of vaseline.

I have stopped wearing eye makeup sadly, because I have dry eye - blepharitis - and makeup aggravates it. Also as I wear glasses, I don't think it really shows up, unless I wear quite heavy makeup. Very occasionally I will put some eyeshadow above the crease of my eye, well away from the lids.

Alexa Fri 21-Aug-20 10:09:08

Oily substances on my eyelids irritate my eyes and make them water' If I can be bothered I use good old PanStick dabbed on with a clean finger tip, as little as possible, the light beige colour. The if I can still be bothered I make a sort of line along outer upper lashes and middle of lower lashes with M and S dark grey which is not dry or oily but is much the same consistency as PanStick, a sort of stiff ointment.