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MawB2 Tue 15-Sep-20 15:02:56

In the Post Office queue this morning I had plenty of time to “people watch” - sadly a favourite occupation! And to look at what they were wearing.

Three in front of me, at the counter, anorak, calf length denim skirt. flip flops, two in front of me, a very chic looking dark haired girl, maybe Asian, a short plum tweed skirt, plum sweater black, opaque tight and heels, the man in front of me, baggy shorts, socks, trainers, rolled up shirt sleeves, I was in a short sleeved shirt, jeans and sandals , the girl behind me, in ripped jeans and furry Ugg boots (?) , behind her a young woman in a little black dress, opaque tights, ballet flats.
We presumably had all dressed for the same temperature today (around 27) but perceived it differently?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 15-Sep-20 15:07:19

I expect some people feel the cold all year round, no matter what the temperature really is, though an anorak seems a bit over the top in this heat.
Then there's me in a sleeveless summer dress.

grandma60 Tue 15-Sep-20 17:16:47

I saw a girl out today wearing a sleeves t-shirt, tight mini skirt and fluffy slippers!

PamelaJ1 Tue 15-Sep-20 17:36:53

What about the Post men/women? Is there some sort of competition going on there, I’ve seen them delivering in their shorts when it’s snowing 🌨 .

MissAdventure Tue 15-Sep-20 18:28:48

I have heard that it is a competition amongst posties, to see who can wear their shorts into the coldest weather.

Jane10 Tue 15-Sep-20 18:42:00

I used to smile seeing people (OK young lads) in Sydney wearing shorts and flip flops and gloves, scarf and hat!

Lucca Tue 15-Sep-20 19:12:52

In our town centre gardens today I saw a lady in long sleeved striped T-shirt accompanied by presumably her DH wearing baggy shorts at half mast below a large wobbly naked.....stomach and chest. 😱

Lucca Tue 15-Sep-20 19:14:30


I used to smile seeing people (OK young lads) in Sydney wearing shorts and flip flops and gloves, scarf and hat!

My son, being a limey, wears shorts all year round while his Southern Hemisphere wife is smothered in fleeces and long trousers.

PamelaJ1 Tue 15-Sep-20 19:38:33

Going to school in HK we wore gaberdine skirts and blazers plus jumpers in winter.
Visiting in February a few years ago I wore light summer clothes.

25Avalon Wed 16-Sep-20 10:06:09

I always find it rather embarrassing that in the height of winter we go out with me in a thick coat, scarf and hat - the works whilst dh is in shirt sleeves with no coat!

Dee1012 Wed 16-Sep-20 10:10:01

I can recall an incident that happened just after I moved to the North East...UK.
Travelling to work one morning in February, I arrived at the station in boots, thick coat, hat, gloves, scarf etc.
A young girl, perhaps early 20's was standing close by in a slip dress, no tights with stiletto heels - her one concession to the biting wind appeared to be the scarf tied around her neck.grin

chicken Wed 16-Sep-20 10:12:52

My Postie says that he always wears shorts because there's nothing worse than having to sit in his van for hours in wet trousers when it's raining. He can always dry his bare skin with a bit of old towel.

annifrance Wed 16-Sep-20 10:20:44

The other day I was sweltering in a sleeveless cotton dress as the temperature went above 30 I saw someone in a padded anorak! It made me feel even hotter!

nipsmum Wed 16-Sep-20 10:21:07

Some of these are slightly better than going out to corner shop in pyjamas.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 16-Sep-20 10:30:00

While holidaying on The Algarve we took a coach trip. Most on the coach were wearing T-shirts or sleeveless dresses (not the men who were generally in shorts and T-shirt. At on coach stop a lady got on with a fur hat, scarf, woolly coat and gloves - you've guessed it, she was Portugese

Jane10 Wed 16-Sep-20 10:31:35

Interesting post about the poor posties chicken. I'd never thought about that. Our postie does a great job and speeds about the place very efficiently with his wee barrow thingy. He always wears shorts too.

jaylucy Wed 16-Sep-20 10:44:57

Some people wear what they want to wear whatever the weather !
Had a neighbour that used to wear white fitted shorts all year round (and yes, they were well fitted!) thankfully he had the body and legs to go with them!
A friend of my nieces wears black thick tights, and a long black skirt, plus a long sleeved top all year round too>
Oh, and the UGGs, if they were the real ones, being sheepskin are great to wear whatever the weather as they keep your feet at a nice even temperature!

Greeneyedgirl Wed 16-Sep-20 10:53:27

Aren’t human beings brilliant in their diversity? Hurrah I say.

Alioop Wed 16-Sep-20 11:01:22

The young men in my town seem to have taken to wearing shorts 12 months of the year. I actually think it's to show off tattoos on their legs! It's silly in January when the legs are still out, but accompanied by a thick fleece, hat& scarf. Nuts!

Tweedle24 Wed 16-Sep-20 11:44:03

I find this time of year difficult if I go out early in the morning. I am a cold mortal so need warm clothes before the day warms up. Then I am stuck on a hot day in cardigan, Shoes and popsox or socks while everyone else is in sandals and bare arms.

GrammaH Wed 16-Sep-20 11:59:21

Ot was quite cool here in the Welsh Marches yesterday morning so anyone leaving home first thing would've dressed for that. When I picked my grandson up from school at 3, I was wearing a sleeveless dress and flip flops....he was wearing shorts, t shirt, sweat shirt & a fleece!!

Jillybird Wed 16-Sep-20 12:48:03

Jeeezzz... MawB I'm so impressed you can remember what everyone was wearing after you got home!

MawB2 Wed 16-Sep-20 13:08:13


Jeeezzz... MawB I'm so impressed you can remember what everyone was wearing after you got home!

I was in the queue for a long time with nothing to distract me!

lemongrove Wed 16-Sep-20 13:08:57

I was thinking much the same as you Maw when out and about last week.There has never been a time really when clothes and manner of dressing has been so diverse.
In the past, poor and wealthy dressed in the same manner, the poor wearing drab colours and cheap material, the wealthy wearing silk, satin, velvet in bright colours and with expensive jewellery etc.You could tell at a glance the station in life of a person.....not so now! The man in the queue in front wearing old shorts and a polo shirt could be living in a million pound house, and the dressed up to the nines young
woman could be in massive debt living from week to week.

Kim19 Wed 16-Sep-20 13:12:49

Funny thing I've noticed, in my family, once the men don shorts they seem unable to revert to something warmer when necessary. No flexibility whatsoever. Can't understand it but when mentioned they look at me in a perplexed way. Who cares? Foolishly, it sometimes makes me feel a bit cold looking at them but I keep well wrapped up most of the time.