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Bonmarche ad

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Hellogirl1 Tue 22-Sep-20 23:20:10

Is anyone else getting the Bonmarche ad showing several frocks? In case you fancy any of them, don`t bother, every single one is "unavailable", so why the ad?

DanniRae Wed 23-Sep-20 09:34:25

I have found that too Hellogirl - so annoying!

Blinko Wed 23-Sep-20 15:22:30

Ah, same here. Very irritating. Wonder what they're playing at?

craftyone Wed 23-Sep-20 15:26:05

They have changed. I ordered 3 t shirts, one was the wrong t shirt 6 sizes too big and all 3 were poor thin fabric. All sent back today. It was only a matter of time, since they were taken over

biba70 Wed 23-Sep-20 15:29:35

I thought they had all closed down?

FindingNemo15 Wed 23-Sep-20 16:21:05

I thought they had closed down too. Who took them over?

25Avalon Wed 23-Sep-20 16:29:26

They went onto administration last year and were acquired by Peacocks which are part of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill chain.

I hate ads for items you can’t get because they are out of stock.

Beechnut Wed 23-Sep-20 17:20:23

Apparently they have reopened their shop in Taunton.

biba70 Wed 23-Sep-20 17:29:48

Thanks Avalon- in our small market town, we have all 3 in competition.

BlueBelle Wed 23-Sep-20 19:12:17

Ours never closed I was expecting it to but it’s still going

Hellogirl1 Wed 23-Sep-20 22:43:15

For the last few years I`ve been dressed almost entirely by Bonmarche, but no longer, since they changed ownership and designers, they`ve really gone downhill. Bring back David Emanuel!