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Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

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NotTooOld Mon 28-Sep-20 22:01:38

Anyone found a cheaper substitute for this excellent product? I've had my tube for ages but it's coming to an end now and I'm reluctant to pay £28-£33 for a new one. Thought there might be something else out there that works just as well?

Niobe Mon 28-Sep-20 22:06:37

I shall watch this with interest. It’s really the best thing for tightening the skin for several hours.

Chewbacca Mon 28-Sep-20 22:07:37

The same question was recently asked on Mumsnet and the general consensus was that Superdrug's Naturally Radiant Radiance Balm @ £7.49 is a very good substitute.

NotTooOld Mon 28-Sep-20 22:25:32

Wow, Chewbacca, that is good news. I'll have to look into that. Thank you.