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Most nourishing face creams

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Sparkling Wed 21-Apr-21 19:20:59

My skin has gone so dry and no cream seems to moisturiser it properly. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced deeply nourishing cream.

Katyj Wed 21-Apr-21 19:47:46

Oh watching with interest my face is the same. I bought some L’Oréal rosy glow ,as lot of ladies on here liked it, it’s okay but my face is still tight and uncomfortable.

Sara1954 Wed 21-Apr-21 19:55:42

My vote goes to Clarins, not cheap, but worth the money.

Callistemon Wed 21-Apr-21 20:00:41

Me too, Sara1954
I bought Clinique last time but will go back to Clarins when this is finished (it seems to be lasting for ever!)

grandma60 Wed 21-Apr-21 20:10:26

I like Nivea Q10 for over 60s. A reasonable price too.

Nonogran Wed 21-Apr-21 20:14:15

Try a gentle exfoliation. St Ives brand comes to mind. I use it a couple times a month. Then, moisturise. You might find you have a "build up' of (hate to say it), dead skin cells which are holding back your moisturiser's ability to do its job?

jacqrose Wed 21-Apr-21 20:16:25

Moisturisers only sit on top of the skin so I would suggest you try something with hyaluronic acid in it. It isn’t acid as you would think but a molecule that holds moisture in the skin and so hydrates making it feel less tight. Superdrug are good on these products at a reasonable price or Boots. Also as boring as it is, try to drink more water.

Scottishgran2 Wed 21-Apr-21 20:17:37

Hi sparkling.. A face mask made with egg white will nourish your skin... Whisk egg white till its frothy.. Apply to face and kneck. Leave for few minutes. You will feel it tightening.. Rinse off with warm water.. Protein in egg white nourishes and softened your skin

Maggiemaybe Wed 21-Apr-21 20:58:49

I have always had very dry skin and use facial oil morning and night, let it settle, then use day/night cream on top, usually the l'Oreal Rosy Glow. My favourite oils are Nuxe Prodigieuse and Beauty Pie's Plantastic Overnight Oil (this one's only affordable if you happen to have an obliging relative with a Beauty Pie subscription, as I have smile).

NotAGran55 Wed 21-Apr-21 21:08:24

Nivea Soft for day and Nivea Blue Tin at night .

NanKate Wed 21-Apr-21 21:26:43

I like the Neal’s Yard moisturiser with Frankincense as an ingredient. They are sold in large Waitrose shops as well as online.

Grannycool52 Wed 21-Apr-21 21:45:07

E45 works for me.

BigBertha1 Thu 22-Apr-21 07:04:04

Clinique Moisture surge or Clarins

harrigran Thu 22-Apr-21 07:37:11

I find Origins works best on my skin but Nivea comes in as an affordable moisturiser.

Urmstongran Thu 22-Apr-21 07:41:20

I just checked my bathroom shelf and I’m using L’Oreal’s ‘Youth Code’ at present (I never stick to just one product) and its lush like soft custard, smells nice and isn’t sticky.

rosie1959 Thu 22-Apr-21 07:52:57

I love Clarins but it's a bit on the expensive side
I also use Elizabeth Grant from Ideal World shopping its good stuff and probably better than Clarins just doesnt have the wonderful fragrance that Clarins does

foxie48 Thu 22-Apr-21 07:59:26

I'm another Clarins fan although I agree it is pretty pricey. I think the important thing is to use something regularly and I find my skin really benefits from a night cream as well as always putting something on my skin every morning. My mum had lovely skin and swore by nivea!

Sago Thu 22-Apr-21 08:15:49

Eucerin intensive.
It’s amazing but only on very dry skin.

Party4 Thu 22-Apr-21 08:20:37

Have tried numerous expensive creams over yrs but none that has a wow effect.Now I am using St Ives exfoliator weekly and during lockdown purchased Simple skincare range with SPF 15/30 will see how it goes but so far very happy and affordable.

Ro60 Thu 22-Apr-21 08:40:12

Since lockdown I've discovered Lidl Cien Q10 intensive serum with L'Oreal face cream & Rosy Glow on top a few hours later if I'm going out ie: Supermarket or a walk these days lol.

JackyB Thu 22-Apr-21 10:26:58

I agree with the two-phase system suggested by Ro60. I have always had sty skin and have always used a cream since I was about 14. Ponds was all I could afford at the time.

Now I us a Hyaloron serum after showering (a tiny drop goes a long way) and then a face cream after breakfast, when I've cleaned my teeth.

I try and remember to apply at least one of these before bed, but I'm not so disciplined then.

Try to find one that's not too expensive. Also look for anti-aging and SPF.

I wish manufacturers were obliged to give fat content for face creams, like with cheese, as that would help us make such decisions.

Let us know which any favourites you find.

Maybe you can go to a department store (they are open now in the UK aren't they?) and pick up some samples before deciding.

FannyCornforth Thu 22-Apr-21 10:45:10


I just checked my bathroom shelf and I’m using L’Oreal’s ‘Youth Code’ at present (I never stick to just one product) and its lush like soft custard, smells nice and isn’t sticky.

Ooh, that sounds lovely!
I nearly started a moisturiser thread myself.
Does anyone know how I can get rid of (or rather, decrease) '11' lines between my eyebrows?
Other than Botox or stopping frowning in a baffled way, of course.

SecondhandRose Thu 22-Apr-21 10:55:07

Try Aveeno

Casdon Thu 22-Apr-21 11:03:23

I love Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum, it’s expensive but I have tried loads of others and found nothing that touches it. I find if I use that I can get away with a cheaper moisturiser.

FannyCornforth Thu 22-Apr-21 11:07:41

Casdon can you tell us more about the serum you mentioned?
I've been tempted by it on QVC.
What does it do for you? Thank you!