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Looking for advice on the best winter boots to buy

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Sar53 Tue 14-Sep-21 19:01:51

I am aware that this has probably been asked before but I am looking to buy some flat, black leather, soft ankle boots.
I have arthritis in my big toe joints so need something soft and comfortable and reasonably fashionable.
I'm looking to wear them with trousers and skirts. I don't mind how much they cost so long as they are comfortable.
Do any of you lovely ladies have any recommendations. TIA

FannyCornforth Tue 14-Sep-21 19:10:28

Hotter all the way!

Aldom Tue 14-Sep-21 19:15:53

Marks and Spencer are the only boots I find comfortable. Similar problems with arthritis in toes. Their boots are stylish too.

FannyCornforth Tue 14-Sep-21 19:21:39

Aldom have you tried Hotter?
They are soooo soft.

Aldom Tue 14-Sep-21 19:30:05

Sorry, I meant to mention that Mark's and Spencer do wide fit which is a blessing with painful toes.

Aldom Tue 14-Sep-21 19:34:00

Fanny Hotter just don't fit my feet. I've tried their shoes and boots, with no luck. But when I was trying to find pretty sandals to wear with a summer dress for my son's funeral, Hotter had a pair in pale blue. They were perfect. I bought a second pair in tan and cream.

crazyH Tue 14-Sep-21 19:44:07

Aldo, Nothing to do with shoes, but just noted that you lost your son and I’m so sorry flowers

Casdon Tue 14-Sep-21 19:50:02

I like VanDal, they do various width fittings, and are very well made. I’ve got a bunion on one foot only, so not the easiest feet to fit, but their shoes and boots tend to be leather lined, so I find them really comfortable - they are stylish, and they last for years.

Aldom Tue 14-Sep-21 20:51:39

crazyH Thank you so much.

Blondiescot Tue 14-Sep-21 20:55:26

Try Moshulu too - my mother-in-law used to find they fitted her feet much better than Hotter.

VioletSky Tue 14-Sep-21 21:00:50

I find sketchers soft boots quite comfy with good arch support

seacliff Tue 14-Sep-21 21:17:13

I don't get on with Hotter, I have tried. I have high arches and wider than average feet. I like Clarks Unstructured sandals and boots, they just suit my feet. I have some Un Adorn zip ankle boots which cannot be called stylish, but look OK as plainish boots with trousers, they are several years old and still going strong. I get a wide fit as I like plenty of room.

I like the look of the latest Clarks Unstructured, would wait for a 20% offer.

Gabrielle56 Wed 15-Sep-21 11:36:27

Hotter/Pavers/Clarke's/fly London (good widths with razor sharp styles!/Gabor/all have accommodated my E width size and an emerging bunion too!

Susie42 Wed 15-Sep-21 13:32:46

Moshulu, very soft leather, lovely colours, and very comfortable. I've found that they do come up a bit big so I've gone down a size.

Marilla Wed 15-Sep-21 13:42:38

Gabor usually do attractive and comfortable variety of boots.
This website is always useful for boots and shoes with a good range of other makes.

Shandy57 Wed 15-Sep-21 14:01:24

I used to love my Ecco runners, so comfortable I wore them in the house too.

Graygirl Wed 15-Sep-21 14:32:40

Sketchers all the way

Aldom Wed 15-Sep-21 19:09:19

My Mark's and Spencer ankle boots. Lots of other styles available too.

Silverbridge Wed 15-Sep-21 19:16:24

Take a look at Josef Siebel too. Their Steffi 60 is calling me. I'm a big Ecco and Hotter fan but this season found that Siebel beat them for comfort on summer shoes so I'm hoping similar for autumn winter.

Sar53 Wed 15-Sep-21 20:11:07

Thank you for all your recommendations. I tried on some boots from Hotter yesterday but didn't like any of them.
I'm going to stay with my eldest daughter in Leamington next week and there are a couple of lovely shoe shops there. Hopefully I may find some that I like.

Qwerty Wed 15-Sep-21 21:17:11

I have Arthritis and bunions so I sympathise with you. Shuropody, Reiker, Gabor and Josef Siebel are all good. Comfort is everything! "Compeed" a plaster for bunions are good too. A friend recommended them as some boots were rubbing and my Chiropodist agreed they are good. I used to like Edwards boots too but our nearest shop has shut. Leamington does have some good shoe shops so good luck.

Nannagarra Wed 15-Sep-21 22:14:36

I too am a Siebel fan but could I also suggest Matalan? Pre lockdown I bought several pairs of butter soft leather boots there - fabulously comfy and long-lasting - £32 a pair. I cannot fault them.

Forsythia Wed 15-Sep-21 22:18:04

Cosyfeet are good but expensive and do a wide range of fittings. My mum in law swears by them.

heath480 Thu 16-Sep-21 00:07:16

Josef Seibel for me.Love them.