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Do men like wet cold legs?

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Scones Sat 18-Sep-21 10:49:48

My husband is trying to buy a long, waterproof, warm winter coat. Think country dog walking rather than going to the office. Such a thing doesn't seem to be available.

Almost every winter coat for men ends at hip level just where the rain will run off onto his legs as he walks.

Do designers think men like wet cold legs? Do men like wet cold legs? Any ideas where we can find a suitable coat?

Baggs Sat 18-Sep-21 10:53:11

Check out Australian outback raincoats.

jaylucy Sat 18-Sep-21 11:03:14

The assumption is these days that people will either be sitting in a car, so need to have a coat that they won't sit on , or will be striding across hill and dale so won't want a coat flapping round their legs!
Perhaps a pair of waterproof over trousers might be an idea instead ?
The shops that sell camping/hiking gear should be able to supply.
Just googled it - look for a Stockman coat - New Forest Clothing have alternatives.

Namsnanny Sat 18-Sep-21 11:06:51

As jaylucy suggested, waterproof trousers would be the way I'd go. They are light and a long overcoat would be heavy, and cumbersome in comparison.

Redhead56 Sat 18-Sep-21 11:10:24

Our garden centres sell them in winter long waxed coats. Rydale Clothing on line sell them so do Cotton Traders.

lemsip Sat 18-Sep-21 11:14:36

what about these. also cotton traders do them

Witzend Sat 18-Sep-21 11:15:18

A friend who lived in a particularly wet part of Devon, and did a lot of dog walking in all weathers, had a long waterproof coat, I think it was from Drizabone - I have a feeling that’s an Aussie company. Whether they’re still available I couldn’t say, though.

fairfraise Sat 18-Sep-21 11:33:22

I have an outback type coat, completely waterproof and great for dog walking etc. It was bought in Debenhams about 20 years ago, Backhouse brand a NZ make. Makes you look as if you should be on a horse rounding up cattle, but does the job!

timetogo2016 Sat 18-Sep-21 11:39:59

Dh has an Umbro long coat that reaches his footwear with ease.

25Avalon Sat 18-Sep-21 11:40:44

Hoggs of Fife do a full length waterproof coat. They have some on sale if you go to their website. They supply clothing for country workers and are good quality. They also do waterproof trousers.

vegansrock Sat 18-Sep-21 14:13:38

It’s hard to get women’s outdoor walking coat that covers more than mid thigh I know I’ve looked.

Jaxjacky Sat 18-Sep-21 14:23:25

This one vegansrock?

ninathenana Sat 18-Sep-21 14:28:47

DH has a knee length waterproof coat from Cotton Traders

ninathenana Sat 18-Sep-21 14:31:24

That's the one, sorry didn't check your link before I posted

grumppa Sat 18-Sep-21 14:34:28

I have a long Barbour.

Allegretto Sat 18-Sep-21 14:57:32

Rohan do a long waterproof coat. They also have waterproof trousers.

Fleur20 Sat 18-Sep-21 16:29:22

Jack Murphy has brilliant long coats for men and women.

Scones Sat 18-Sep-21 20:20:56

Thank you so much for all your recommendations. We'll have a good look at all the makers you recommend. The waterproof trouser idea might well be the answer.

MayBeMaw Sat 18-Sep-21 21:33:17

Driza Bone mac - full length. Not cheap but excellent quality

NotTooOld Sat 18-Sep-21 21:38:09

Swop the dog for a cat? grin

V3ra Sun 19-Sep-21 00:51:59

We both have a long waterproof coat in the style of the ones already posted.
Mine is a Jack Murphy and my husband's is a Country Estates.
They cover everything down to your wellies, really effective.

Rufus2 Sun 19-Sep-21 06:35:50

Do men like wet cold legs? Any ideas
Scones Yes, please! Plenty! Especially of the long, slim, female kind! grin

MayBeMaw Sun 19-Sep-21 06:43:35

gringrin Rufus !
I was waiting for somebody to say it depended on whose legs they were!

Jackiest Sun 19-Sep-21 07:29:03

Men have such a poor choice of clothing. I wander in and look at the women's section bright cheerful, loads of variety and then look across at the men's section drab boring trousers, shirts and jackets and that is all.

Scones Sun 19-Sep-21 20:20:36


^Do men like wet cold legs? Any ideas^
Scones Yes, please! Plenty! Especially of the long, slim, female kind! grin