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Freedom from guilt...for a while!

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Namsnanny Thu 21-Oct-21 16:19:06

I havent bought any new make up for years and years.

I love colour and had seen some delicious nail varnishes that were winking at me for the last few weeks.
I weakened and went to the largest Boots, knowing they would have lots of stock.

I couldn't decide which one to buy, so I bought EVERY colour polish they had!
Then as if that wasn't enough I did the same with lip stick/gloss😊blush!!!

All from the same range that has little or no perfume, as I am alergic to most brands.

In my defence (do I need a defense?), I havent bought any new clothes or makeup for years until two months ago for a special occasion.

I've had such a fun day messing around with it all. Every nail has two different colours on it 🌈🤣

For once I threw caution to the wind and acted just on a whim!
And I loved it!!

I think I'll start to feel guilty by the weekend, but what the heck.

glammanana Thu 21-Oct-21 16:26:21

And why not ?? mine where pale blue until Monday then had them changed in the salon to lilac with white tips.

PollyTickle Thu 21-Oct-21 16:28:43

Don’t feel guilty Namsnanny, I could feel the joy in your post.
Enjoy them all, wonderful.

Namsnanny Thu 21-Oct-21 16:30:54

Oooh! That sounds a lovely combination of colours glammananna
I'm still old school and use varnish, I havent tried the gels. I'm not sure I want to get into buying a UV lamp and all the chemicals to remove it.
But I gather the finish is superior.

Namsnanny Thu 21-Oct-21 16:32:45

What a lovely post Thank you PollyTicklesmile

NotTooOld Thu 21-Oct-21 16:37:59

Ooh no. Definitely don't feel guilty. Why should you? Now I'm 'of a certain age' I tell myself regularly that I can't take it with me so I may as well spend it. Unfortunately my DH doesn't always see things the same way. He hums and has over buying a new battery for his computer although I think he's coming round to my point of view slowly.

Namsnanny Thu 21-Oct-21 17:37:43

Thats a good point NotTooOld

In this case I don't think I'm going to live long enough to use up all the varnish, so it's basically rubbish my descendants will have to clear away blush shock

BigBertha1 Thu 21-Oct-21 22:19:06

Well done you Namsnanny doing your bit for the economy. Enjoy having fun with your new stuff.

DanniRae Fri 22-Oct-21 07:32:13


Don’t feel guilty Namsnanny, I could feel the joy in your post.
Enjoy them all, wonderful.

Well said Polly.......and I agree! smile

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 12:42:20

Another good point BigBertha 😉🤣 thank you for putting it.

DannieRae a cheery retort thank you 👍

crazyH Fri 22-Oct-21 12:46:46

I am so excited for you Namsnanny ! I often have a similar binge, mostly nail polishes - you go girl!!!

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 14:42:28

🤣🤣🤣crazyH you go girl!!! that's the second time in as many weeks that someone has said that to me.
At a function I wouldn't get up to dance, but then decided to throw caution to the wind and risk an unflattering face book photo and just enjoy myself!
A very pleasant by stander nudged me and said 'about time, you go girl!'
Made my night😊
PS I dont know if I ended up on fb on the end.

Grannybags Fri 22-Oct-21 14:52:22

I'm excited on your behalf!

I'm just jealous that I don't have nice nails to do the same grin

Blinko Fri 22-Oct-21 14:58:39

What a great thing to do! I bet you had a blast.

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 21:49:27

Do it anyway Grannybags I've noticed a lot of girls on tv don't have any length to their nails, but still put some colour on.
I think it looks nice.
Not all long nails look good. What I really mean is they don't always look appropriate. Too over done sometimes.
But somehow short nails can have the same polish on and look fine for daytime.

Blinko Yes I'm still playing about. I keep putting the lip sticks on and mixing up the colours to see what suits.

Rosina Sun 24-Oct-21 10:41:31

Please don't feel guilty - feel triumphant, happy, life is short and often shorter than we think. Good for you, and I hope you enjoy every brushstroke of your polish and every glance in the mirror at your pretty mouth.

christine96777 Sun 24-Oct-21 10:42:04

We all need a lift a splurge of indulgence, so you bought some make up, don't let your guilt hide it away paint your nails wear a little lipstick and enjoy it revel in the moments pleasure, life is hard and time is short

Dillonsgranma Sun 24-Oct-21 10:49:29

Hurray! And good for you. Made me smile 😊👏

LovelyLady Sun 24-Oct-21 10:50:15

We are children at heart and don’t really grow up. It is said that we’re children twice. Once at the beginning and the other at the opposite end. When I was a child……..,,etc

Willow68 Sun 24-Oct-21 10:52:53

Good for you!
Treat yourself to nice things it’s important x

Naninka Sun 24-Oct-21 10:55:00

Life is for living! As I mentioned in a previous post - my daughter is getting married in 2 weeks time.
My son's wife asked me about make-up and I said I had some that was fairly new.
Then, I realised, the "fairly new" make-up was actually nearly 8 years old (bought for a big occasion)!!!
Well, now I'm inspired, I'm off to Boots tomorrow - straight after my morning swim.

Tooyoungytobeagrandma Sun 24-Oct-21 10:56:58

Having spent all my life working hard as well as cooking, cleaning, childcare etc for 40+ years I finally had enough and divorced my husband. It had taken a year to realise that I can treat myself and I have. Recently got rid of all my black clothes and am wearing brighter colours. Also had my hair coloured at a hairdressers (probably 30+ years since I felt I could do that). My ex was mean and controlling and all my money went on the children and home so being able to treat myself has been strange but I'm loving it. I've lost weight, been told on several occasions that I'm glowing so treating myself is a positive thing obviously. I have four new "coats" (2 coatigans, a padded coat and a wool coat) & not one if them is black! Oh and four new pairs of boots😬. Enjoy your nail polish and lipsticks and how they make you feel its great to have colour in your life 😊

GoldenAge Sun 24-Oct-21 11:06:48

Namsnanny - ask yourself some questions - was it your money that you spent? Did you steal it from someone else? Did you use it to buy chemicals to make a bomb and injure/kill others? Did you use it to spread malicious gossip? We're talking about a few harmless purchases that you had the absolute right to make - enjoy them. Guilt is a terrible emotion and has no part in your trip to Boots.

M0nica Sun 24-Oct-21 11:10:38

We need more older women like you, Namsnanny to make older women stand out and break the stereotype that we are all shrunken old crones with curved shoulders dragging shopping trolleys behind us.

I cannot do nail varnish, my nails are wider than they are long and I hate nails going beyond the length of my finger, but I love wearing bright colours, I have a wonderful burnt orange sweater, among other cheerful coloured clothes.

Jenh66 Sun 24-Oct-21 11:19:20

Well done for treating yourself. You obviously deserve it. Don't feel guilty. As many people are you probably spend money and treat others before yourself.

I'm sure your nails look fabulous!