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Yammy Sun 28-Nov-21 13:27:17

Today I dressed as advised and bought by dd's. Pink cardigan, Grey tweed trousers and zebra print socks.
When I asked DH what he thought he answered "Care home chic."
What would your answer have been to him mine unfortunately is unprintable, but the Einstein hair is booked to be cut and new jumpers ordered from John Lewis along with trousers that fit him now not 20 years ago.

PamelaJ1 Sun 28-Nov-21 13:44:40

Not sure what my answer would be but are you sure you have the right husband? I think you may have borrowed mine!
At least they have hair😂

merlotgran Sun 28-Nov-21 16:57:06

Mine would have said, 'You look just like your mother!'

Lucca Sun 28-Nov-21 17:03:30

Sounds like your DH is quite witty actually !!

MerylStreep Sun 28-Nov-21 17:13:22

You have to admit, it was funny. 😄

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 28-Nov-21 17:16:13

I would have said words not allowed on GN and directed him towards a mirror.😡

lemongrove Sun 28-Nov-21 17:19:59

Implying that you looked dowdy and old as a joke isn’t actually all that funny though is it?
Mind you...I would lose the tweed trousers! Hide them at the back of the wardrobe.

Deedaa Sun 28-Nov-21 17:31:12

I once had a gift voucher to spend in M&S. I found a draped jacket cum kimono with a wild abstract pattern. It looked great in the mirror so I took it home and put it on to show DH. As I walked into the room he said "Why are you going out in a dressing gown?" A look in our own mirror showed what he meant and back it went to the shop.

kittylester Sun 28-Nov-21 17:46:23

Put him in care home- he sounds as though he'd fit right in!!

Amberone Sun 28-Nov-21 17:46:33

I thought it was quite witty too - although not something anyone wants to hear 🙄 I can never think of a witty response when I need it - an hour later I can think of all sorts of things.

But to be honest I can't imagine any of my children advising me on how to dress.

merlotgran Sun 28-Nov-21 17:50:25

I think you need to have a word with your daughter or she'll be buying you a Vera Lynn CD for Christmas. grin

Yammy Sun 28-Nov-21 18:14:54

He is witty we all suffer himself included when he can't keep comments in ,I have been known to laugh at inappropriate moments at his mutterings the trouble is when they are not directed at you they are funny.
He called DD's mother in law a demented liquoiceallsorts on their wedding day because she was dressed in pink and black and got giggly with the drink.
Today I had already shown him his hair in the mirror it was a dark Einstein standing on end so he stuck his tongue out.
He would fit in a care home ,when my late mother was in one, he fell asleep in the lounge one of the men remarked they had got a new inmate.I'm sure he would soon get banned for bad behaviour though.

eazybee Sun 28-Nov-21 19:01:46

I would ditch the zebra print socks.

Blossoming Sun 28-Nov-21 19:16:20

Swap the pink cardigan for an ivory silk shirt. Wear a thermal vest underneath if necessary. Lose the zebra print socks.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 28-Nov-21 20:03:44

Not a silk shirt!!! Unless he is willing to iron it of course. (Unlikely I guess.) My indoors (and gardening and dog walking) trousers are always black Landsend starfish - cheap, go with everything, machine wash and don't need ironing.

Blossoming Sun 28-Nov-21 21:21:16

What is this ironing of which you speak?

janeainsworth Sun 28-Nov-21 22:54:42

I thought it was going to be a thread about Iris Apfel grin

Calistemon Sun 28-Nov-21 22:59:26


Put him in care home- he sounds as though he'd fit right in!!


Actually, that's the kind of thing DH might say!

They're not pull on trousers with a stitched seam up the front, are they?

I do want some zebra striped socks, though 🦓

Calistemon Sun 28-Nov-21 23:03:05

You too could look like Iris - if you dare. 30% off at the moment.

merlotgran Sun 28-Nov-21 23:08:12

Her friend doesn't look very well grin

Calistemon Sun 28-Nov-21 23:12:21

Wondering whether or not to take a leap off the table into the unknown rather than risk being dressed the same!

Blossoming Sun 28-Nov-21 23:47:13

Oh my word! I’ve never heard of Iris before, she is fabulous! (But I don’t want to copy her)

Kalu Mon 29-Nov-21 00:28:45

Iris Apfel is Fabulous, stylishly eccentric. I watched a documentary about her lifestyle and her friends who all dress similarly in Manhattan. Fascinating.

I like well fitted tweed trousers but would accessories them with a top to match my shoes/boots. If you are looking for ideas you will find plenty on Pinterest.

If my DH made that remark, he wouldn’t be a happy boy,,,I would make sure of it. 😂

Lucca Mon 29-Nov-21 09:09:19

But better than “yes dear very nice “……

Yammy Mon 29-Nov-21 09:53:16

Thanks for your replies at least I know I do not stand alone.
We do try to get our own back and used to call him before retirement M&S man now it is Rowan man at least I do not have to iron the shirts.His fathers stock answer was tidy at least DH shows some whit.
The trousers didn't have seems up the front and the socks were from a shop called Hush,my DD's wear them with boots.
No more pink cardigans the one before he called me Agnes off Mrs Brown's boys.
Maybe we both need a makeover!