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BigBertha1 Sat 15-Jan-22 06:49:21

Please may I ask for recommendations for long lasting lipstick. I am still wearing it despite mask wearing. I'm looking for a nice cerise/raspberry colour....happy to spend.

Ashcombe Sat 15-Jan-22 07:26:55

My DD2 introduced me to Maybelline's Super Stay 24 Colour. It’s in two parts with lipstick colour to apply first then, after a minute, a sealant which helps it last. I favour Absolute Plum (340) but other colours are available. It’s sold in larger branches of Boots also Tesco, I believe, and I’d thoroughly recommend it. Prices vary and my research for the link below shows that Amazon sell it cheaply. Otherwise, it costs about £10.

Riverwalk Sat 15-Jan-22 07:28:51

I like Clinique Chubby Sticks - lovely colours


Josieann Sat 15-Jan-22 07:32:16

My best lipstick is an Elizabeth Arden one with ceramide. I think this range is in a gold casing if you want to check out the colours.

NotAGran55 Sat 15-Jan-22 08:13:00

I can never get my lipstick ? to stay on so use Lipcote on top.

grannyqueenie Sat 15-Jan-22 09:29:10

What a brilliant link thanks, Ashcombe. You can test out the different shades on a photo of yourself. That’s armchair shopping at its best!

Kate1949 Sat 15-Jan-22 10:12:19

I get mine from Poundland. They're great.

henetha Sat 15-Jan-22 10:26:55

I paid £2.99 at a local cheap store last week. It seems fine.

Enid101 Sat 15-Jan-22 11:54:36

I second Ashcombe’s recommendation. Have worn superstay for years. My favourite raspberry shade is no 135 Perpetual Rose. It stays put all day!

Rosiebee Wed 19-Jan-22 17:27:57

I started to use Maybelline 24Hr Superstay when I noticed that my own lipstick was starting to drift into a couple of fine lines coming from my bottom lip. I've tried a few different shades but usually return to same as OP, Absolute Plum. I apply colour, leave it a couple of minutes, blot it and then use the balm that comes with it.

Saxifrage Fri 21-Jan-22 21:05:05

Been using Max Factor lipfinity for years, stays on very well. If I want something quick and creamy Magic is pretty good.

Elspeth45 Fri 21-Jan-22 23:22:19

I use Revlon lipliner and Natio lip pencil. Stays on all day.

FannyCornforth Sat 22-Jan-22 03:53:26

I third Ash’s recommendation!
I’m not a lipstick person, but I’ve worn that to weddings in the past and it really does perform.

giulia Sat 22-Jan-22 11:26:29

Have you tried using lip prime first? Stops "bleeding" into creases and lipstick lasts much longer.

Rosalyn69 Sat 22-Jan-22 11:33:55

A lipliner and Charlotte Tilbury. Works wonderfully well.