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Shawlands2000 Wed 26-Jan-22 21:35:33

Anyone else disappointed by the range of non wired bras available? My favourite non wired bra has been discontinued by M&S and I am struggling to find a substitute. Lingerie departments are full of pretty bras but they are nearly all wired. Why aren't those who prefer a non wired option offered a better choice?

CanadianGran Wed 26-Jan-22 22:00:58

I know our selection is different, but when I looked on John lewis on line, there were two pages of selections.

I'm not such a fan of the pull-on ones, but there seems to be plenty of options there. Is there an actual store near you?

1summer Wed 26-Jan-22 22:03:19

Bravissimo do a good selection of non wired bras. A bit more expensive but good quality.

VioletSky Wed 26-Jan-22 22:11:53

I'm commenting to follow this

I really can't get on with underwired, I find them really painful. I have 3 very worn put non underwired bras on rotation and even from the same shop, replacements have not Ben the same.

I have a brilliant Ann summers non underwire bra that is very comfy but. It's also very cleavage and not daily wear appropriate lol

Shawlands2000 Wed 26-Jan-22 22:13:35

I'm only a b or c cup so Bravissimo too big. Thanks for the suggestion.

Shawlands2000 Wed 26-Jan-22 22:19:58

Will have a look at John Lewis, thanks. Just feel that there is just a huge selection of really pretty wired bras but nonwired are very uninspiring.

storynanny Wed 26-Jan-22 22:20:54

I’m annoyed about the discontinued m and s bras as well, but I’ve managed to find a few in different stores. The ones in the boxes ( total support bras) . I’m stockpiling when I see one!

BlueBelle Wed 26-Jan-22 22:25:30

Yes there’s always been a big limit in unwired bras especially if you can’t really afford the expensive ones and they’re never pretty always very plain

Redhead56 Wed 26-Jan-22 22:34:50

I came across unwired bras by George in Asda well formed cups only slightly padded but good support. Cream coloured full cup with lacy layer over the corners of the cups. I have been buying them ever since because wired bras are very uncomfortable on me.

nandad Wed 26-Jan-22 22:38:42

I wear an unwired bra at night and find that supermarket A**a sell a couple that give a really good shape and good enough to wear during the day.

silverlining48 Wed 26-Jan-22 22:39:02

Asda do nice ones as do Sainsbury, presume Tesco too, but why not just remove the wire in your bras et voila !

MiniMoon Wed 26-Jan-22 22:47:43

Have a look online at Royce bras. They specialise in non wired bras. All of their bras also will take a prosthetic.
I have two of their tee shirt bras and find them very comfortable and supportive.

silverlining48 Wed 26-Jan-22 22:50:40

A consultant once advised my mum not to wear under wired bras at all. Can’t remember exact reason. Assume wire digging in could do some damage maybe,

rafichagran Wed 26-Jan-22 23:01:31

I have seen some pretty one's in the bigger Mark's and Spencer, but I only wear underwire one's so dint know their price.

Pepper59 Thu 27-Jan-22 02:28:34

Why are women forced to wear these instruments of torture as in underwired bras? I detest them and they are really painful if you are larger. I didn't know M&S were discontinuing them, yet another reason not to shop there. They really are determined to ruin themselves.

BlueBelle Thu 27-Jan-22 04:13:55

Nandad. you wear a bra at night !!! I can’t wait to let all go free it gets chucked off as soon as I draw the curtains

My Asda don’t have any underwires bras that aren’t padded why on earth do they think you need padded unless you are very small

Silverlining that doesn’t work, tried it, if it were that easy none of us would be complaining

Calendargirl Thu 27-Jan-22 06:54:49

I’m a 34A, and I like a basic white, non wired, non padded cotton bra.

Used to get the perfect ones from BHS, sadly no longer an option. Mine are now from M&S, they keep altering the styles though. Find one I like, but then it changes by the time I need to replace them again.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 27-Jan-22 07:00:06

I get non-wired bras from Miss Mary of Sweden.

Jaxjacky Thu 27-Jan-22 07:18:59

After being advised a year ago at the breast clinic to ditch the wired bra’s and after some trial and error I now wear M&S sumptuously soft range, 36D.

HettyBetty Thu 27-Jan-22 07:55:27

I'm happy to spend £££s on bras but have a couple of very comfortable non wired ones from Sainsburys.

MerylStreep Thu 27-Jan-22 08:10:36

There are always Bra Bargains ( as I call them ) on Ebay. They are the genuine article. Companies buy up end of line stock but have to cut out the label.
Here’s an example.

JaneJudge Thu 27-Jan-22 08:13:40

These ones from sainsburys are really comfortable, they do them in a variety of colourways/prints. I have boobs and find them supportive enough. Who on earth designs bras though? why do they think women need all that padding? and all the thin straps, it's ridiculous

JaneJudge Thu 27-Jan-22 08:17:13

I'm really sorry but I can't get a link to work. They are on sainsburys TU, non wired bras and they come in packs of two

Those were teal bird print but there are plenty to chose from

Shawlands2000 Thu 27-Jan-22 09:28:53

Thanks for all the suggestions ladies. Will definitely give the supermarkets another go. Bought one from Tesco years ago and I was put off by the poor quality. Bobbled very quickly and didn't wash well. Sounds like that might have changed.

Coastpath Thu 27-Jan-22 09:29:01

The link works JaneJudge. They look good.

I agree, why pad a 38F bra??? My pet hate are bras with those foam pads in. Ok to start then the foam pad starts wandering, bunching and folding up - sports bras are a menace for that.