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Summer shoes/sandals for swollen feet?

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NotSpaghetti Sat 21-May-22 16:46:55

Does anyone have any suggestions for my mother-in-law who has tuny but seriously swollen feet please? She was always such a dainty shoe type person and this year her feet have just ballooned up. Obviously the doctors know but can't seem to resolve her meds/BP balance and she is so fed up with her shoe situation.
I was prompted by the "toe-post" thread so sorry it's another shoe related question.
Thanks everyone.

NotSpaghetti Sat 21-May-22 16:47:45

Not "tuny" feet! Tiny ones!

sharon103 Sat 21-May-22 16:53:21

There's a site online called Cosyfeet which sell extra roomy shoes with velcro fastening. I think you can request a brochure.

NotSpaghetti Sat 21-May-22 16:57:31

Thanks Sharon, they are definitely worth a look.

Shandy57 Sat 21-May-22 16:57:54

Poor MIL, I do sympathise. I took my newly broken in shoes to my daughter's graduation and it was absolutely boiling, I could only just get them on and hobbled about all day.

I've seen people wearing the strappy velcro type shoes too, not glamorous but comfort is key.

TillyTrotter Sat 21-May-22 16:58:51

There are all types of footwear on here NotSpaghetti . Just because the poor lady has swollen feet it seems not to be uncommon and many companies specialise.
There are some pretty ones on this website (I do not know if they have shops anywhere).

wildswan16 Sat 21-May-22 17:03:52

You could also look at Pavers and Shuropody.

Chardy Sat 21-May-22 17:03:56

I saw someone with adjustable sliders on this morning.

midgey Sat 21-May-22 17:05:51

Try Hotter as well, they can have wide fitting sandals and shoes.

Visgir1 Sat 21-May-22 17:07:05

My mum had feet like the tide.. Up and down. Yep Cosy Feet had the best selection with extra straps you can add if needed.

NotSpaghetti Sat 21-May-22 17:14:28

Thanks everyone. She has previously been hostile to velcro but maybe now is the time to say "needs must".

She was always a "paint your toenails" lady with dainty strappy shoes.
So miserable for her.
I will have to order some probably to show her...

nexus63 Sat 21-May-22 17:25:19

i have lymphedema in both legs due to my groin lypmh nodes removed, i wear velcto fastening shoes and trainers that allow me some room when they are bad, although there is not much choice with the velcro, is there any meds that she can get, i did use water tablets and they were great but the side affect caused problems for me, the swelling is worse at night so i have 2 pillows under my mattress to elevate my legs at night, if you type into google there is a few companies that sell velcro fastening breathable footwear.

Rosiebee Sat 21-May-22 18:06:16

I've recently been put on blood pressure tablets and have had the same side effect. I'd bought a pair of shoes for my stepson's wedding in 4 weeks and feel like one of the ugly sisters now trying to cram my feet into them. My medication has been altered but I don't know how long it takes to see any change. Thanks for the suggestions of places to shop.

TillyTrotter Sat 21-May-22 18:24:04

X posts Sharon !

NotSpaghetti Sat 21-May-22 18:24:50

Yes, I'm afraid it's BP meds that are the culprit and the "correct" water tablets seem to be hard to find and she gets side-effects from those.
So sorry Nexus and Rosie.

Deedaa Fri 27-May-22 20:47:24

I used to order shoes from Cosyfeet for my mother in law. If the swelling is caused by a medical condition you can claim exemption from VAT.

NotSpaghetti Fri 27-May-22 21:33:35

Thanks Deedaa - I remember that from years ago but had totally forgotten.

Callistemon21 Fri 27-May-22 22:28:31

Despite their name, Widerfit shoes do various width from E right up to 8E.
They have a good selection of styles of boots, shoes, adjustable sandals and slippers.
The linings in some can be removed to fit an orthotic.

Wider fittings are VAT free

Callistemon21 Fri 27-May-22 22:31:31

Has her GP changed your MIL's medication?

Some routine medications can cause swelling of the feet and ankles.

teabagwoman Sun 05-Jun-22 11:22:31

Another vote for Widerfit shoes. I’ve found them excellent and their customer service is really good.

NotSpaghetti Sun 05-Jun-22 11:37:09

Callistemon - yes, she has had both GP and clinical pharmacist try to improve this symptom but sadly no change.

Happysexagenarian Thu 09-Jun-22 11:48:42

Yet another vote for Wider Fit Shoes. Their range of styles are good and sizing is accurate, and the shoes are very comfortable. And as teabagwoman says customer service is excellent and returns are free! I too have swollen feet, it used to be only in hot weather, now it's every day.

NotSpaghetti Thu 09-Jun-22 15:31:47

Thanks everyone.
Much appreciated.

Nannee49 Thu 09-Jun-22 15:33:14

I love my Teva sandals...velcro fastening they may be but very cool and stylish, in great colours too.

Baggs Thu 09-Jun-22 17:03:33

I've recently bought both the 'regular' (i.e.wide toed) and 'narrow' (i.e. also spacious but not crazily) bog-standard Birkenstock sandals because I need more space and more air to my feet in the evenings.

Although I did Birk's own measuring before ordering, it turns out I need two sizes smaller than they recommend as well!

Wish me luck in my evening foot comfort!