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Does anyone else think that trousers like this are hideously ugly?

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Witzend Sun 14-Aug-22 16:58:01

And aren’t at all flattering even on tall, super-slim models? Let alone anyone of a more normal size.

I do buy from this company but they are increasingly featuring this sort of thing.

Lucca Sun 14-Aug-22 17:02:41

? WhAts wrong with them ? They look like decent quality linen, nice colour and comfortable. I’d wear them

Shirley48 Sun 14-Aug-22 17:05:15

Yes, I like the look of them - but wouldn’t wear them with the oversized shirt. Slightly wider trousers always look better with more fitted tops?

Fleurpepper Sun 14-Aug-22 17:05:39

Not my type- but ugly- why?

welbeck Sun 14-Aug-22 17:08:15

well apart from looking like they have shrunk in the wash, either that or she's wearing her brother's hand-me-downs, they are ok. bit dull colour, probably faded in the wash too.
it's horses for courses.

Robin49 Sun 14-Aug-22 17:08:48

I completely agree. Absolutely hideous and not at all feminine.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 14-Aug-22 17:10:55

I would buy them

Blossoming Sun 14-Aug-22 17:18:06

Not my taste, I’m too short and sturdy for that look.

welbeck Sun 14-Aug-22 17:20:51

i think feminine clothes are merely descriptive of the clothes worn by a female person.

Witzend Sun 14-Aug-22 17:21:07

To me they just are ugly. I dare say they’re extremely comfortable - but so are two loose cotton dresses I reserve for extremely hot weather, which are only marginally more flattering than a potato sack.

I’d assumed they were linen but having checked, they’re actually made of hemp, organic cotton and yak cord, whatever that may be.

Blondiescot Sun 14-Aug-22 17:24:25

They look comfy and cool to me. Personally, I wear what I want without worrying about people judging me for it...

Aveline Sun 14-Aug-22 17:25:55

I agree. I hate these gathered ankles. Nobody looks good in them.

Mine Sun 14-Aug-22 17:31:30

I think they are very stylish...I would wear them with a long linen shirt and trainers or toe post sandals

MrsKen33 Sun 14-Aug-22 17:34:44

No I don’t think they look ‘ terribly ugly’. I rather like them but I dislike the white plimsolls. Absolutely everyone wears them .

Chestnut Sun 14-Aug-22 17:35:56

I think they're ugly and don't flatter the wearer at all. It seems the designers just look for something new so they can tell you this is the latest trend and you must buy it, never mind what it looks like.

nadateturbe Sun 14-Aug-22 17:39:49

They look like something that Wrap would sell. A very popular style, but I don't think this short leg length with tight cuff is very attractive.
But obviously many people do.
I agree that a fitted top would look better. The shirt would be nice with jeggings/leggings

Witzend Sun 14-Aug-22 17:40:05


They look comfy and cool to me. Personally, I wear what I want without worrying about people judging me for it...

Of course, Blondiescot, me too. But my point was that I wouldn’t want to wear something that to me looks ugly, especially not at £119 a pop.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 14-Aug-22 17:50:50

We all buy clothes that we think suit us and are comfortable, along with being in our budget.

I do not judge others for the clothes sense, and hope that they do not judge me for mine.

Shelmiss Sun 14-Aug-22 17:51:57


I would buy them

Me too I think they’re really nice!

Calendargirl Sun 14-Aug-22 17:53:13

I think the model looks good in them.

There again, she is the type to look good in anything I would imagine.

Casdon Sun 14-Aug-22 18:01:56

I like them, and they look really comfortable. I always like to try new trouser shapes, I feel as though nothing dates me more than sticking to the familiar, so I’ll try anything on (except tight, see through or cut-out styles) and see what I think on me. Where are they from Witzend?

Davida1968 Sun 14-Aug-22 18:04:25

They remind me of trakkie bottoms (as worn for school games classes) from the 1960s. Awful, IMO.

Visgir1 Sun 14-Aug-22 18:06:02

Nope fine to me, I have similar.

SueDonim Sun 14-Aug-22 18:06:30

Personally, I don’t like the feel of trousers at half mast round my legs, so I wouldnt buy those, plus I am very good at making linen-type fabrics look like a crumpled paper bag within five minutes of putting them on. Each to their own, though, and I don’t suppose I’d even notice what anyone else was wearing.

Shirley48 Sun 14-Aug-22 18:07:08

So, what would be more flattering? Something like these - shock