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For those of you with grey white silver locks

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HeavenLeigh Sun 05-Mar-23 16:29:00

Please can I have some recommendations for the best shampoo for grey hair, I’m growing mine through and doing well. Quite excited really although only been three months, apparently grey hair can go yellow! I didn’t realise that being a brunette,

Nannarose Sun 05-Mar-23 16:33:51

Am allergic to almost all hair products, so I wash once a week with liquid soap, and I brush vigorously.

AGAA4 Sun 05-Mar-23 16:41:39

I use a grey shampoo which highlights the silver strands. You can buy it in Boots.

Juliet27 Sun 05-Mar-23 16:41:58

One of the purple shampoos will certainly brighten grey and white hair (not make it purple!)

BlueBelle Sun 05-Mar-23 16:48:52

Washing up liquid works fine honest just an ordinary cheap shampoo bottle is just as good as all these posh purple blue whatever shampoos they re all just made to make you believe you need something special

Juliet27 Sun 05-Mar-23 16:54:53

I must admit that an aunt way back in the past apparently used to wash her hair in Surf. It was always very white.

MaizieD Sun 05-Mar-23 17:00:32

I've been fully grey for over a year now and the only time it looked at all yellowish was when I was growing out the very last remains of my last colour (I was originally brunette, too)

I use 'ordinary' shampoo, too.

Blossoming Sun 05-Mar-23 17:02:50

I use One Hit Wonder because anything else irritates my scalp.

tanith Sun 05-Mar-23 17:18:53

I’ve tried many of the so called purple/brightening shampoos they make no difference to my grey/white hair. Now I just use whatever shampoo takes my fancy, I think they’re all much the same.

MawtheMerrier Sun 05-Mar-23 17:19:32

Can we just call it hair ?

Ginnytonic5 Sun 05-Mar-23 17:22:05

Do not wash your grey hair in washing powder /washing up liquid as it will strip the condition out even more!
I have found Grey/ silver hair needs a completely different routine ..I use a good purple shampoo about once every 10 days ( which does brighten the hair ) then a shampoo and conditioner of your Choice in between .. my hair which did not need hardly any conditioner before certainly does now!

HeavenLeigh Sun 05-Mar-23 18:18:04

I’m confused with your answer maw can we just call it hair, you can, but I want to know about purple shampoo which I’ve been told can brighten grey silver hair! Yes I’ve heard that you can get yellow tinges Jin grey hair after using hairdryers must be something to do with the heat I expect! No I would never use washing up liquid on my hair as I’d heard it strips your hair. Although saying that my dad used to and had a lovely thick head of hair but it’s not for me, 🤣

HeavenLeigh Sun 05-Mar-23 18:18:41

With not Jin 🤣

Blossoming Sun 05-Mar-23 19:10:36

My hairdresser says that most purple shampoos tend to be very drying but are fine if you use plenty of conditioner afterwards.

MaizieD Sun 05-Mar-23 21:33:37

Yes I’ve heard that you can get yellow tinges Jin grey hair after using hairdryers must be something to do with the heat I expect!

I wash my hair about every 5 days. I use a hairdryer (on the hottest setting) to dry it. I really, really don't have yellow tinges.

If I were you I'd not bother trying to forestall possible yellow tinges. Just use normal products and see what happens.

annsixty Sun 05-Mar-23 21:53:15

I use Touch of silver every third wash with a leave in conditioner after, I think is Aveeda or similar.
Been doing this for years now and never a trace of yellow.

Ziplok Sun 05-Mar-23 22:02:23

You’ve lost me there, Maw. The poster was asking a genuine question about suitable shampoos for grey hair as I understood it, so not sure where you’re going with your comment?
I’ve tried purple shampoo, HeavenLeigh, but didn’t think it made any difference than other shampoos to be honest.

Enid101 Sun 05-Mar-23 22:20:29

I suspect Maw was referring to the title

Spice101 Sun 05-Mar-23 22:28:59

I use a cheap shampoo and conditioner and wash my hair every day. I've been fully grey for about 10 years now and never had any yellowing. My hair is still in very good condition.

Suki70 Sun 05-Mar-23 22:33:18

I have white hair and use a purple shampoo once a week to brighten it. Sunshine and heat tend to create yellow patches so I disguise these by using a purple mousse, recommended by a hairdresser and available online.

Elrel Sun 05-Mar-23 23:22:01

Maw may be irritated by tabloid descriptions of ‘locks’ along with descriptions of what various slebs are ‘donning’ that day. Hair, wearing!!

HeavenLeigh Mon 06-Mar-23 19:08:46

Personally I do not see what’s wrong with the title of my post, purple shampoo would not be put on black or brown hair! Oh thank you ziplock c

Marthjolly1 Mon 06-Mar-23 19:32:20

Yellowing is caused by natural pigments in the hair. I have been fully snow white for a number of years and have a little yellow towards the front of my hair which is very annoying. I used to have very thick brown hair, now it is very thin. I have tried several 'brightening' products and have settled on Touch of Silver, using it once week. It does give my hair a nice sheen. It is important to leave in for a few minutes before rinsing. I use any good conditioner. There is nothing to completely deal with the yellow, it's just somethings I have to live with hmm

MawtheMerrier Mon 06-Mar-23 19:36:50

No problem with the post OP but the “locks” in the thread title is a bit twee don’t you think?
I have locks on my doors, but hair on my head .

CanadianGran Mon 06-Mar-23 20:50:55

I've been grey now for a few years (let it grow out during lockdown). I do find the ends are a bit yellowish, but I put that down to our water which is quite tannic and has a yellow tint.

I use a purple shampoo about every 3rd wash, but otherwise don't fuss with it. Mine is the Moroccan Oil Blond Perfecting shampoo.

I wouldn't bother with a purple shampoo unless you see your hair going a bit yellow. If you have good water at home, then you should be alright.