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Do you wear shorts in the warm weather?

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Kandinsky Sat 27-May-23 14:05:23

I’m thinking I’m too old to wear them ( legs aren’t what they used to be grin ) but in the lovely weather I don’t always want to cover up with long floaty dresses.
Funnily enough, I wouldn’t think twice about wearing shorts on holiday.
Just a bit self conscious I guess?

SueDonim Sat 27-May-23 14:17:34

Nope. Haven’t worn shorts for years - I don’t have the legs.

Norah Sat 27-May-23 14:20:05

I don't. I wear jeans or trousers.

Various lengths above ankles in summer.

kittylester Sat 27-May-23 14:20:44

I haven't worn shorts since I was 16!

Judy54 Sat 27-May-23 14:21:26

I usually go for loose cropped trousers rather than shorts. I find them comfortable and more flattering than shorts.

Salti Sat 27-May-23 14:25:16

I wear them when it's warm. I tend to buy mens Bermuda length shorts with lots of pockets. It means that I can go almost anywhere without bothering to carry a handbag.

Baggs Sat 27-May-23 14:28:20

Sometimes when gardening on a sunny day but it's never warm enough in the house to go barelegged or barearmed for long.

Davida1968 Sat 27-May-23 14:29:52

Definitely crops for me, these days.
Not shorts. But it's everyone's personal choice. IMO.

Georgesgran Sat 27-May-23 14:31:41

I took 2 pairs of baggy shorts (M&S) on holiday. They’re packed away until next time, as I wouldn’t dream of wearing them at home. Hopefully, I’ll never see anyone who was unlucky enough to witness me wearing them last week ever again!

timetogo2016 Sat 27-May-23 14:34:15

Bluddy nora, are you kidding me,
I wore shorts in juniors and now only wear clothing down to my ankles.
I have hated my legs since someone told me when i was 14 that i had footballers legs,being female,i was devastated.

Greyduster Sat 27-May-23 14:38:26

I wore a pair of just above the knee shorts last week when cutting the front garden. My legs are terrible. Didn’t seem to frighten the horses😁! Crops look awful on me because I’m short. Haven’t found a pair yet I’d be happy to wear.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 27-May-23 14:38:31


I have knee length denim shorts in a variety of colours and shorter chino ones that I wear on holiday.

25Avalon Sat 27-May-23 14:39:01

Look out for ticks especially if walking in long grass if you have any of your lower limbs exposed.

NanKate Sat 27-May-23 14:40:36

Heaven forbid. I now have spidery purple lines on my legs, yuk !

Kandinsky Sat 27-May-23 14:42:51

This type of thing.

JackyB Sat 27-May-23 14:49:45

I wear loose wide fitting trousers in cotton, linen or viscose. Nowadays with elasticated waist, although that means I can't put anything in the pockets.

Marmin Sat 27-May-23 14:51:34

It is very different for men. I wear shorts 365 days of the year. I do occasionally get a surprised comment.(it is always a female who does so.) I always respond with a question. 'Has it ever occurred to you that men are idiots?'
That usually answers their enquiry.

Grandmabatty Sat 27-May-23 14:54:41

I wear shorts at home or on holiday. If I go out at home,then it's cut off trousers for me

BlueBelle Sat 27-May-23 15:05:30

Yes yes yes you wear them kansisky I wear shorts not short short ones but ones that just come above the knee and luckily although I m pretty ancient I still have fairly decent legs and no veins

karmalady Sat 27-May-23 15:10:10

Linen hm skirts for me, elasticated waist A line. They are fine, not too long but long enough to stop me being self conscious. I stopped wearing shorts or tennis dresses when I was a teenager, I was slim but my legs were such that I would never blow over in the wind. Some boys cat -called and that was that, always self conscious after that.

Looking at past photos I wish I had ignored them, my legs were fine, just sturdy and too late now with old lady legs. If I want to be completely comfortable with how I look then it is trousers, linen ones in summer

crazyH Sat 27-May-23 15:14:16

With my skinny legs? No way ….

tanith Sat 27-May-23 15:19:38

In Summer all the time, usually above the knee denims or pedal pusher type when out walking but proper shorts when pottering at home or in the garden my legs are ok and soon tan.

Shinamae Sat 27-May-23 15:23:05


Bluddy nora, are you kidding me,
I wore shorts in juniors and now only wear clothing down to my ankles.
I have hated my legs since someone told me when i was 14 that i had footballers legs,being female,i was devastated.

I could’ve written this, and I was also told I had ugly feet, so have not worn open sandals since I was about 16…🫣

Jaxjacky Sat 27-May-23 15:25:35

Yes, I do, denim or a linen mix, just above the knee, but I have to hunt them down as I’m tall, I don’t like the three quarter trousers.
I live in shorts, t shirts and flip flops when it’s warm.

tanith Sat 27-May-23 15:29:59

Jaxjacky 👍