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Any fantastic hair product recommendations?

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CanadianGran Wed 31-May-23 23:14:33

I have short wavy grey hair. Currently I use a bit of John Frieda Dream Curls Daily Styling spray. I think it gives a bit of hold for my waves, but could use a bit more shine.

Do you have some favourites for shine and hold?

crazyH Wed 31-May-23 23:39:23

You are lucky. My hair is dark (greying ofcourse) and straight, in a bob. There are lots of grans with your hair-type and will be coming along soon.

NotSpaghetti Thu 01-Jun-23 07:35:14

I love Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier

Not sure about shine as my hair is still quite shiny.

I put a little on my damp hands (like hand cream) and run through my hair and scrunch up the curls.

This holds for ages, takes about one minute and can be damped and re-scrunched again later if required (say in the evening)..

It is the only product I use - as I'm lazy with hair!

NotSpaghetti Thu 01-Jun-23 07:36:36

My hair is pretty long and is permed into curls once a year.

JackyB Thu 01-Jun-23 09:58:35

I started taking vitamin B and D supplements about 3 years ago in the hope that it would strengthen my nails. My nails are still thin and break so easily but my hair is thick and curly and healthy and I have practically no hair loss. Will try and post a picture.

JackyB Thu 01-Jun-23 10:01:25

Not a very good picture.

shysal Thu 01-Jun-23 10:13:09

I have shoulder length greying dark wavy hair. I have tried most of the Frizz-ease range as well as various 'muck' and 'custard' type products. The one I keep returning to is Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, bought from Ebay. I have a salon-sized pump dispenser and it has lasted for years, as a pea sized amount after washing and towel-drying every 2 days is all I need. I comb through, allow the hair to dry naturally, then comb again.
Mixed Chicks Leave in

ExDancer Thu 01-Jun-23 10:15:02

My grey hair has lost its shine too. My hairdresser, who happens to be my cousin, says its because most of us don't rinse our hair thoroughly enough and don't take care to gently comb and brush the hair along the length to smooth the cuticle, and she does achieve a better shine than I do.
It doesn't seem to work for me though, so I hope someone comes up with a product that gives us shine the easy way.
A shiny head of grey hair can look so lovely.

Primrose53 Thu 01-Jun-23 10:31:41

I have recently gone on to Thick and Full Biotin and collagen shampoo. I buy it in Tesco and I also buy their conditioner. They are roundish purple containers with gold lids. It makes my hair noticeably thicker. After towel drying I use Avon Miracle Densifier for “a fuller and thicker look”. Its a sort of serum and you only need a few drops.

Primrose53 Thu 01-Jun-23 10:33:25

I have long silver hair which is always worn up in a messy bun.

JackyB Thu 01-Jun-23 12:19:22

For shine I apply one tiny single drop of argan oil once a week. But this only works when my hair has colour. The white- my natural colour (see photo) - doesn't really lend itself to shine. Due for a top up of darker highlights in a few days.

CanadianGran Thu 01-Jun-23 19:46:18

JackyB, I have some Moroccan oil, but it has a yellow tint to it, so I am a bit reluctant to use it. It's leftover from when I did colour my hair; it's wonderful for adding shine.

NotSpaghetti, I will have a look out for KinkyMuk... what an odd name!

Aren't we always after the elusive hair product that will do it all? Hold shape, add shine is my goal. I do have a healthy head of hair, thanks to genetics, but I do find grey hair really needs a bit of extra shine to keep from looking dull.

NotSpaghetti Thu 01-Jun-23 23:13:31

CanadianGran - Muk also do a couple of "shine" products.
I don't need them as my hair is pretty shiny but if I wanted shine I may well try them.

My son uses one of the other Muk products for "styling" I discovered recently.

I hope you find something suitable soon.

margauxbordeaux Sun 04-Jun-23 11:16:57

The hair salon I go to recommends and sells the line from Kérastase ..

I love their products for natural blondes and their hair conditioners for sun protection ..

Highly recommend.

margauxbordeaux Sun 04-Jun-23 11:20:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JaneJudge Sun 04-Jun-23 11:26:07

do you use a hair mask? I find using garnier ultimate blends coconut and macadamia hair mask and then following with normal shampoo/conditioner, dry hair and apply mouse and let to dry naturally and then using a normal hairspray when dry stops my curls from frizzing up

There is something called black and white pomade which you only have to use a very little amount on the days between washing and you apply underneath the hair and then style, seems to keep it pretty under control and makes it look like it is in good condition (which it should be)

Usernametaken Sun 04-Jun-23 11:41:44

I have short grey naturally curly hair and love the Noughty range of hair products. They don’t contain any of the drying sulphates or parabens that most products have.


Usernametaken Sun 04-Jun-23 11:42:56

Operalover Sun 04-Jun-23 12:07:05

I love Larry King social life for your hair. Available online from liberty. It’s a cream and adds shine and calms frizz too. Amazing product.

MrsAF Sun 04-Jun-23 12:08:14

Cantu curling creme. I buy it from Amazon. Huge tub. Makes my hair soft

Sueki44 Sun 04-Jun-23 12:40:27

I love WOW Dreamcoat! It was recommended by India Knight in ST and I buy it in larger M&S. It stop frizz after drying and lasts ages.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 04-Jun-23 13:24:25

Percy & Reed Wonder shampoo and conditioner. Not cheap but I don’t need any other products. My long grey hair is swooshy and shiny, washed usually a couple of times a week.

Ktsmum Sun 04-Jun-23 13:38:51

I love Nexus Keraflex products for older ladies, keeps my hair soft and manageable, (half curly, half straight)

MillieBoris Sun 04-Jun-23 14:59:00

Olaplex shampoo and their Perfector treatment. I have grey hair (I think …. covered up at the hairdressers with ash blond regularly) so it needs constant conditioning

pascal30 Sun 04-Jun-23 15:45:54

I have shiny white/grey hair and just use Faith in Nature lavender shampoo