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M&S Summer Beauty Bag

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Bella23 Sun 04-Jun-23 11:49:19

Again I succumbed to buying when I said I wasn't. Has anyone else and have they found the products useful?
There are quite a few small-sized products which will be handy for holidays. Others the DD will use.
The nail polish is something else. In a hurry, I used it for my toes. It is luminous orange/pink and clashed nicely with the dark pink dress I had dared to put on this year.
DH thought it was a joke and asked if at last, I had decided to take up the" Wild side of life".
He's got a hope.

FannyCornforth Sun 04-Jun-23 12:05:29

£155! The only thing that I’d want is the Aveda face serum.
I don’t really understand why you (not you personally, I’m not being rude!) would want lots of random things.
I have my own tastes in things like moisturiser, mascara and nail varnish.
I’d rather spend the money on things that I know I like

Jaxjacky Sun 04-Jun-23 12:08:47

£25 if you spend £30.

Esmay Sun 04-Jun-23 12:11:35

I bought it for my daughter .
I'm wondering if the products are that wonderful ...

FannyCornforth Sun 04-Jun-23 12:13:01


£25 if you spend £30.

Ah! That makes far more sense.
I’d probably succumb too!

MissChateline Sun 04-Jun-23 15:17:58

On a whim I bought one a couple of weeks ago. This was mainly for the clinique travel sized face cream. I shall druse everything in there and I do have the luminous orange nail polish on my toes for fun. The aveda hair products are great as is the hair conditioner. I’ve had fun trying out new products and consider it £25 of well spent dosh.

Bella23 Sun 04-Jun-23 15:27:04

Thanks for that MissChateline I don't feel so daft now. It was the Clinique product that caught my eye, I use it. This works leg cream is good, difficult to rub in but really works. Great to know that the Aveda hair products are good they will go on holiday.
I bet you are a bit younger than me the polish might have got a look 50 years ago,it still is but the wrong kind.

Caramme Sun 04-Jun-23 19:15:11

I bought one too since I was buying other things anyway. Couldn’t resist. I shall give it to my dil to share with my 15 yr old g’dtr. It does look like an interesting selection. As others have said the Aveda hair range is excellent. I am a big fan of their leave in conditioner which is the best thing I have ever used on my fine, dry hair.

rafichagran Sun 04-Jun-23 19:31:52

I have purchased it, and think it is good. All usable, the bag is a lovely colour and useful for holidays. I love the nail polish too, but only use it on my toes and in the Summer it looks good.
I bought it as I spent over £30 on hair products I use all the time,and I thought the bag was value for money.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 04-Jun-23 20:15:36

I am a fan of M & S Christmas beauty box and the summer one. A chance to try different products.

win Mon 05-Jun-23 12:32:15

I love their Xmas box so will have a look for this summer box. I use Clinique and Aveda anyway

Nannan2 Mon 05-Jun-23 12:39:35

Got one a couple of years ago- but didnt use all the items.

annsixty Mon 05-Jun-23 12:48:11

A Veda hair products are excellent.
The leave in conditioner in the advent calendar was worth the cost alone.

annsixty Mon 05-Jun-23 12:49:06

I tried twice with Aveda and still it printed wrongly.

Macgran43 Mon 05-Jun-23 13:29:25

I’ve bought it again in spite of writing in my diary last year Don’t buy Advent Calendar or Beauty Box. At £25 it’s a good buy. I’ll give some products to my daughter and granddaughter. I like the Philip Kingsley elasticiser. Wish Clinique would include a sun factor in their moisturiser . Don’t see me using the coral nail polish.

Wyllow3 Mon 05-Jun-23 13:34:26

Too much of a mixture for me and too many small bits. I wait for one of their 20% off periods for beauty products which happen now and then and stock up.

Oreo Mon 05-Jun-23 13:46:40

Nope, I like to select my own toiletries/ beauty products and £25 sounds a lot for a bag I don't need and random small products.It’s a great marketing idea tho.😄

HousePlantQueen Mon 05-Jun-23 13:53:34

I just bought one, excellent products. I use the Clinique anyway, and this is a great travel size tube, and I heartily recommend This Works leg stuff, I already have a big bottle of it and this is again, a handy holiday size

Callistemon21 Mon 05-Jun-23 14:50:02

Going to take a look 🙂

Mind you, I find it difficult to spend £30 on anything in M&S these days

Callistemon21 Mon 05-Jun-23 14:58:03

Give in.
Their website must have crashed!

HousePlantQueen Mon 05-Jun-23 16:52:34


Going to take a look 🙂

Mind you, I find it difficult to spend £30 on anything in M&S these days

I persuaded DH that the new jacket he wanted had to be bought from M&S; luckily he agreed!

Callistemon21 Mon 05-Jun-23 17:13:40



Going to take a look 🙂

Mind you, I find it difficult to spend £30 on anything in M&S these days

I persuaded DH that the new jacket he wanted had to be bought from M&S; luckily he agreed!

I gave in, HousePlantQueen.

First of all I couldn't get into the website, then couldn't log in as it didn't recognise my password 🤔, then I reset my password then got a Gateway error, finally got in, it was very slow and kept saying "Oops, Something Went Wrong".

I expect the bags have all gone now with thousands of Gransnetters all logging on after seeing this thread 😁

OldEnough2noBetter Mon 05-Jun-23 17:34:17

I bought it for 25 quid with a new jacket at £45. Last summer's beauty bag was given to me as a gift and it was much better value, I feel, with the products being much larger sizes - e.g. 150ml instead of 30ml. Last year's nail polish was a slightly different shade of shocking pink, same brand, and I'm still working my way through that! However, now the Barbie film is out, we can be fashionable for five minutes wink

polly123 Mon 05-Jun-23 17:54:29

Too random for me.

Riggie Mon 05-Jun-23 19:10:14

* I do have the luminous orange nail polish on my toes for fun.*

Maybe it will be like a club with a secret sign - maybe waggling your toes - when you see someone else wearing it grin