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What do you wear Christmas Day, actively hosting?

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CanadianGran Thu 30-Nov-23 18:29:46

We have the family over for mid-day lunch on Christmas, the gang start arriving by around 11:00. Later in the afternoon friends will pop in for a drink and nosh.

Christmas day, I tend to dress not formally, but nicer than usual, but most of my items are sweater-dress or sweaters (jumpers to you!). I always end up getting too hot because I am doing a turkey dinner, and look a red shiny mess by the time I sit down.

I'm determined this year to find a nice blouse, but one that the sleeves can roll up. I do take my apron off by the time I sit for dinner.

Do you dress nicely, and what do you wear?

varian Thu 30-Nov-23 18:32:57

Black trousers and a sparkly top

Kim19 Thu 30-Nov-23 18:35:21

Polar bear christmassy top with toned red trousers

henetha Thu 30-Nov-23 18:37:18

My sparkly Christmas jumper with black trousers.

M0nica Thu 30-Nov-23 19:17:43

Usually an ordinary red day time dress, but I have a pair of earrings, decades all, in emerald green, which look likCristmas baubles.

All our visitors are with us for a week, so plenty of help available and I get the whole Christmas meal ready on Christmas Eve, with the turkey in an oven with a timer, so that I do not go near the kitchen for Christmas lunch reasons until middaay, and we eat before 2.00, so no rushing around getting over heated and red and harrassed.

Primrose53 Thu 30-Nov-23 19:21:04

I wear a T shirt and leggings and apron while I’m cooking but just before the meal is ready I nip up and change into a nice tunic top with the leggings.

Bella23 Thu 30-Nov-23 19:28:41

A red coat with a hood trimmed with fur and black boots and a white beard of course.
Seriously I will be wearing last year's red shirt dress with silver buttons it will only be its second outing, a pair of black ballet pumps to cook and suede court shoes to sit and look nice.
The dress is midaxi so I will have fine kneesocks as tights give me a tummy ache and the band does not expand enough.
Any other day will be black velvet trousers and a sparkly or velvet top.

MiniMoon Thu 30-Nov-23 19:58:06

I wear my Christmas jumper and a pair of smart trousers. I also wear my Christmas tree earrings.

merlotgran Thu 30-Nov-23 20:03:03

DD will be cooking so I’ll be wearing a smart top with black trousers.

On Christmas Eve we all wear our new Christmas jumpers and a competition is held for the most original. 🥳

Georgesgran Thu 30-Nov-23 20:10:51

At the moment, it’s highly likely to be the new onesie I’m currently wearing!
Seriously, as the neighbours meet outside for drinks mid-morning - bring your own glass and fizz, I’ll don my Christmas jumper and trousers, but if I get hot/frazzled later, I’ll swap the jumper for a sparkly top.
As soon as family have gone, it’ll definitely be the onesie later.

NotSpaghetti Thu 30-Nov-23 20:17:39

I'm afraid I wear linen summer and winter...

I have several nearly-the-same dresses which are worn in rotation. Worn with long sleeved tshirt-type vests in the winter.

I will be wearing one of those - I'll wear it whilst cooking with my father's "cooks apron" over it in an effort to prevent too much mess! I will iron it but I don't really dress up.

Serendipity22 Thu 30-Nov-23 21:48:11

I always wear fancy dress on Christmas day, ive been Mrs Claus, an Elf and a Christmas tree. I do it to make Christmas day fabulous fun for my grandchildren. This year i was going to be a Christmas pudding but have changed my mind as i would have great difficulty getting to bloomin cooker !!!!!!

Urmstongran Thu 30-Nov-23 21:57:54

Thinking layers indoors. 9 of us and not sure how high the heating will be set in youngest daughter’s house, who is hosting. I plan to wear this gorgeous cardigan I’ve just bought over a white shirt with dark grey trousers. If it get too warm I can shed the cardigan!

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Nov-23 22:11:31

I'm not hosting on Christmas Day so possibly a Christmas jumper (never bought one before) but if I do cook for everyone over Christmas I'll probably wear a new Patra top with black trousers as I get too hot wearing a jumper. And a pinny.

Deedaa Thu 30-Nov-23 22:19:20

I've got a sheer black shirt covered with silver, sparkly patterns (£2.50 in the charity shop) I wear it open over a black top and trousers.

merlotgran Thu 30-Nov-23 23:58:35

Oooh! I really like that cardigan. Right up my street.

This is my entry for the family Christmas jumper competition.

Summerfly Fri 01-Dec-23 00:09:51

That’s perfect Merlotgran.
Love the cardigan Urmstongran. Very chic. We’ll be going to DD’s for Christmas this year so as I’m not cooking, I’ll probably wear a sparkly top and black pants. It’s nice to dress up.

maddyone Fri 01-Dec-23 00:38:29

We’re going to son number one’s although son number two and family will be there too, and daughter in law’s daughter and family. As I’m not going to be in the kitchen I’ll probably wear either my velvet skirt or smart black jeans, and a nice gold batwing jumper I have in the wardrobe. I think. I’ll have to have another root round in the wardrobe before I make my final decision.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 01-Dec-23 02:12:13

Going to sons so not cooking, I shall almost certainly wear a long sleeved dress of some sort.

Boxing Day I am hosting so it will be a Christmas jumper I think, although I haven’t got one - I will have a Look in M&S. if not a lightweight sweater and trousers.

Mizuna Fri 01-Dec-23 02:43:15

Going to son's, not cooking, so will wear a black and white tiered top (£2 in Asda's sale) with black leggings to match my new black leg brace. 😆 Usual ankle boots. Accessories: same home-made jewellery I always wear plus a hippy-style scarf plus grey NHS crutches to which I'll add some sparkle.

MrsKen33 Fri 01-Dec-23 06:38:00

Probably a cashmere jumper and cords. Plain jumper and no Christmas, bells, trees etc. Plus silver jewellery and a big pinny.

Doodledog Fri 01-Dec-23 06:47:51

I have a new burgundy velvet top for this year, which I will wear with black leggings (either velvet or ‘brocade’ ones - fancier than my usual plain stretch cotton ones, but old standbys whichever I opt for). The whole outfit is stretchy, washable and comfortable, so I won’t feel overdressed. Oh, and I’ll wear a statement necklace too.

Redhead56 Fri 01-Dec-23 09:14:04

Breakfast in pjs Christmas jumper and leggings later I like a bit of sparkle adds to the occasion.

Pittcity Fri 01-Dec-23 09:18:53

I wear a Christmas t shirt, a different one each year bought cheaply, with a red or green cardigan and jeans or smarter trousers depending on circumstances.

keepcalmandcavachon Fri 01-Dec-23 09:21:46

Black trousers and silky over shirt, though I'd really like to go all Margo Leadbetter and float around in a fab kaftan!