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Recommendations for safe removal of Milia on face

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Patsy70 Tue 20-Feb-24 10:05:43

Just that really. Apparently, they are milk spots, caused by clogged pores. I have a few of these very small white lumps on my face and wondered if I could safely remove them myself, or should I have them professionally treated by a beauty therapist?

Chestnut Tue 20-Feb-24 11:36:05

If they are milia you can safely remove them yourself. Wash and wipe over with skin tonic to ensure the area is clean. Then using a sterilised needle gently break the hard cuticle of skin which is covering the milium. Then you can lift out the small, pearly white knob of sebum on the end of the needle without drawing any blood. Apply antiseptic. I usually use TCP for any spot removal but not near the eyes of course.

If you feel your eyesight or co-ordination is not good enough then get a younger person to help, or go to a salon. I have a wonderful magnifying mirror on a high stand for doing anything facial, it really helps.

Patsy70 Tue 20-Feb-24 19:03:15

Thank you, Chestnut, that is exactly the advice I had from a friend, who is a beauty therapist. She has the correct implement for this procedure for me to use at home. 😊

Daisydaisydaisy Wed 21-Feb-24 09:27:23

Good advice already .I found when I was using thick cream at night I would get them on and near My eyes .Im more careful now and its so much better 🙂

BigBertha1 Wed 21-Feb-24 09:38:22

I think I would prefer to go to a therapist who has better eyesight than me and a steady hand and while I was there have a facial - an anti ageing one in my case. (Yes I know it doesn't do anything but its a lovely calming procedure).