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What shoes?

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jabbott Tue 02-Apr-24 16:43:21

Im going on a cruise soon - not to a warm destination - and i’m struggling to find shoes to wear with ribbed tights & skirts/dresses. I’ve got ballet pumps & low heels neither look good. Don’t want to wear ankle boots.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 02-Apr-24 16:46:32

Perhaps Mary Jane style would be suitable.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 02-Apr-24 16:47:41

Sorry posted too soon. I got some red suede ones last year in M&S and they are very comfy.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 02-Apr-24 16:50:18

Must you wear ribbed tights?

LucyAnna Tue 02-Apr-24 16:58:33

Ankle boots?

rosie1959 Tue 02-Apr-24 17:06:26

Loafers with a block heal look good with tights. I tend to wear lace up ankle boots that fit close to the ankle with a heel. Usually Marco Tozzi.

Jaxjacky Tue 02-Apr-24 17:09:18

A chunky brogue with a slight heel.

petra Tue 02-Apr-24 17:16:15

Clarks do some lovely chunky brogues.

BlueBelle Tue 02-Apr-24 17:19:45


Theexwife Tue 02-Apr-24 17:34:25

I wear loafers with tights and a dress.

MiniMoon Tue 02-Apr-24 18:03:40

I wear ankle boots with everything. The only shoes I wear are walking shoes and slip on trainers.
How about looking at Hotter shoes or Riekers.

Coolgran65 Tue 02-Apr-24 18:04:42

I wear a black patent loafer out of Pavers. They are quite smart.
Also a pair of Reiker tan leather lace up walking boots. They have a trim of multi coloured fabric at the ankle and I have various coloured laces to make them look funky. I wear them on a cold/dull/wet day.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 02-Apr-24 18:16:48

I’m sure I’m not alone in disliking ankle boots, trainers or brogues with a skirt or dress (although I only wear trousers except for a very special occasion). The OP has said she doesn’t want to wear ankle boots. I asked if she had to wear ribbed tights as I think they are the problem. Thick opaque tights are a better option imo, and look better with a more elegant flat or low-heeled shoe. She could also consider knee-high boots.

Astitchintime Tue 02-Apr-24 18:18:34

Doc Martins look fabulous with ribbed tights.

Joseann Tue 02-Apr-24 18:19:00

Another vote for a few mentioned here - Rieker, Moshulu as well as Caprice and Gabor. I agree, go for unusual colours to dress up the look.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 02-Apr-24 18:19:10

We live on different planets!

kittylester Tue 02-Apr-24 18:21:02

I was going to suggest Moshulu.

BlueBelle Tue 02-Apr-24 18:29:29

White trainers or DMs is the fashion I prefer

Shelflife Tue 02-Apr-24 18:37:59

Trainers and skirts /dresses are perfectly acceptable. Try sketchers , they are amazing and my feet are not easy to fit. I recognize you will be wearing skirts or dresses but if I were on a cruise to a place that was not warm I would be in comfy trousers with leggings or long johns underneath for additional warmth.
Have a wonderful cruise!

Grammaretto Tue 02-Apr-24 18:44:51

If it's a mid calf length dress then I would suggest knee high boots, with or without a heel..
A shorter dress would look ok with flat or lowheel shoes.
Enjoy your cruise!

dogsmother Tue 02-Apr-24 18:45:51

I’d go with a chunky brogue too. Am I the only person who can’t get along with Skechers? They seem to be recommended by so many but I’ve not come across one pair that is for me in fitting or styling.

pascal30 Tue 02-Apr-24 18:57:55

Camper or skechers.. very light comfortable leather. I like the zip-up ankle boots

Overthemoongran Tue 02-Apr-24 20:34:49

How about some smart deck shoes?

Grammaretto Tue 02-Apr-24 20:38:01

The OP says she doesn't want ankle boots.
I think she's looking for attractive footwear to wear with a skirt or dress.

lemsip Tue 02-Apr-24 20:43:57

the OP clearly states she doesn't want ankle boots yet several have suggested the.