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yogagran Tue 20-Sep-11 15:14:25

Perhaps someone can help me - I have an old handheld GPS (Satmap 10) which I have used for many years, it was one of the very first GPS units on the market.
I feel that it's now time to upgrade and I would be interested to know if any of you use one and what you do or don't like about it.
I would like the Ordnance Survey maps already on the unit as I need the footpaths and bridleways showing. My old Satmap has been fairly good but it's extremely slow to connect to a GPS signal and not very "user friendly"
Any help would be much appreciated

greenmossgiel Tue 20-Sep-11 15:53:16

Oops - when I first read that I thought that was something to do with a new type of 'bedside manner'!!! grin

yogagran Tue 20-Sep-11 18:52:01

Well - that's another thread starting then is it greenmossgiel..... could be interesting grin

Twobabes Tue 20-Sep-11 23:59:36

gmg - you're not alone - so did I smile

yogagran Wed 21-Sep-11 18:05:11

Tut tut ladies, I'm ashamed of you both!

AngeTheHippy Wed 19-Oct-11 19:39:15

yogagran - Do you have an Android phone? There's an excellent App I've uploaded to mine; when I'm in the field, any important Coins/Artifacts I find I need the co-ordinates of where I found it when I record them with the Finds Liaison Officer. Try this app::

GPS Status

It's free so even better!


yogagran Wed 19-Oct-11 22:19:38

Thanks Ange - I'll have a look at that. I have been using Maverick on my android which is quite good, the problem with these GPS apps is that they eat up the battery so fast. I do need the rights-of-way showing on maps for walking the footpaths etc.
I've just sent my old Satmap back to the manufacturers for repair and they tell me that they are "making it like new again", so I'll be interested to see what happens

yogagran Wed 19-Oct-11 22:31:46

Just downloaded that app Ange - very neat, need to go outside now to get a gps fix! Thanks for that, I like it

AngeTheHippy Thu 20-Oct-11 08:27:39

No problem, yogagran. If you go into <settings/applications> on your phone, you should be able to see what's using your battery power. Some things may well be running in the background that's not immediately needed, and here is where you can close them down. These smartphones DO use battery power rather too rapidly for my liking - a bit of a backward step when coming from a small mobile that usually needed charging every 4 days...

Glad you like the app.