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Serendipitous discovery

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absentgrana Sat 05-Nov-11 10:05:07

You know how irritating it is when you have just posted a message and then you discover that it's full of typos or you've left out the most significant word? Just now I posted something and, by mistake, clicked the arrow on my computer that take me back to the previous screen. The message was unposted but remained in the box at the bottom. Consequently, if you have made a mistake, you can unpost and correct it before posting again. Perhaps other people have already discovered this – but I didn't know. smile

bagitha Sat 05-Nov-11 10:13:33

Testing, testing...

bagitha Sat 05-Nov-11 10:16:12

Test failed. What did I do wrong? The text "testing, testing" was still in the box but I couldn't repost (not on an iPad anyway; the post button was deactivated) and I found, upon investigatioin, that I hadn't stopped or even suspended the posting. Oh well..... Fun to experiment, innit?

absentgrana Sat 05-Nov-11 10:24:59

It worked on my imac but somehow I also managed to create the conversation twice, so maybe I wasn't so clever. However, it worked perfectly on the Today I have mainly thread the first time I did it (by chance).

absentgrana Sat 05-Nov-11 10:31:37

Oh rats! No it didn't! Abandon thread!

Elegran Sat 05-Nov-11 10:53:37

Abandon hope all ye who press "enter" here.

jingle Sat 05-Nov-11 11:09:53

Wouldn't it be easier to use the preview button? grin

Elegran Sat 05-Nov-11 12:09:25

I always find it looks fine on the preview button - then you send it and the faults all show up.

absentgrana Sat 05-Nov-11 12:12:03

Of course it would jingle, so long as you remember to press post afterwards. grin

jingle Sat 05-Nov-11 12:23:36

Oh yes! There's that! grin

Carol Sat 05-Nov-11 19:34:02

It's like dropping in on the Home for the Bewildered.....................just off to read another thread and see if it's catching. Such good fun, I love Gransnet x

shysal Sun 06-Nov-11 16:40:18

I have discovered that if you press the 'back' arrow after confirming a post it posts again. I did this twice one day before I realized how I had managed it. I had been using this method to return to my watched list. Embarrassing! blush