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Mumsnet Have Got Them, Will We?

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Notsogrand Fri 02-Dec-11 08:45:45

Santa hats on the smileys....will we get ours soon?

kittylester Fri 02-Dec-11 08:47:30

Errmmm [fsmile] only, as GA says on another post, they don't seem to be working!

greenmossgiel Fri 02-Dec-11 08:48:10

Don't think ours are working yet...[fsad]

Notsogrand Fri 02-Dec-11 08:54:40

Muppet alert, I didn't scroll down far enough!
Tech can you put a shilling in the Santa hat meter please. Thank you.

shysal Fri 02-Dec-11 09:20:35

sad [fsad] NOT WORKING !!!g

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 02-Dec-11 09:52:06

Hi all - thanks for letting us know, we'll tell Tech and get him to do the big switch on very soon.