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Profiles Blocked?

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Notsogrand Wed 14-Dec-11 09:02:56

When I click on blue names, a tiny yellow flash icon with a red exclamation mark in the middle appears, the laptop makes a clicking sound and the profile doesn't open.
Is anyone else experiencing this?

jingl Wed 14-Dec-11 09:14:01

I just opened yours ok notso.

Gally Wed 14-Dec-11 09:19:46

Mine's ok - maybe it's your connection??
I've also noticed that the time above each post is about 4 minutes ahead?? I am writing this at 9.10 and Jingl's post says 9.14!!

jingl Wed 14-Dec-11 09:22:11

Gally - I've been thinking that for some time now, about the times. Was wondering if my computer could possibly be wrong, and how you re-set the time on it! grin

Notsogrand Wed 14-Dec-11 09:25:14

Thanks for letting me must be something on my computer. confused
My clock is all ahead of itself too!

glammanana Wed 14-Dec-11 09:29:58

NSG This has happened to me on many occassions and I have tried again and again and had success,I don't know the reason and my lap top is an all singing and all dancing up to date model (not that it does me any good) I have been able to open profiles this morning but hit a problem over the weekend.confused

Notsogrand Wed 14-Dec-11 09:35:10

That's good to know glamma, I'll keep trying. smile

Annobel Wed 14-Dec-11 09:37:16

It's a good six minutes ahead of the time on mine which is correct according to the digital tele.

Carol Wed 14-Dec-11 09:40:47

It's the Gransnet clock that's out of sync - I'm writing this at 9.33 am and Annobel's post says 9.37 am.

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 14-Dec-11 11:15:32

You're right about the clock. We're getting this sorted out now.

Surprising that we're ahead of ourselves. Running late I would have understood.

Carol Wed 14-Dec-11 11:40:39

Thankyou Geraldine