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Ganja Thu 29-Dec-11 18:57:23

There was a thread on this but it seems to have disappeared. I am still in need of a simple LOUD mobile, no frills, just texting and calls, AND the facility to listen to my messages, which most of them do not seem to have, but which is vital. It seems ridiculous that the simplest phones cost far more than the all singing all dancing ones our children use. Just another way of exploiting the old! Help Gransnetters please.confused confused confused

Granny23 Thu 29-Dec-11 19:04:23

My Samsung mobile cost me £10.02 including postage and came with a £10 card!
I have had it for nearly a year now and the £10 has not run out yet, as it is for emergency use only. Think I got it from a link on Martin's Money tips - will have a look and see if I can find it for you.

shysal Thu 29-Dec-11 19:41:11

There are 2 threads that I recall. You will find them if you enter Doro 409 in the search box above. I am not sure about the function for listening to messages, I assume you can set up voice mail on most phones. Good luck.

bikergran Thu 29-Dec-11 21:54:26

shysal hello smile

bikergran Thu 29-Dec-11 21:54:41

lol smile

shysal Fri 30-Dec-11 09:02:58

bikergran, I must be a bit slow this morning, what made you laugh? You seem to have the ability to find humour in life, what a great quality! smile
I hope you managed your bike ride and met up with friends. Fresh air is definitely needed after the festivities.

Ganja Sat 31-Dec-11 08:16:00

Thank you all for your help. In the end, after a day of struggling with a useless handbook, the makers by telephone and the Virgin media website, which is better than I thought, DH and I, with a lot of bad language, succeeded in getting voicemail on my current phone. At first it took 20 clicks to achieve, then finally we got it down to 1. But a simple, easy phone for the elderly it is not!!confused

gracesmum Sat 31-Dec-11 11:58:16

When you do get your head round it, you might find the following guide to texting for seniors useful as well:
IMD - in my day
WAR - watching Antiques Roadshow
WTT - where's the thingy?
IMHO - is my hearing aid on?
CUATGC - see you at the Garden Centre
GOC - gone on cruise
STKI - spending the kids' inheritance
TNAT - that nice Alan Tiitchmarsh
RMOTT - reminds me of that time...
BLDS - bit leaky downstairs
SMIYHTB - stop me if you've heard this before

Carol Sat 31-Dec-11 12:12:36

I love those gracesmum. Sending them to my friends.

Ariadne Sat 31-Dec-11 12:35:41

Completely off the subject, but gracesmum reminded me: Saga have produced a free app - Saga Woteva - which is a dictionary of teenage slang, which can be updated. DH is delighted - more ammunition with which to wind up DG1 (15).

Cyril Sat 31-Dec-11 13:09:57

I was bought a cheap pay as you go mobile some years ago when I had a caravan which I used so rarely that the provider quietly removed the credit which meant that I was paying £5.00 per call. That is a stinking, rotten stunt to pull and seriously off-putting.

I love the list of letter abbreviations gracesmum but I thought the young ones use IMHO to mean In My Humble Opinion. Oh dear, what it is to be so out of touch. confused

Carol Sat 31-Dec-11 13:41:20

Young ones also use IMAO In My Arrogant Opinion - nothing like confidence, is there?

Ganja Sun 01-Jan-12 09:13:22

I don't think they have humble opinions do they?

Ganja Tue 03-Jan-12 08:41:30

Ariadne That is hilarious. I am definitely a googleheimer! grin

Tosh Tue 03-Jan-12 09:03:52

I have a Doro ..just for calls (when out and about) and the odd is clear, loud and very easy. Smart and robust too. Got mine PAYGO from Tesco Mobile with no limit on when I use my credit.
Love the Text abbreviations !! grin

Cyril Tue 03-Jan-12 23:50:00

Thank you for the information. Tosh I will look into it. smile

marti Sat 14-Jan-12 03:51:03

Here in Australia Telstra (the largest provider) have put out a Seniors phone
I think there is also another model without camera and even larger keys Perhaps a Senior's organisation in UK can recommend one?
I am hard of hearing and put my ring tone on "outdoor" so I don't miss calls. When confronted with an upgrade recently i decided not to go for the whole touch system and opted for traditional text buttons but touch screen for messages, contacts, FB, internet etc. - though I seriously underuse it.