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MaggieP Tue 10-Jan-12 12:36:27

Thanks too, Tech. I have an iPad and so have followed the threads with interest.
I rely on husband on his MacPro to help with photos and sync between iPad and his Mac. it will be great when Apple produce the next step on from that!
If it makes sense....confused

biggran Tue 10-Jan-12 11:54:32

Thanks for the information. I will give it a go.

bagitha Mon 09-Jan-12 14:45:47

Thanks for that, Tech. I can circumvent the problem by doing the photo stuff on my iMac, but what you suggest may be useful for other people.

Tech (GNHQ) Mon 09-Jan-12 14:34:15

Hi Jeni/Bagi, Unfortunately it's not possible to upload photos from an iPad currently. This is to do with the way ipads are designed. The pictures in your ipad photo collection aren't directly acessible from Safari - the app where you view the web. You could, as someone suggested, email the photo to yourself - from photo album click the square button with the arrow then email - and do the upload from a computer. Or if that's not possible we could do it for you if you send the photo by email to [email protected] (we are the same techs on gransnet/mumsnet.) If you do that, I'll happily add it to your collection.

Longer term we aim to add a facility where you can set up an email address on gn where you can mail the photo to and have it show up in your collection.

bagitha Mon 09-Jan-12 11:57:26

Thank you. Thought it was just me till someone else mentioned the problem.

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 09-Jan-12 11:33:52

Hmmm, thanks for the info bagitha. We'll pass this on to Tech and see if he can take a look.

bagitha Mon 09-Jan-12 11:23:18

Josie, I just tried what you said on my iPad. The problem is that when I've clicked the "upload more photos" button, what I think you are calling the 'browse' button in the instructions (it's called something else on the page) is not activated so I can't browse my photos and choose any.


JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 09-Jan-12 10:25:59

Hi jeni,

To upload photos, you just need to go to My Gransnet (top right) and then My Photos. Click on 'Upload more pictures' - it should work on an iPad too. If not, do let us know and we'll take a look.

Ranting always welcome smile

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 09-Jan-12 10:19:43

Hi biggran,

To join in a webchat, all you need to do is add your question to the discussion (just like you do on any other discussion - and this one in fact!). You can add your question in advance of the set time, or you can join us for the designated time when our webchat guest will be joining us, to watch their answers coming in live as you refresh the page.

Some webchats we've got coming up: Nikki King, CEO of Isuzu, 10 Jan 1-2pm
Linda Doeser, food and cookery writer 11 Jan 1-2pm
Family history webchat with the Imperial War Museum 18 Jan 1-2pm

Hope that all makes sense (minimum number of syllables used, we promise!)

Any more questions, just ask!

jeni Sun 08-Jan-12 20:33:56

Baggy. Probably. It was good though. You can't beat Cunard for sheer sybaritic luxury. Have a double cabin for myself on QE going to holy land in sept anybody interested? I do snore though, the cabin is payed for, all anybody would pay for is flights. No. Obviously no one is interested so I'm on my own again. Well never mind.

bagitha Sun 08-Jan-12 20:27:13

Besides, mightn't it partly be post-holidayitis?

bagitha Sun 08-Jan-12 20:26:09

Nobody minds rants on GN, jeni. Rant on whenever you need to. thanks

jeni Sun 08-Jan-12 20:22:33

I'd like one too! Men can be a pest but they can be sooo useful on occasions(as well as for procreation) .
Funny, for some reason today feel very sad. Missing my old man. It's been almost 9 years but on occasions I still miss him. No reason. Probably be better when I go back to work tomorrow, dealing with other people's problems.
Enough of self pity .
Sorry folks , just sometimes feel like arrant. Try not to do again.

bagitha Sun 08-Jan-12 20:11:43

grin Yep, that's it. Spot on! Can you send those?

jeni Sun 08-Jan-12 20:05:59

Baggy what's an emale? Is it like an e number? A male with additives?

bagitha Sun 08-Jan-12 20:03:05

We call ours a den.

bagitha Sun 08-Jan-12 20:02:51

But you'll have to go in the conservatory.

bagitha Sun 08-Jan-12 20:02:32

There is another way that sounds a bit complicated but isn't really. It involves sending yourself an email with a photo attached.

jeni Sun 08-Jan-12 19:55:01

Yes. But its in my conservatory (ccccccoldddd) and I don't know how to do itfromthere either. I am a LUDDITE and will remain so til my dying day. Sorry pedants,forgot the apostrophe before the t.

bagitha Sun 08-Jan-12 19:40:36

jeni, I haven't worked out how to do the photo thing on my ipad either so I do that bit on a different computer. Do you have photos stored on another computer where you can log into GN?

biggran, you can post a question for the webchats before they happen, and hopefully get an answer on the day during the time specified. Or you can be logged in to GN while it's going on and ask one, or you can just read the transcript afterwards. Hope that helps.

Ariadne Sun 08-Jan-12 19:33:55

Over to you, Gransnetters! I'll only get it wrong. smile

jeni Sun 08-Jan-12 19:23:14

Don't ask me. But if any one can tell me how to put photos from my iPad to gransnet I would be very grateful. Then you can all see the old hag!

biggran Sun 08-Jan-12 19:09:07

Hi. I'm new to all this, but I want to be in on an upcoming webchat. What do I need to do? (Simple, one syllable words only please!)